Chapter 31

Chapter 31: A-grade Skill: Frost Control!

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Liu Yan was in pain, but he had no time to think about it. Now was the best time to attack.

At this moment, the freeze bird was trying to escape from the white fog.

However, due to the effect of the white fog, its speed had slowed down quite a bit.

Liu Yan seized the opportunity and hurriedly drew his bow.

While attaching poison to his arrows, this time, Liu Yan also used Flame Control and attached fire to the arrows.

The freeze bird was an ice-type fierce beast, so flames would definitely have a certain control effect on it.

A few arrows were released continuously.

Being shrouded in the white fog, not only was the freeze bird’s speed greatly affected but its vision as well.

Liu Yan’s arrows successfully hit the target.

The arrows that were imbued with poison and flames had extremely high lethality.

Having only ordinary defense stats, the freeze bird was instantly unable to take the attacks and fell to the ground, injured.

Liu Yan shot out a few more arrows and finally succeeded in killing the freeze bird.

[Congratulations on your victory in battle. Obtained: EXP +500!]

Liu Yan put away the Fog and the surrounding white fog disappeared. He then came to the freeze bird’s corpse and used Divine Extraction.

Green light enveloped the freeze bird’s corpse, and a notification sounded.

[Divine Extraction of the freeze bird’s corpse has been successful. Obtained: strength +35, vitality +41, agility +52, Frost Control (A-grade)!]

[Frost Control]

[Grade: A]

[Effect: Able to freely control frost and unleash powerful strength!]

Liu Yan was overjoyed when he saw the rewards of using Divine Extraction.

The level 8 freeze bird had provided him with a lot of attribute points, improving his overall strength by quite a lot.

Apart from that, he had obtained another A-grade skill, Frost Control!

Frost Control and Flame Control were similar skills with opposite attributes. They were both powerful A-grade skills that granted him control over an element. One was fire-attributed while the other was ice-attributed.

The skills of opposing elements had thus appeared in the same person.

In the future, Liu Yan would be able to use these two skills that each controlled an element at the same time. If used together, he would be able to display even more terrifying combat strength!

However, Liu Yan also understood that he shouldn’t stay in the frost secret realm for too long. He had to leave as soon as possible.

Immediately, Liu Yan turned his gaze to the freeze bird’s corpse.

After Divine Extraction had been used on it, it had already degenerated by more than half, but its feathers were still intact.

In the battle just now, Liu Yan had discovered some of his own problems.

Although he was very fast, that was not the case for the arrows he shot.

It would’ve been fine under any normal circumstances. After all, when dealing with ordinary fierce beasts or fierce beasts that were not very fast, Liu Yan could easily hit them.

However, when facing a powerful fierce beast like the freeze bird that was very fast, it would be much harder to hit the target.

In the battle just now, if he hadn’t relied on the skill Fog to delay the freeze bird, his arrows might not have hit his target at all.

If he could not even hit his target, then no matter how high the damage his arrows would deal, it would be useless.

Liu Yan looked at the feathers of the frozen bird. This was very good material for making arrow feathers.

He quickly squatted and cut the feathers down with a dagger, making them into arrow feathers.

Not long after, by using the feathers of the freeze bird, he successfully made frost arrows.

Not only was the speed of the arrows greatly increased, but there was also the frost element attached to them. They could instantly freeze the target then directly break it into pieces.

With this, Liu Yan’s combat strength had once again improved greatly.

Following that, Liu Yan chose to leave. He shouldn’t stay in the frost secret realm for too long.

After walking for a while, when he passed by the enchanted puppets, he had some ideas in his heart.

The enchanted puppets were not considered living beings, but they were still objects, so Divine Extraction should work on them, right?

Curious, Liu Yan came to the bodies of the already crippled enchanted puppets and used Divine Extraction.

As white light enveloped the puppets, a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan’s eyes.

[Divine Extraction of the enchanted puppets has been successful. Obtained: Map of traps in the secret realm!]

A map appeared in Liu Yan’s hand, clearly indicating the distribution of traps in the secret realm.

It turned out that the map of the entire secret realm had been stored inside the puppets. Now that Liu Yan had obtained the map, he could see through all of it.

Soon, he had a guess.

Although the enchanted puppets were controlled by the freeze bird, they were obviously not made by the freeze bird itself. After all, the bird’s claws were not that delicate yet.

Clearly, the creator of the enchanted puppets was someone else.

It might even be a human or some humanoid fierce beast!

The enchanted puppets could also be considered a trap. When they had been made, the map of traps seemed to have been stored inside them through a special method.

The creator probably never expected that Liu Yan, who possessed Divine Extraction, would be able to extract the map at once.

Liu Yan was secretly delighted. With this map, his following exploration would be much more smooth.

Not only could he save time by directly following the map, but all the traps had been marked on it. His exploration on level two would undoubtedly be much safer.

After reading the map for a while, Liu Yan figured out his bearings and immediately set off.

As he continued to go deeper into the secret realm, he found a long ice tunnel.

Walking in it, he soon discovered some man-made traces around.

The tunnel in the secret realm was made of ice crystals, and it looked extremely peaceful.

However, Liu Yan, who had the secret realm’s map of traps, knew very well that this seemingly peaceful tunnel was much more dangerous than the previous world of ice and snow.

The previous world of ice and snow had not been dangerous except for the freeze bird and the enchanted puppets.

And now, this tunnel made of ice crystals was covered with all kinds of traps.

Liu Yan took out his bow and shot an arrow in a direction in front of him.

When the arrow landed, a huge rock immediately toward him.

The huge rock was gigantic, almost the size of the entire tunnel.

However, Liu Yan, who had already known about it beforehand, went straight to the corner of the wall and dodged the huge rock by hiding in the cracks.

After dodging it, Liu Yan looked at the huge rock that rolled ahead as the ground shook slightly. He was extremely fearful.

If not for the secret area’s map of traps and he was to face the huge rock unprepared, even if he could dodge it, he would definitely be injured.

After that, Liu Yan didn’t even take two steps before he suddenly retreated dozens of steps.

The area where he was originally standing was now covered with crossbow bolts.

The extremely fast crossbow bolts were also covered with poison and were extremely dangerous.

With that, Liu Yan relied on the secret realm’s map of traps for the rest of his journey.

The path was filled with all kinds of traps. There were huge rocks, crossbow bolts, quicksand, holes, poison gas, and everything else.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had the secret area’s map of traps. Otherwise, if he was hit by any one of the traps and got injured, it would have been even harder for him to deal with the rest of the traps.

But now, he had a smooth journey of avoiding all the traps.

After avoiding all the traps, Liu Yan went forward and used his hunter class specialty to dismantle the traps one by one.

If the traps were useless to him, he directly dismantled and destroyed them. If they were still useful, he first dismantled them and then put them into his storage ring, saving them for his own use in the future.

Along the way, facing so many traps, Liu Yan was completely fine. On the contrary, he had obtained many more materials to make traps, which he stored in his storage ring.

At the same time, as he removed the traps, his ability to arrange and install traps had further improved.

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