God-Like Extraction

Chapter 348 - Rent" That Isn't Cheap

Chapter 348 – Rent” That Isn’t Cheap

He Sanxiao admitted that he was a despicable person.

No matter how much the others couldn’t stand it, they could only shut up and ignore him.

That was Su Jingxing’s original plan too. However, since He Sanxiao had specially come to his door and contacted him through the cabinet’s Heavenly Secrets Office, there must be something.

It wouldn’t be too late to leave after hearing what he had to say.

At this thought, Su Jingxing asked calmly, “Then why are you looking for me?”

“Firstly, I want to ask Brother Kong for a place to build a wooden shed. I plan to settle down in the Yu Nation.”

He Sanxiao replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Brother Kong. I can pay rent and won’t take up space for nothing. Previously, when the old Martial Sage was around, I’d made this request, but the old Martial Sage rejected it. Now that you’re in charge of the Yu Nation, I have to report to you if I want to settle down here, right?”

Su Jingxing fell silent again.

The old Martial Sage rejected?

Why did Xia Cangxuan reject?

He Sanxiao is also in the Transcendent-grade. Who knows what this fellow is up to by staying in Yu Nation?

No one below the Transcendent-grade could stop a person in the Transcendent-grade from doing whatever he wanted.

However, Xia Cangxuan had sacrificed and refined everything and relied on the final power of his Essence Soul to last until now.

There was nothing he could do to deal with He Sanxiao, so he naturally wouldn’t agree to his request.

However, in this aspect, He Sanxiao was also really sincere for once.

Just as he had admitted, he was a villain, a real villain.

He won’t cause trouble behind the scenes, even if he did, he would do it in front of you.

Xia Cangxuan did not agree, so he did not insist.

Now that it was Su Jingxing’s turn, he requested once more, was Su Jingxing afraid of him?


Perhaps Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul alone was no match for He Sanxiao.

However, with his physical body and Essence Soul attacking at the same time, Su Jingxing was confident that he could deal with He Sanxiao.

The most important thing now was why He Sanxiao chose to settle down in the Yu Nation.

“Where do you want the location to be? Why did you choose the Yu Nation?” Su Jingxing asked directly.

“Green Cloud Mountain!” said He San with a serious smile. “I would like to settle on Green Cloud Mountain. I don’t need much space, a mountain will do. As for why I chose Green Cloud Mountain, I only know that it’s very special. In the entire Eastern Continent, there are only two other places that are as special as Green Cloud Mountain.”

“Which two? Also, how is Green Cloud Mountain special?” Su Jingxing’s tone was still calm.

Deep down, he was surprised.

Green Cloud Mountain!

He Sanxiao actually knew about the uniqueness of Green Cloud Mountain!

“I really don’t know how it is special. I really don’t mean to hide this from you. It’s just that I read about the uniqueness of Green Cloud Mountain from an incomplete beast skin parchment.”

He Sanxiao explained with a smile, “According to the parchment, Green Cloud Mountain is very important. It has a great connection with the entire Eastern Continent and even Earth Star.

“The other two places that are similar are the Dark North and the Southern Wilderness.

“The Southern Wilderness is also the second reason I’m looking for you.”

“On that incomplete beast skin parchment, the whereabouts of an ancient site was recorded. The location of the ancient site is in the Southern Wilderness.

“I would like to invite Brother Kong to explore this ancient site in the Southern Wilderness with me!”

Ancient sites usually referred to ruins left behind from ancient times.

As for the Dark North and the Southern Wilderness, they were the other two desolate lands in the Eastern Continent other than the Boundless Mountain Range. They covered a very large area, and were dangerous areas that humans had never developed since ancient times.

One was in the north, and the other in the south.

In the eyes of the people, only first-grade experts had the ability to explore these two places.

Transcendent-grade Martial Sages were naturally qualified.

However, Su Jingxing had seen a memory fragment of Yue Dongliu.

The Dark North and Southern Wilderness were so dangerous that even Martial Sages had died there.

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Of course, most of those who died were physical bodies.

The Martial Sage Essence Souls were basically stationed in the Void World of their respective dynasties.

Apart from independent existences like He Sanxiao, a Transcendent-grade existence who did not need to guard the Void World, no one knew where their Essence Souls were.

When the physical body was gone, the Essence Soul was still around, one wouldn’t die immediately and would have a chance to possess another body.

He Sanxiao invited Su Jingxing because he acknowledged Su Jingxing’s strength.

If he wasn’t strong, could he have killed Xiang Qingtian’s physical body?

“How much information do you have about that ancient site?”

Many thoughts flashed through his mind. Su Jingxing asked calmly, “If we’re going to explore, we have to know some key points, right?”

“Don’t worry, Brother Kong. I’ve found a lot of information. I’ve confirmed that although that ancient site is dangerous, given our strength, we can definitely enter it.”

said He San with a smile. “On my incomplete beast skin parchment, it was noted that there is a treasure in the ancient site that can allow the Essence Soul to successfully enter Soul Fixation!”

A 100% success in reaching Soul Fixation was what He Sanxiao wanted.

From this, it could also be seen that He Sanxiao’s Essence Soul was not in the Soul Fixation realm yet.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul was currently in the fourth class of the Void Soul realm and was still a distance away from Soul Fixation, so…

“Never mind.”

Without much hesitation, Su Jingxing refused. “I shan’t go. You can go by yourself. As for building a shed on a peak of the Green Cloud Mountain, that’s fine. There’s no need for rent either. You just have to show me the incomplete beast skin parchment in your possession.”

Instead of exploring the ancient ruins, he wanted to look at the beast skin parchment that recorded the location.

No matter how one looked at it, he was up to no good.

Su Jingxing had indeed done it on purpose. He wanted to see how He Sanxiao would respond.

Since He Sanxiao knew about the uniqueness of Green Cloud Mountain, even if Su Jingxing didn’t agree, he would find another opportunity to bring it up.

The first time, he was rejected by Xia Cangxuan. The second time, if he was rejected by Su Jingxing again, for the third time, no one knew if He Sanxiao would secretly sneak into Green Cloud Mountain and find a hidden place to hide.

Green Cloud Mountain was so big, it was impossible for Su Jingxing to sense everything.

Rather than forcing He Sanxiao to hide, it was better to let him stand in the open. That way, at least he would know his every move.

He had deliberately asked He Sanxiao to take out the beast skin parchment to test whether this fellow was telling the truth.

After seeing the beast skin parchment and knowing the whereabouts of the ancient site, Su Jingxing could also head there himself!

This “rent” was not cheap.


After hearing Su Jingxing’s words, He Sanxiao blurted out immediately, “No problem!”

“I have the beast skin parchment with me at all times. I’ll show it to you now.”

With that, he fumbled around his body and took out an old piece of black leather paper. He threw it at Su Jingxing.

Su Jingxing controlled the worldly energy to catch it and brought it before his eyes. He first glanced at the grinning He San, then opened the beast skin parchment and quickly scanned it.

It was true. The beast skin parchment was very old. The contents were the same as what He Sanxiao had said.

There wasn’t much about the ancient site, only one sentence.

There was a treasure to reach Soul Fixation inside.

As for Green Cloud Mountain, there was a paragraph with a general description of it.

Green Cloud Mountain had existed since ancient times, but it was not called Green Cloud Mountain back then. As for its exact name, it was not stated. It was only stated that Green Cloud Mountain was very special.

Su Jingxing had experienced this uniqueness before, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

As he pondered, his movements were not slow.

Returning the beast skin parchment to He Sanxiao, Su Jingxing said calmly, “Your ‘rent’ has been paid. You can go to Green Cloud Mountain to build a shed…”


A terrifying and majestic aura suddenly came from afar.

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