God of Fishing

Chapter 3110 - 3110 God Slayer, Han Fei (2)

Chapter 3110 - 3110 God Slayer, Han Fei (2)

3110 God Slayer, Han Fei (2)

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Han Fei and the Blade-Holder fought fiercely, and the surrounding knife light was so dense that no one dared to approach.

After fighting with the Blade-Holder for nearly two hundred seconds, Chu Tianlang and the others had clearly discovered the strangeness of Han Fei. In their eyes, although Han Fei was no match for the Blade-Holder, this guy’s physique was too good. Furthermore, he had grasped many laws, forcing the Blade-Holder to stay.

On the other side.

It wasn’t easy for Xia Xiaochan, Zhang Xuanyu, and Le Renkuang either. Although Xia Xiaochan had killed six Carefree-level experts in a row, Zhang Xuanyu and the others still felt a lot of pressure.


Finally, Chu Tianlang suddenly shouted, “Hey, crown prince, don’t even think of advancing here! Anyway, we’ve fallen out today. How can I let you advance?”

Chu Tianren took out a sword talisman. As soon as he used it, the power of a Great Monarch burst out.

Under the crown prince of the Divine Capital, a huge Cauldron immediately appeared. “Divine Mountain Demon Suppression Cauldron, Reverse the Universe, Star River into the Cauldron.”

Around this big Cauldron, dense refined stars appeared, numbering in the tens of thousands and flowing like a galaxy.

Upon seeing this, Peach Blossom Five took out a peach blossom branch. As her hand trembled, petals fell.

“Secret technique, Chaotic Peach Branch, Fallen Leaf Withering, God’s Mercy, all techniques converge.”

Peach Blossom Five’s face was pale, but she still shot the peach branch out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More than 3,000 star shields were broken by this blow. The aftershock of the collision directly shook the crown prince of the Divine Capital, causing blood to flow from his seven orifices.

Peach Blossom Five said, “I’ve tried my best. He created a Star River with an array to protect the divine cauldron. I broke his array with a peak-level Great Monarch-realm blow. The rest is up to you now.”

Chen Hongyan from the Flying Immortals Tower took out a Demon Suppressing Pestle, which shot through nearly a hundred guardian stars in a row and hit the Demon Suppressing Cauldron with a clang.

Chu Tianlang spat out a pearl. With a crack, the pearl shattered and turned into an ancient divine creature, the Kui. It charged forward, breaking through the layers of star barriers.

At this moment, the crown prince’s face was pale, his blood and Qi was unstable, and his soul was trembling, but he looked extremely calm. As he took pills orally, he took out a Dao scroll and managed to withstand the remaining power of the three people.

At this critical moment, an opportunity surged from the crown prince of the Divine Capital. The river of spiritual energy on the star tomb rolled over, and the laws of the heavens seemed to have lost control, turning into countless patterns that gathered towards the crown prince of the Divine Capital.

Seeing this, the Blade-Holder had no choice but to take out a treasure of unknown level, which was a knife talisman. As soon as this knife talisman appeared, Han Fei immediately retreated and activated the Five-Colored Heavenly Gate Array, trying to block the Blade-Holder.

At the same time, Han Fei roared, “Xiao Jiu!”


As the Creation Void Divine Flute played, the Blade-Holder felt that his secret technique was showing signs of fading, and his fighting intent was rapidly disappearing.

“Wang Han, you will know how stupid you are.”

Clank, Clank, Clank ~

Cracking sounds came from the Five-Colored Heavenly Gate Array one after another. No matter how the Five-Colored Heavenly Gate Array was activated, the cracks were spreading.

“Puff ~”

“Puff ~”

Jiuyin Ling suddenly spewed out a mouthful of essence blood, and the mystic sound came to an abrupt halt. The Creation Void Divine Flute was powerful, but she couldn’t fully exert its true power yet.

Han Fei also spewed out a mouthful of blood. Even a low-quality Nature Spiritual Treasure couldn’t resist the knife intent enhanced by the divine blood. At the level of a Nature Spiritual Treasure, even a low-quality one would have infinite power. Even his Void Stealing Technique couldn’t steal it, but he was seriously injured by this strike.

Crack ~ Boom ~

Finally, the Five-Colored Heavenly Gate Array couldn’t resist the peerless saber beam anymore and was shattered.

Han Fei was about to summon a bronze bell, but at this moment, a sword light soared to the sky, and the destructive sword intent went straight at Xia Xiaochan and the others.

Han Fei knew that this was Jian Wudao’s revenge. He had killed Ye Qingchan in front of him, so this guy wanted to kill someone important to Han Fei in front of Han Fei.

However, Jian Wudao underestimated Xia Xiaochan and the others. Although they were not as strong as him, the treasures they had were definitely not less than his.

Le Renkuang roared and burned his blood. A Purple Gold Mirror Plate appeared in front of them.

Clank ~

The sound of swords clashing set off billowing sword waves that shook in all directions.

Han Fei also took out the Bronze Bell of Creation.



A clear crack appeared on the bronze bell, and the saber beam bathed in the divine blood failed to shatter the bronze bell in the end.

However, while blocking this blow, Han Fei was smashed against the divine tomb together with the bronze bell, sent flying hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.


Even though he was sent flying, Han Fei still condensed his Qi and blood and slashed at Jian Wudao.

The crown prince of the Divine Capital frowned slightly. He knew that Han Fei hadn’t used his full strength and was still trying to preserve Wang Han’s identity. However, it was actually not bad that Han Fei could do so much for him. If it weren’t for Jian Wudao, Han Fei would have been able to stop the Blade-Holder for a while longer.

“Law Fusion!”

The Dao Patterns all over the sky surged into the body of the crown prince of the Divine Capital, causing his momentum to suddenly soar. With a crisp crack, something behind the crown prince seemed to crack.

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