God Of Tricksters

Chapter 1797 Ultimatum

"So, the government is not on the bad side this whole time?" 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝑚

"We've been fooled so that the government can fool the enemy?"

"You mean the defeated enemies? They died on the battlefield."

"That's true."

"I see. Now that I think about it, everything is going according to plan. The result is the best one, considering the base is safe, Theo's group is not captured, and the enemy has been defeated."

"Yeah. But the government has rescheduled the trial."

"There is also the case with the Star Group."

"Does that mean they are using the trial to bring out the enemies? But after they're sure the enemies are gone, they're rescheduling it while revealing the evidence?"

"That's probably the reason. That way, the Vice President can't escape punishment."

"Yeah. Even with the best lawyer, it's impossible for the Vice President to escape."

"Then, are they going to unseal the Star Group soon? I want to buy a new weapon to fight the monsters."

The people were brimming with energy, knowing the government was on their side this whole time and everything was just a lie.

However, many of them still couldn't believe everything, considering Theo hadn't responded yet.

Theo could easily deny everything, but he had to prove the government's involvement. This wasn't something Theo could easily get.

After they restored the public's faith, the President finally called Theo to fix the situation with him. If he could convince Theo to stop the fight between them, they could continue their days peacefully.

This time, Theo and Maya sat down together since the one who was affected the most wasn't Theo. It was Maya. She had to reclaim her company.

The President understood what they wanted by coming together.

The President said, "Theodore Griffith, Maya Hamilton. I know what you're planning to say…

"I think it's better to end the conflict between us. If we continue to clash like this, the base will collapse."

Maya snorted, not respecting the President at all. "Wow, how shameless can you be? While Theo defended the base, you used all your power to capture us.

"It didn't stop there. You even sealed my company and tried to steal my blueprints." Maya shook her head in disappointment.

The President narrowed his eyes. "Don't forget that you have built the turrets… You have threatened national security."

"Yeah. You shouldn't have forgotten the fact that a person who is only second to you has become a spy. If not for him, we wouldn't have to take this measure." Maya glared back, not scared of him.

"The Vice President did it on our back as well. We couldn't expect the Vice President to betray the base. We would give him the biggest punishment."

"But you rescheduled his trial."

Maya kept rebutting his words with a nonchalant tone. Even the President had enough.

He took a deep breath and turned to Theo. "Theodore Griffith. You and I know that we shouldn't have a conflict if we want to maintain order in the base. Let's end the matter here. Even if you deny our evidence, you will only look petty."

Theo closed his eyes for a moment before shaking his head in disappointment. He felt the same disappointment as Maya. He thought the base would try to compensate them or something, but it didn't seem like they would lower their heads.

Theo let out a long sigh before mumbling, "To be honest, I'm disappointed if this is your stance. First of all, you are trying to control me by using all means. There's no way the government doesn't know that my group is my weak spot and I'll do whatever I can to exact revenge for my group.

"Yet, there isn't a single apology coming out of your mouth. Then, you should know the scale of Maya's Star Group. By making her close the company for a few days, she lost a lot of money, you know.

"You even have harmed me since I have to deal with your nonsense. Unfortunately, you don't even offer any compensation. You still believe you are in the right and we're in the wrong…

"I have defended the base with everything I have. Ask anyone else if they dare to stop two World Class Monsters… I'm afraid none of them dare to do it unless it's worth the risk.

"You should know that one of the top ten experts from India died because he was besieged by multiple World Class Monsters.

"You didn't even send the Time God to fight alongside me… It seems you want me to die. You've forgotten how I've saved your ass many times.

"Unfortunately, the only thing you care about is control. I expect too much from a country that emphasizes 'freedom.' You're nothing but a disappointment in my eyes.

"That's why I'm not going to argue with you. I only have one thing to say. If you don't set everything straight and let everyone know the truth of what has happened during that battle, then I'm going to make my move.

"It's almost night… You don't have much time since I don't like sleeping with a lot of thoughts in my mind. And don't forget to compensate Maya. If I don't find anything satisfactory, then I'm not going to stand down."

The President was startled when Theo set an ultimatum. He panicked at first because Theo might start doing something to reverse the situation. But he and his people had thought a lot about the press conference.

They had set up the evidence and the words to minimize the damage. Even if Theo could turn it around, the damage would only become slightly bigger. They wouldn't lose all their credibility.

However, Theo had personally given his words. He couldn't just brush it off without putting too much thought.

Although he was tired after dealing with all this, he gathered his people again to discuss what they should do next.

If they lowered their head this time, Theo would take advantage of it and try to gain control over them. But if they didn't agree with Theo, they had to prepare everything since Theo was unpredictable.

And that night, a decision was made.

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