God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 1444 - 1444 Acquiring the Tool Spirit

Chapter 1444 - 1444 Acquiring the Tool Spirit

1444 Acquiring the Tool Spirit

“True God would get killed too.”

The man said to Lin Xiu.

“Well, I can now feel that there is a powerful God King waiting for you outside.”

There’s a God King outside?!

Could it be the God King from the Tiansheng Pavillion?


This God King seems like one that was incredibly powerful.

“Would you like my powers?”

The man then smiled as he asked Lin Xiu.

Then, the man rushed forward and stopped right in front of Lin Xiu.

“I am the tool spirit of the True God that all of them have been looking for.

“My powers could destroy the entire planet.”

The man spoke as he raised his right arm.

Then, he slowly stroked Lin Xiu’s face.

“Don’t fight me and my strength will be able to enter your body easily.”

Then, the bright glow over his body slowly got closer to Lin Xiu.

Then, he was slowly incorporating himself into Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu could then feel the intense amount of energy that was entering his body.

If Lin Xiu got his energy, he would become incredibly strong too…


“You will have great strength very soon.”

Then, the man’s voice rose in Lin Xiu’s mind.

Just as he was about to be completely incorporated into Lin Xiu’s body, Lin Xiu sneered.

Swish– –

“What are you doing?! Don’t you want my energy?!”

The man who was about to enter Lin Xiu’s body was suddenly removed from it.

He then had a horrible look on his face.

“You were only thinking about taking over my body right?”

Lin Xiu let out a cold laugh.

The man had a drastic change in his expression after hearing what Lin Xiu said.

“What are you saying?! I am giving you my energy!”

The man shouted in a cold tone.

“Without me, you will never be able to fight the God King!”

“Relax. Just let me…”

The man continued convincing Lin Xiu but then Lin Xiu only gave a short reply, “Idiot.”

The man became furious.

He stopped pretending as well and rushed into Lin Xiu’s body.


Lin Xiu sneered and grabbed tightly onto the man’s body.

At the same time, the man’s body started transforming as well.

His body that was glowing earlier soon turned red.

Then, his upper body remained the form of a human but he had the body of a snake!

His eyes looked incredibly scary as well.

Lin Xiu could see the sun and the moon from both his eyes.

Zhu Long!

This was the tool spirit, Zhu Long!

At this moment, it was obvious that this tool spirit was weak.

It only looked vicious on the outside.

“Looks like you have grown weaker after being sealed here all these years. Still trying to seize my body?”

Lin Xiu scoffed.

From the beginning, Lin Xiu felt that something was off.

It was exactly like how he had imagined.

“That ridiculous old man! He sealed me in here and even got his heir here to embarrass me!!!”

He had a vicious look on his face and roared in rage.

But, he was merely a ball of energy now.

Plus, there seemed to be something in Lin Xiu that was suppressing him.

As long as Lin Xiu wasn’t tempted by him, nothing bad would happen.

“Well, you are not as powerful as said.”

“Well, that’s good news for me then. You shall lend me your strength!”

Lin Xiu then returned to his own body.

Lin Xiu grabbed onto his body and slowly, the ball of red energy suddenly appeared, as if it had come out of his body!

Luo Yue looked at how Lin Xiu was standing on the ground mindlessly and she felt worried.

Then, her eyes widened when she saw what Lin Xiu was doing.

Lin Xiu had grabbed onto the red energy and placed it into his spear!

Boom – –

As soon as the red energy entered Lin Xiu’s spear, there was a loud voice that came from it.

“Let me out of here! Let me out!”

Zhi Long’s figure that appeared next to the spear.

“We got the tool spirit.”

“Let’s go.”

Lin Xiu told the other two.

Rumble – –

The entire place started shaking.

It was strong and it felt like this place was about to collapse.

Lin Xiu grabbed Luo Yue’s hand and flew out of the place.

Luo Huatian followed closely behind them.

All three of them flew to the sky.

When they turned around, the ground underneath them had already collapsed.

Soon, the three of them returned to where they first entered.

Luo Huatian started chanting immediately.

He used his mysterious powers to split apart the Black River.

Then, Lin Xiu placed his hand on the stone gate.

There were bright light-threads that appeared once again.


Lin Xiu then stabbed his spear onto the stone gate.

Boom – –

The gate opened almost immediately!

All three of them quickly rushed out of the place.

The Black River has also been splitted into two under Luo Huatian’s control!

All of them soon return to the riverbanks of the Black River.

“You finally came out!”

Then, there was a stranger’s voice that appeared.

The God King of Tianshen Pavillion, Zhang Tiansheng!

He had a huge halberd in his hands and it looked incredible.

“Be careful!”

“Release your ‘sphere’s!”

Lin Xiu quickly noticed who it was and his eyes narrowed instantly.

Luo Yue and Luo Huatian quickly released their ‘sphere’s after hearing what Lin Xiu said.

Lin Xiu did the same as well.

Boom – –

Countless horrifying crescent shaped sword aura were headed toward them!

Luo Huatian didn’t get to dodge them and as one of them hit him, half of his ‘sphere’ was sliced off.

Fortunately, his body was not sliced off with it.

Otherwise, he would have died.

“Luo Yue, leave with your brother!”

“I’ll take care of him!”

Lin Xiu then used ‘flashing souls’ to block the sword auras.

He was shouting it to Luo Yue as he tried to dodge the attacks.

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, Luo Yue was a little hesitant.

She couldn’t leave Lin Xiu here alone.

“Don’t worry. I have the tool spirit. I should be able to finish him!”

Lin Xiu tried to convince Luo Yue.

“The tool spirit?! You have the tool spirit?!”

After hearing what Lin Xiu said, the God King was furious.

Then, he quickly dashed toward Lin Xiu.

His halberd appeared right before Lin Xiu!

Clang – –

Lin Xiu subconsciously blocked the halberd with his spear.

However, the overpowering energy from the other party caused Lin Xiu’s body to be thrown a few steps backwards.

Boom – –

Plus, at the same time, his halberd started burning brightly with an orange flame!

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