Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2616 - Lost Again (1)

Chapter 2616 – Lost Again (1)

“Fine. All 50, then!” Wu Lingyue made up her mind.

“Wu Lingyue, what’s that supposed to mean? All 50? That’s not fair!” One of the Class D students questioned her decision.

Wu Lingyue ground her teeth.

Of course she wanted 1v1 battles, but Feng Wu wasn’t that kind of opponent! She wasn’t even sure if 50 people would be enough to take Feng Wu down.

“I said 50, so 50 it is!” Wu Lingyue gritted her teeth.

Everybody who wasn’t a top ten student nodded because they were all shocked by Feng Wu’s capability.

They had never met a new student as good as she was.

However, the 6th to 10th were all proud students, so they all said no.

Wu Lingyue stomped her foot. “Why? That’s the best choice for us!”

He Yi, the 6th, said, “50 people is too many. It’s not fair to her.”

All the students of Class D and Class E heard him.

The students of Class D were so furious and didn’t think much of what He Yi said, but the students of Class E opened their eyes wide.

Was he too arrogant or hypocritical? If a 1v50 battle wasn’t fair, would five fewer people make a difference?

They protested, saying that Class D had crossed the line.

Wu Lingyue stared at He Yi. Feng Wu had agreed to a 1v50 battle; they should take advantage of it!

They would all have to pay 1,000 points if they lost. Class D would go bankrupt!

No matter what Wu Lingyue said, He Yi shook his head decisively. “If all 45 lose, we’ll get the points back for you.”

Wu Lingyue was furious, but Feng Wu only said, “Are we fighting or not? You can always surrender. That way, no one will get hurt.”

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Those words set Wu Lingyue off.

She stomped her foot and glared at Feng Wu. “Of course we’re going to fight! You said you could fight 50 people at once! It’s not like we’re taking advantage of you!”

Feng Wu casually said, “I thought it would make things move faster.”

Wu Lingyue said, “I see how arrogant you are, Feng Wu. Let’s see how long you can keep it up! Get her!”

The 11th to the 55th, Wu Lingyue included, charged at Feng Wu together.

What would happen to Feng Wu?

The Class D students were excited.

They were sure that Feng Wu would lose this time.

They had no problem with having 45 students fight Feng Wu.

The Class E students disagreed.

They were anxious when they saw the 45 students running at Feng Wu.

The three groups still existed.

The number of Feng Wu’s fans had continued to grow all this time.

They switched from being anti-fans to the neutral camp before becoming Feng Wu’s fans.

There were fewer than 100 anti-fans left and over 1,000 fans.

Zhao Zhen felt overwhelmed.

Most of the Class E students were displeased.

“How can they do this?!”

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