Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3134 - 3134 She's Jealous

Chapter 3134 - 3134 She's Jealous

3134 She’s Jealous

He was shocked beyond description.

Elder Heng smiled and nodded at him.

Yang Zhihu was shocked and confused. “I was only away for half a month. Why does it feel like the world has turned upside down? Who on earth is this Feng Wu?”

Elder Heng chuckled. “I don’t know the answer. What did you say you wanted?”


“Her file. I want to see her file.”

“Her file? I want to see that, too, but I can’t. Elder Helian took it away, saying it was top secret.”

Yang Zhihu asked, “Can it be that important? But…”

He suddenly turned pale, and Elder Heng looked at him in bewilderment.

Yang Zhihu frowned and told Elder Heng why he was after the file. “Feng Wu has become a colonel, but it has been three days, and she still hasn’t reported to me.”

Elder Heng said, “Three days? How can she be absent for three days? Did you look for her?”

Yang Zhihu shook his head.

That thought never crossed his mind. He had only wanted to teach the disobedient newcomer a lesson.

Elder Heng said, “That’s not good. She’s Elder Helian’s favorite now!

“I also heard she’s somehow connected to the crown prince. People have been saying she’s His Royal Highness’s future wife.”

“What?!” Yang Zhihu’s knees nearly buckled.

He looked at Elder Heng, almost bursting into tears.

Elder Heng said anxiously, “Why did you wait so long?!”

Yang Zhihu really wanted to cry.

Nobody told him she could be the crown prince’s future wife!

If he had known, he wouldn’t have waited three days before coming here!

Elder Heng said, “Don’t tell other people about her relationship with the crown prince. His Royal Highness may not like it.”

Yang Zhihu said, “I know. What should I do now?”

Elder Heng said, “Find her now!”

Yang Zhihu said, “Yes, of course! I’m on it!”

The crown prince’s future wife had won a mine for Imperial College. What kind of amazing girl was she?

Yang Zhihu told his deputy and everybody in the colonels’ quarters to look for Feng Wu together.

They had to find her!

Deputy Xu didn’t mind because it was part of his job, but the others weren’t as willing.

Yan Han was particularly unhappy.

She was a capable girl from an influential family. Her grandfather was a member of the elders, and she was an expert in inscriptions. Here in the colonels’ quarters, where there were only a few female members, she was treated like a princess.

Usually, Yang Zhihu would treat her differently, but when he passed her just now, he walked so fast that he only had time to stuff a stack of papers in her hands and shout, “Find Feng Wu! Now!”

Yan Han almost burst into tears at that moment.

She was supposed to be the princess of the colonels’ quarter. Who was this Feng Wu? Why was everybody making such a big deal about her?

When Yan Han saw the portrait in her hands, she was filled with astonishment, rage and jealousy!

She touched every inch of Feng Wu’s portrait.

She had never seen such a beautiful face before.

Even in the portrait, the girl seemed to have flawless skin.

Yan Han was so dumbfounded that she stood there for a long while.

“She can’t look like this. No one can be this pretty. It’s not possible,” she told herself.

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