God’s Path: I Can Create A Lot Of Cheats Through Mutation

Chapter 445 - 445 The Battle In The Outer Land

445 The Battle In The Outer Land

Ling Yi didn’t know what kind of experience the players in this luxurious viewing room had. Right now, he only wanted the teams from the three alliances to arrive as soon as possible.

It wasn’t a big deal for him to stand here alone, but it was a little awkward to have someone else in the viewing room.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long.

A few seconds after the small ball of light appeared, a blue light suddenly flashed across the sky.

“They’re finally here.”

Ling Yi smiled and flew 20 to 30 meters into the air.

There was a huge teleportation gate at the end of his vision, and groups of players were flying out of it.

The players were dressed in all kinds of clothes. Giants, Imps, and all kinds of races could be seen. Their formation was rather scattered and did not look like a regular team.

Looking at the portal, he suddenly murmured, “Come to think of it, the coordinates of the headquarters of these superpowers are public. I can go there directly…”

He was thinking that maybe he could just go to the headquarters of the Super Alliance and destroy them…


[Vermilion Bird: We heard everything you said clearly in the spectator room.]

[01: Uh… Really?]

[Vermilion Bird: Yeah. It’s as if I’m on the battlefield. I was so shocked when I first joined in, I thought that I was teleported to the outer continent.]

[Vermilion Bird: A lot of information has appeared in front of me. The players from the Alliance are very angry when they hear your words. They think that you have no respect for the Super Alliance at all.]

[01: I really don’t have any.]

Ling Yi couldn’t help but smile after he answered.

Legendary invisible Godkings and three Godking-type Godkings… It was truly difficult for him to feel any reverence for an invincible Godking.

“If the Godking didn’t come, I would be able to kill as many as I want.”

He looked at the approaching crowd and deliberately said this.

As expected, Nangong Li quickly sent another message.

[Vermillion Bird: The news is so fast that I can’t even see it clearly. Many people have been angered by your words.]

Ling Yi revealed a refreshing smile. He was inexplicably happy.

The next second–

The huge group of players in front finally flew over and stopped at a distance of only 20 to 30 meters from him.

The person in the lead was Li Haoyi, who had previously said that he would be the vanguard.

“Hahaha, you’re really brave.”

Li Haoyi was standing on a bright yellow bird with lightning-like feathers. He laughed loudly and said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to kill me? Now that I’m in front of you, come and kill me!”

At this time, the teleportation gate behind them was still open, and the players inside seemed to be endless, like a swarm of locusts flying out.

Some of the players in the front row continued to move forward as Li Haoyi spoke, surrounding him from all directions.

Some of them even tried to break into the space-time tunnel leading to Pangu Continent, but they were all rejected.

Ling Yi turned around and looked at the group of people who were trying to enter the space-time tunnel. He said coldly, “I hate sly and sneaky people the most.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a fierce light flashed in his eyes.


The massive storm power condensed into a giant hammer, smashing down from the sky with incomparable speed! The players behind Ling Yi didn’t even make a sound before they were all killed by the giant hammer.

At the same time, it turned into a large number of light spots and dissipated.

[You have killed player Alila. Received 176 gold coins.]

[Double gold coins: gold coins +176]

[you have obtained a C-grade item…]


Killing players in the outer continent was the same as killing players on God’s Path.

The camp crystals on the supercontinent could resurrect them, but there would still be losses such as losing equipment, true souls, and divine positions.

After dealing with the group of people who had passed him, he turned his gaze to Li Haoyi and said, “Your Crimson Peak sector has a bad reputation. Your players often run amok when you’re rescuing people from the other world, right?”

The people of Han Haixing had mentioned this when they went there for a rescue mission.

“After I kill you, I’ll go to Crimson Peak realm again.”

Without waiting for Li Haoyi’s reply, Ling Yi extended his hand and controlled the wind to pull the blue-haired man in front of him.

The latter didn’t even have time to react and was grabbed by the neck in the blink of an eye.


Li Haoyi wanted to say something, but his throat was already clenched in Ling Yi’s grip, so he couldn’t say anything. He could only hit his arm like crazy, but it was like a child hitting an adult, it didn’t hurt one bit.

“I’m not a narrow-minded person, but you’re really annoying.”

Ling Yi’s expression was cold as he spoke to Li Haoyi.

His arm that was holding onto the other party’s neck was as steady as a mountain. Even if the other party wanted to use a displacement skill to escape, he would be limited to the same place by his terrifying strength… Unless he no longer wanted his neck.

“Bastard! Let go of Li Haoyi!”

“Everyone, let’s go!”

Seeing that the players behind him were ready to officially attack him, he didn’t want to keep this disgusting guy any longer.

The Yang energy in the hand that was holding the other party’s neck burned like a flame, and then he exerted force.


A majestic Yang energy burst out as he clenched his fist, completely crushing his opponent’s neck!

As if the scene was not suitable for children, his body quickly turned into light spots and dissipated.

However, when he was killed, a few people around him screamed and died inexplicably.

The [Eye of Truth] saw the skill that appeared in an instant.

[Damage Sharing Chain (9 Stars)]: Release a chain to connect yourself and others, up to 10. After the chain is applied, 95% of the damage will be evenly distributed to the other connected targets when you are attacked. The chain can only last for 1 minute and can only be used 10 times a day.

‘Hmph. You think you can stop me with this?’

He chuckled in his heart, thinking that he had a Yang energy attack that ignored the damage reduction.

[You are immune to Zhang Ze’s ‘Shapeshifting’.]

[You are immune to Shi Pohai’s ‘Poison Curse’.]

[You are immune to Mu Lei’s ‘Weakened Agility’.]


A series of information about immunity appeared, and countless attacks came from all directions.

Ling Yi didn’t activate his shield or dodge. Instead, he formed a tornado around him and destroyed all the attacks!

Then, he added wind power to the tornado, making it grow stronger rapidly. In just two or three seconds, a huge storm circle with him as the center was formed!

“01 has very strong wind control! Even my wind can’t win against him!”

“Me too! The wind I created was even controlled by him!”

“The wind is too strong!”

Many people couldn’t stand still and were blown into the sky, dying in the storm.

There were also some people who relied on wind-resistance items to barely stand, but they couldn’t withstand the excessive damage and were blown by the wind for a second or two before they immediately died.

“Heavens! The damage is too terrifying!”

“Does this wind have an instant death effect? I don’t think we can beat him!”

“Such a powerful skill must consume a lot of energy! Let’s hold on!”

The players shouted one after another, but it was useless.

Ling Yi didn’t do anything else. All he did was let the storm expand. Within a few kilometers, tens of kilometers, and hundreds of kilometers, all the players were annihilated!

Until his storm reached the portal.

As soon as the players came out of the portal, they died in the air in groups.

The blue portal was completely covered by the white light of death!

There were still some players on the battlefield who had temporary life-preservation means. However, these life-preservation means were called temporary life-preservation means precisely because they had a time limit.

When the time was up, they would all die.

Ling Yi slowly flew to the teleportation gate. He looked at the teleportation gate in front of him and said, “Hm? That was weird. Where were the Alliance experts? Didn’t they say they wanted to deal with me? Why aren’t any of them he here yet?”

He had said this on purpose for the thousands of players to hear.

“It’s a pity that I can’t see what the audience is saying. It must be very exciting now,” he sighed.

As soon as it finished speaking, the ball of light beside it lit up, and an interface appeared above its head.

The interface was filled with players’ comments.

[Ling Yi, don’t be too pleased with yourself. It’s only the players from the small worlds of Crimson Peak realm who are going to fight now. The experts from our alliance are still behind!]

[You’re so proud of killing some small-world players, huh? You’re only at this level!]

[If you have the ability, continue to stand there. I’ll see when you can escape in a sorry state!]

[There’s only one portal. The Immortal Palace and Myriad Alliance haven’t opened the portal yet. You’ll know what despair is later!]


Ling Yi laughed when he saw the comments.

“As I said, if the Godkings don’t come, I’ll just kill them. I suggest that you recommend the Godking to come. Let me see what the top fighting power of the Great Thousand worlds is like.”

Unsurprisingly, his words caused the thousands of players in the audience to become angry again.

[Haughty, haughty! He’s too crazy!]

[He thinks too highly of himself. I really hope that one of the Godkings can teach him a lesson!]

[There’s no need for a Godking. The overwhelming strength of the alliance elders is enough to make him suffer!]

[Don’t think that we don’t know about your little trick. You magnified it as soon as you appeared to scare us! Impossible, how can our knowledge and experience be compared to your 20-year-old God’s Path?]

Ling Yi couldn’t help but laugh when he saw their comments. “I like to see you guys angry but can’t do anything to me.”

“All of you only know how to talk. If you have the ability, come to the outer continent right now, I’ll teach you how to be a good person.”

Some of the players agreed to his invitation, while some ignored it.

As for whether those who promised would really dare to come, that was a question mark.

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