God’s Path: I Can Create A Lot Of Cheats Through Mutation

Chapter 449 - 449 Earth's Challenge Explodes In The Universe

449 Earth’s Challenge Explodes In The Universe

After Ling Yi submitted the application, Earth players only needed to open the “realm war” interface to see the application.

The application would only take effect when the number of people who agreed exceeded half of the total number of Earth players.

“Everyone, let’s start voting.”

Looking at the numbers on the screen increase rapidly, Ling Yi let out a light breath. He picked up a cup of warm tea from the table and drank it.


After putting down the cup, he opened the Great Thousand forum. Seeing that the entire forum was discussing what had happened outside Pangu Continent and nothing else worth paying attention to, he closed it.

“Speaking of which, how long until the next big event?”

He looked at Nangong Li.

At present, his “God of Martial Arts” was at level 18, while “God of Elements” and “God of Summoning” were only at level 15, and they still needed a lot of divine essences to level up.

Nangong Li pursed her lips and looked up at the ceiling. She thought, “Mmh… The most recent one is the ‘Descent of the Demonic God’ on August 7th the day after tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow… That’s more or less the same.”

Ling Yi nodded. “It should be enough time to deal with the three alliances.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Shurou and the others walked out of the clan space. They were still dressed in casual clothes, looking like fairies who had escaped into the mortal world.

“We discussed it for a while and decided not to play, so you don’t have to worry.” Lin Shurou sat down beside him and hugged his right hand.

Ling Yi smiled and agreed with their decision.

“If they pick up later, there’s a high chance that they’ll send out an astonishing number of teams. You don’t have a permanent endurance like me, so no matter how strong you are, you can be exhausted to death.”

On the other side, Xia Wanqing, who was wearing a translucent black veil, hugged his left arm and asked curiously, “Then, after the war is over, are you going to the alliance headquarters?”

Before Ling Yi could reply, Nangong Li said, “Actually…”

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, she scratched the back of her head and said, slightly embarrassed, “Actually, our current conflict isn’t to the point where we have to kill each other. Other than that annoying person from Crimson Peak that needs to be resolved, the others… You can’t just go and kill them, can you?”

Everyone knew that she had always been tolerant and kind.

“Of course not. At most, we’ll just intimidate them…”

Ling Yi muttered to himself for a moment before making a compromise. “As for how it will develop, it will depend on their attitude. If they give in, I naturally won’t be aggressive…”

Just as Ling Yi and the others were conversing, the news of Earth applying for a realm war with the three super-large alliances had finally spread to the Great Thousand forum and spread throughout the Great Thousand world.

[Heavens! Earth is insane! They want to challenge thirty thousand realms at once!]

[Over thirty thousand worlds have spent millions of years on God’s Path! How could a 20-year-old world like theirs dare to do that?]

[His ego is too inflated! 01 had won the battle in the outer continent, and that was enough to make them proud! Does he think that everyone is 01?]

[If we accept it this time, Godking will definitely make his move.]

[Of course. If they don’t, doesn’t that mean the three giant alliance is afraid? Is that even possible?]

The Great Thousand forum was completely blown up by this absurd but real event at the moment. The players who had been lurking all year round couldn’t help but express their own opinions.

The hot news that had become the “first breaking news in the Great Thousand world” was also spreading rapidly in the main world. Students, staff, and workers…

“What? There was such a thing? This is fake news, right?”

Late at night, in a student dormitory, when they heard their dormitory mate mention this, everyone was stunned and expressed their disbelief.

“It’s true. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look on your phone. All the media outlets are talking about this.”

Everyone opened their phones doubtfully. The brightness on the screen made them feel uncomfortable even though none of the students there was asleep. They squinted their eyes and stare at it for a long time.

[Quick News: Earth realm has issued a challenge to the three super alliances in the realm war!!]

[Yun Qinglong News: Unprecedented! One World challenging thirty thousand worlds!]

[HOT NEWS: Will Earth’s counterattack lead us into the endless abyss?]


“It’s true,”

The few students looked at each other, all of them shocked by this outrageous reality.

They continued to pay attention to the news and found that while the entire Great Thousand world was talking about it, there was no news from Earth or responses from the three alliances.

“What’s the situation on both sides? I’m so anxious.” One of them dropped his phone but quickly picked it up again.

“The calm before the storm.”

“I heard that the voting on the Earth is almost halfway done. Let’s pull an all-nighter tonight!” Some of them were slightly excited as they hid under their blankets.

“It’s good that the vote is on the livestream. It’s nonsense if you’re not.”


At the same time.

In the headquarters of the ancient beyond heaven realm on the Aotian Continent.

Contrary to the outside world’s speculations, the meeting they were holding was not relaxed at all. On the contrary, all the members of the alliance were rather tense.

“I didn’t suspect him to have full resistance, huge stamina, not only good at large-scale damage output but also excellent in melee combat…”

Looking at the “mini Ling Yi” in front of them, all the elders frowned.

The resurrected Xuan Zhu sighed heavily. “He’s too difficult to deal with. What can we do to get rid of him?”

Just now, in order to discuss how to deal with Ling Yi, they had watched battle videos of the outer continent over and over again.

However, no one could come up with a good idea.

As time flew by, they became more and more anxious.

“If we really can’t do it, we can only use buff Skills and items to increase our elder’s attributes. All six of our attributes have been increased to five figures, so there should be a chance to defeat him.”

“Buffs are possible, but many buffs don’t have anti-expulsion abilities. A purification Skill will remove most of them.”

“Why didn’t you do anything when Starfall landed?” Xuan Dong suddenly accused his comrade.

Xuan Zhu frowned and carefully relieved the memories of that experience. He muttered, “At that time, my brain was attacked by a type of extreme Yang energy that directly attacked my soul… It seemed to be his Yang energy… Eh? Wait. Yang energy?”

“Oh right! Yang energy attacks ignore damage reduction. We can use Yang energy to deal with him!”

The eyes of the elders lit up, but they quickly dimmed once more.

“He’s very agile, and he can hit the target.”

Everyone lowered their heads in silence. Xuan Zhu sighed, “It’s all that trouble-maker’s fault. Otherwise, even if the meeting was unpleasant, it shouldn’t have come to this… I shouldn’t have said so much back then.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an ethereal voice suddenly appeared in the meeting room.

“No, you’re not wrong.”

When the elders heard this familiar voice, they were stunned for a moment before they quickly looked at the door.

At the door of the conference room, a handsome young man in his early twenties stood there.

Seeing the young man’s appearance, the elders were clearly stunned. Immediately, the gloominess from before was swept away one by one, and their faces gradually became excited.

“Your Majesty! you’ve returned from the True God Trial!”

“Your Majesty, you… You… You’ve successfully broken through to the third Realm?”

The man was the Godking of the ancient beyond heaven realm, Xuan Zhentian!

He wore a white t-shirt with a pair of black trousers. He was clean and didn’t wear many accessories. He looked no different from an ordinary young man, even though his actual age was more than 900 years old.

“It’s obvious,” He spread his hands.

“Hahaha, hahaha! Since the Godking had broken through, then all the problems won’t be problems anymore!”

Xuan Zhu stood up excitedly and said with a ruddy face, “With you here, we will definitely win this war of the great realms!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Zhu felt that his words were a little offensive, so he quickly turned to Xuan Zhentian.

The latter looked at him, causing him to break out in a cold sweat. At the same time, he calmly said, “01 is the only powerful person on Earth. Since he dares to issue this challenge, it means that he has an extremely shocking recovery ability. He’s not afraid of us.”

“You just fought him, what’s the approximate level of his attributes?”

Facing the Godking’s gaze, Xuan Zhu nervously explained his previous analysis, “At that time, my agility was raised to over 10,000. But even then, I could barely see his movements and I couldn’t react in time. So, his agility should be around 20,000… I can’t be sure of the other attributes, but they should be around 10,000 to 20,000.”

“How’s his resistance?”

“Suspected to have full resistance.”

Xuan Zhentian knocked on the table and nodded, “No wonder he dared to challenge us. He’s a formidable opponent.”

“As long as the Godking takes action, there won’t be a problem!” Xuan Zhu said, clearly full of confidence in the man.


Xuan Zhentian did not say anything else, because the news of the realm wars had already appeared in front of him.

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