Golden Time

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“Come out.”

The cold, steel-barred gate, opened with a noisy thump.


Suhyuk said goodbye to those staying with him in the detention cell.

“Goodbye. Don’t come back here again boy.”

“Even if you see a person panting for breath, just pass by next time. Hell to this damned world!”

They were expressing their voices critical of the people outside, citing the injustice done to Suhyuk.

Those languishing in the detention cell slowly waved their hands to Suhyuk.

When he was going out the cell, detective Kang said, “You had a hard time here, but you did well…”

Another detective added, “If this kind of thing happens again, you shouldn’t do anything and report to the police next time.”

The detectives who talked to Suhyuk laughed bitterly. He should have been freed much, much earlier. As for accidents that may arise from first aid by someone, he could get legal immunity as long as the patient did not die. In the case of Suhyuk, he was detained for as many as three days, even though he saved an emergency patient’s life. As many as three days.

Even if the other side reported to the police, one day’s investigation was sufficient. Or he could be investigated without detention. However, that was impossible because of the pressure from higher-ups. That made Lee Suhyuk bound tight.

When the normal became abnormal, the people in the world revolted.

Or a detention and investigation. But they could not do that. The pressure from above, it tied up Lee Suhyuk. The waves of rough voices were rolling on the Internet. Various experts criticized Suhyuk’s case, citing specific cases, rulings, and the laws as if they were marketing themselves. When their voices filled all over Korea, there were no more directions from up on high. The pressure veiled by dark curtains, namely, the black hands of the powerful let go of Suhyuk.

“Take care!”

Nodding at the detectives’ advice, Suhyuk laughed a bit.

He went out to the hallway. The remarks given by the detained men as well as the detectives came to his mind once again.

‘Don’t do that again. Should I listen? Just watching a dying person doing nothing myself?’

Suhyuk looked down at his two hands.

‘If an emergency patient appears in front of me, I just pass by without doing anything…’

Suhyuk shook his head. He would never hesitate even then. This was not a technique. His hands could be helpful to those who are dying in vain.

‘I would not stop if I can make the dangerously wobbling flames of embers back up.’

Firming up his determination like the first time, he passed through the building.

When he came out to the entrance, he had to make a blank face.

Click! Click!

The camera flashes burst out without break. Suhyuk’s surroundings flashed around.

“What the heck is this…” Suhyuk could not speak at all.

He saw lots of cameras fixed on him, and many voices calling him out here and there.

“Student Lee Suhyuk! How are you feeling?”

“Suhyuk, look here!”

“Is your dream to be a doctor?”

And the students from Jaemyung HS, carrying placards as if they were here for a protest, kept shouting, “Lee Suhyuk! Lee Suhyuk!”

At that moment, Suhyuk felt something warm welling up from his heart suddenly, but finally swallowed it.

Click! Click!

Reporters were constantly pressing their camera shutters. Among them was a woman with her arms folded in a composed manner, shuffling her feet. It was Han Jihye, the reporter who reported the situation of Suhyuk first. Her small action shook the whole Korea. Her eyes glowed as she looked at his hands.

“Cute little guy. Hadn’t I told you just to trust this sister?”

She laughed brightly while looking at him in the distance.

Thanks to that report, she was able to get a fast promotion.

She became a regular reporter, not an apprentice.

“How do you feel?”

At the mixed voice of journalists, Suhyuk scratched his head with his fingers.

Click! Click!

And finally he opened his mouth,

“My eyes are so dazzled.”


Suhyuk, who arrived near his house with his parents, went to a meat house.

“Son, what do you want to eat? Say anything you want to eat.”

“Eat this first.”

Suhyuk’s father put out a black bag. It was a cake of tofu.

“Honey, Suhyuk can’t eat a lot of meat if he eats tofu. What should we order? Pork belly? Rib? What do you want to eat Suhyuk?”

“Any meat is fine.”

“Okay, let’s have ribs then. I know you like ribs.”

A smile of relief did not disappear from Kim Myunghee’s face, who was ordering food.

Suhyuk quietly looked at the plastic bag his father was holding. His rough hands caught his attention all the more. Not only were calluses formed on his hands, but cracks could be seen here and there.

‘I am now taller than Dad. That made his heart sad without any reason. Dad went through a hard time because of this undutiful son…’

“Daddy, I want to eat tofu.”

“Eat meat first,” said his father bluntly.

“Just one bite,” answered Suhyuk.

Only then did his father give tofu to Suhyuk. He bit the tofu, with the plastic bag removed only half way.

“Don’t eat it anymore,” said his father.

Did he not hear his father’s words? Suhyuk already ate half of it.

“Suhyuk, if you eat it all, you can’t eat meat. Stop eating it. Suhyuk?” Kim was surprised.

For tears were dripping from her son’s eyes. Suhyuk, who ate tofu as if he had forcibly pushed it into his mouth, could not control his tears. Tears he suppressed in front of the police station now burst out.

He just hated himself because of his undutiful act to his parents, who obviously spent sleepless nights worrying about him. At the same time he felt so regrettable about the time he had to spend at the detention cell.

“Oh my god, aren’t you the very student who came out on TV, right?”

The boss who brought out the meat made a big noise.

“Why are you crying when you did such a wonderful thing?”

His mother, tapping him gently on the back, smiled softly and said,

“He is weak-minded.”

That night was a long night for Suhyuk.


The next day. Suhyuk went back to the school like a celebrity with all eyes on him.

The students passing by here and there raised their thumbs without exception.

And Kim Hana. Meeting him in the hallway, she looked at Suhyuk with tearful eyes.

Suhyuk laughed a bit.


Hana slowly moved her foot toward Suhyuk.

And she opened her mouth, wiping her tears with the back of her hand, “Are you okay?”

Suhyuk’s look became even brighter.

“Well, you must have been bored without me, right?”

Like a child, she nodded silently, with dazzling tears dripping from her eyes.

Even the appearance of her crying could not be any prettier.

“Why are you crying?”

Suhyuk could not speak because she hugged him so tight.

Boohoo.. boohoo…

A startled Suhyuk became a stone statue for a moment, but it was only very briefly.

“Why are you crying like a fool,” said Suhyuk, caressing her shoulder.

“Thank God, what a relief!” she said.

‘Did she change already?’

For her face, looking at him over his shoulder, looked icy cold.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” Her voice whispered in his ear.

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