Golden Time

Chapter 45

Chapter 45.

“Wake him up!”

“Hey, student, student, wake up! He won’t wake up because he’s far too drunk.”

A police officer rummaged through his pocket, who was asleep.

He could find his cell phone instantly, and fortunately it needed no pa.s.sword to unlock. While checking the contact numbers on his phone, the officer noticed ‘My sister’ on the contact list. It seemed like his real sister. Though in fact, there was no way the officer knew that he had saved Han Jihye’s name like that on the phone. Of course, in Han Jihye’s cell phone, Suhyuk’s name was saved as ‘My brother’.

The ringing sound did not last long.

“Hey, Suhyuk. What’s up at this time?”

A voice came out from Han Jihye who just woke up.

It was currently 3am.

“This is a police officer. Are you Lee Suhyuk’s family by any chance?”

“No…” She jumped out of bed, and added, “Yes, yes, you’re right. Why are you calling?” “Oh, Suhyuk fought against a wanted suspect…”

“Which police station are you calling from?”

Her drowsy eyes were gone and began to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

A sight made up of police officers came into Suhyuk’s eyes.

Suhyuk hastily raised his body, but a headache made his head painful.

Touching it, Suhyuk shook his head.

However expensive the liquor was, he could not help avoiding the hangover caused by it.

It was not that important to him.

‘Why am I at the police station?’ His memory was completely blown away.

‘I should have drunk moderately…’

Suhyuk approached the police officer staring at a monitor.

At that moment, he heard a woman’s voice from the side.

“Woke up?”

A beautiful woman with long hair tied behind her back, dressed in her training pants.

It was Han Jihye. She seemed like someone who just woke up and ran to find him, but even that could not hide her beauty. She gave him a cold canned drink.

“Why are you here, sister?” Han Jihye rubbed his hair hard with her hands, and spoke to him, wearing a strange look.

“Don’t you remember anything? You lost your memories completely…”

“Yes, I drank too much drink…”

Han Jihye grabbed Suhyuk’s cheek and pulled it.

Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning as if she was looking at a treasure box.

“I hear you caught the suspect. My darling! How cute you are!”

To her, there was no treasure like him.

Any news related to Suhyuk was a big scoop.

Medical student Lee Suhyuk. This time he caught a suspect who robbed several empty houses one after the other, and who the cops did not catch! How dramatic was it?

Was he not a hero in this tough world, who saved a persons’ life and caught a suspect?

Suhyuk did not hide his surprised look when he heard from Han that he, fully drunk caught a suspect. He recalled what he had said to Dongsu in the past, “You have to quit drinking.”

Thinking like that, Suhyuk looked at her with a worried look.

“Did you … Did you already report about it? I would like you not to mention my name…”

It was really a big headache for him to get the spotlight.

Moving her gaze to one side, she laughed bitterly.

Suhyuks head moved along with her to a black laptop closed.

While Suhyuk was asleep, she already made a report, which went out beyond her control.

“Next time I’ll take your name off!”

Suhyuk’s eyes, who seemed to give up on everything, turned toward the wall clock.

It was 8 am in the morning. He was late.

“I have to attend the clinical training, so let me go.”

Suhyuk quickly went to the door.

“You have to eat something first!”

Even though she reached out her hands, he was already out of the police station.

The main gate of Daehan Hospital

Suhyuk, who was running hard, received a phone call.

“Hey, do you want to be a celebrity or something after giving up your medical career? Why are you again on the internet and TV?” Dongsu’s voice, who was astonished at him, kept coming from his cellphone.

The report filed by Han at dawn already was filling the morning hour shows.

The name reported was Lee Suhyuk. Though the report did not elaborate on him, he had a precedent in history: First aid for a high school student, and a medical student who revealed the cause of death of a cadaver. A little more research about him produced lots of related words. It was too easy to find out who he was.

“I’m going to be late now, so let’s talk later.”

After he hung up the phone call, Suhyuk pa.s.sed through the lobby and finally arrived at a place where his peers gathered.

He could barely avoid being late.

Members of Suhyuk’s group looked at him as if he was great and shook their heads.

Lee Suhyuk already drew the media’s attention three times…

Was this enough to call him a semi-entertainer?

“Is your body okay?”

“Don’t you deserve an award for being a brave citizen?”

Suhyuk had to smile bitterly.

The professors who drank yesterday with him also sent him messages, asking to see him after the clinical training.

If he became an intern, how many more nonsensical things would happen?

Although he became sober, he felt his head throbbed painfully.

At that moment Park Ganghyun approached them.

“Good morning, sir!”

Greeted by everyone, he nodded his head and looked at Suhyuk.

His eyes were glaring as if he were asking him what kind of guy he was.

Shaking his head, Park turned around and said to the trainees,

“Today’s training will take you to the emergency room, the heart of the hospital, so you have to be careful, okay?”


“If you make a mistake, I will take off some scores from your usual att.i.tude grade. Got it?”


Suhyuk’s group went straight into the emergency room.

There were not only those groaning patients who complained of their pain, but also other emergency patients who kept coming in. Suhyuk calmed down his throbbing heart.

It would not be late for him to become qualified and learn enough first before taking care of them.

There were many doctors in the hospital who were more excellent than he. His self mind control like that worked. He did not feel drowsy like before. Rather he felt his concentration improved.

Park turned over the interns to the resident who was almost a fixture in the emergency room.

“Sixty percent of the patients in the emergency room are all in critical condition, so be careful that you do not interfere with the medical staff treating them.”

Park left the emergency room leaving behind those words. The tired resident approached the group. As if he regularly exercised, his shoulders were wide and strong, but his face belied it. He had an impression like a good bear.

“Glad to see you. My name is Oh Byungchul. You guys are not yet near the point where I test your practice abilities, right?”

“No, sir!”

Approving of their spirited voice, he made a gentle smile, and he then looked at Suhyuk.

“Are you a public figure or someone who prefers the private life?”

At his words, the trainees burst into a laughter. And it was only for a brief moment. They soon followed Oh.

Patients constantly came to the emergency room.

A child who swallowed a coin, a patient complaining of abdominal pain, or a person who was in a traffic accident. Oh Byungchul was too busy to take care of them.

For so many patients were pouring into the emergency room like water.

Several interns there were short handed. However, all of them were able to diagnose effectively and connect them quickly to the medical team appropriate for each patient.

The trainees followed Oh, holding their breath. It was the same for Suhyuk.! He turned back his head at the sound.


As soon as the stun gun hit the patient’s body, his body oscillated the bed.

“Give him more! Raise it to 150!”!

The cardiograph that made a flat oscillation showed the line going up and down on the screen.

When the doctor wiped the sweat off his forehead, Suhyuk took a sigh of relief.

At that moment there was a guy who shouted suddenly. A middle-aged man in his late 40s.

The chin line, which stands out in his dry physique, sharpened his impression.

“Then why did you call me? Because the person was dying, you want me just to know about it? With that kind of fall, he needs an emergency first aid quickly. It’s too late if he gets transported here!”

The man, who took off the phone from his ears, breathed out deeply as if he was mad.

Then he put his cellphone back to his ear.

“You say the helicopter is pa.s.sing by our hospital? Then stop by here briefly. Did you hear the answer he wanted?”

After he hung up the phone, he began to collect medical devices in his black bag. Syringe, thread, scissors, sap.

It seemed as if he put everything in the bag, but all of them were essential. Then he carried his bag quickly and looked around him. His eyes met Suhyuk’s.

“Are you an intern? Follow me.”

He needed an a.s.sistant.

“I’m not an intern…”

The professor turned around and stared sharply at Suhyuk when he heard no indication of his following. Suhyuk looked at Oh with a perplexed expression.

Oh then looked at the professor and and Suhyuk in turn. The professor’s voice was heard at the moment,

“Do come quickly!”

With a frown, Oh said to Suhyuk,

“The professor is calling you. Just follow him quickly!”

“Yes, yes.”

Suhyuk had to follow the professor.

Suhyuk and the professor were standing in front of the elevator.

Where does he want to go? The professor pushed the top b.u.t.ton.

“The door opens,” said a recorded message.

The professor first entered the elevator and Suhyuk got in.

“A person fell off the cliff while climbing.”

“Professor, I’m not an intern…”

Did he hear Suhyuk?

The professor received a phone call. Even though they were in the elevator, the phone rang very well.

“Did you land? Okay.”

They arrived on the rooftop. Suhyuk had no choice but to open his mouth because a helicopter was waiting with a loud noise. It was a 119 emergency helicopter.

‘I wonder if he will get aboard the helicopter.’

His prediction was correct.

“Do get in quickly!” said the professor.

At his pressing, Suhyuk lowered his body and approached the helicopter.

He had not yet even boarded a plane, and now he was getting aboard a helicopter.

He could see the hospital disappearing gradually in the distance…

At a mountainside.

Trees were shaken by the powerful propeller of the helicopter, and they saw two people in red climbing gear there. They were so lucky that they were hanging in the middle area protruded from a vertical cliff. It was literally sheer luck. However, there was no sign of their movement.

A rope fell off the helicopter, and the rescue team started to take off. The rope swinging in the wind looked very dangerous.

The professor was watching it seriously in the helicopter.

Suhyuk looked at him.

‘Did he come to see the patient by using a helicopter?’

He did not hear or see that there was such a doctor.

No, he was watching such a doctor now.

Looking at the professor, Suhyuk’s heart pounded hard, and it came to his mind: ‘He’s a genuine doctor.’

Soon, one unconscious person came up into the helicopter. Now the other person was left.

The professor took off his overcoat while waiting, and he scrutinized the patient’s chest, belly, and arms with his hands. At the same time, he knitted his brows suddenly.

“Hah … there is nothing normal in his body…”

His arms and ribs were broken. Suhyuk already recognized the seriousness of his condition. The bulging belly was clearly marked with a bruise. It was very possible that the organs were damaged. With such a condition, it was essential to pierce through his chest and inject drugs.

The professor, with a regrettable and serious expression, looked at Suhyuk.

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