Chapter 28

Chapter 28: A Street In The Red-light District


“I slept over at Gu Jinghang’s place last night.”

Song Xuan widened her eyes and covered her mouth with her hands. After a while, she stuttered, “Didn’t you scoff at him for being old-fashioned and poor? Why did you…”

“I’m just a little girl who has fallen in love but refused to admit it. That was sheer nonsense. My Jinghang is an exceptionally good man. He’s dashing and good-natured. I like him. We must be content with what we have.”

Song Ran shook her leg energetically as she was not stingy with her compliments for Team Leader Gu. Song Xuan dropped her jaws as she was in utter disbelief.

“What did Team Leader Gu feed you that you’re now so obsessed with him?”

Song Ran furrowed her brows and pouted. “Why are you acting the same way as Shen Mengfang?”

Song Xuan was animated. “Did she say the same thing?”

Song Ran’s anger flared up again toward the question. She sat up and pounded her bed. “Not only did she say that, she also wants to separate us by introducing me to Yao Xifeng, the third son of the boss who runs an agricultural cooperative.”

Song Xuan could not help but knit her eyebrows. “What? Yao Xifeng is a playboy. What girl of a decent background will want to marry him? What did Dad say?”

Song Ran snorted. “Our dad is old. He actually agreed because he could not stand the simmering pillow talk from that woman.”

Song Xuan was enraged. “I’ll look for Shen Mengfang and ask her what she is up to.”

Song Ran pulled her back. “Don’t go, Sister. Tell me more about that playboy Yao Xifeng and how he flirts around.”

Upon mention of Yao Xifeng, Song Xuan got furious. “Last week, Yao Xifeng was beaten up by his dad because he got a young sales girl who works in the agricultural cooperative pregnant.”

Song Ran slapped her own thigh. “What a badass! How did they settle this?”

“How else? They are rich, so they took some money and shut the girl up, asking her to abort the child. The girl was given quite a sum of money to keep silent. He has flirted with many girls in the agricultural cooperative, but that was the most serious case since the girl got pregnant. How can Shen Mengfang be so shameless and suggest such a candidate?”

Song Ran pondered and asked again, “Why wouldn’t the girls step forward and testify against him?”

“Of course, they wouldn’t. They still need to get married in the future. If they did, the public will be notified, and their reputations will be tarnished. Haicheng might be big, but word spreads fast.”

Song Ran nodded as she pondered, “So does Yao Xifeng only flirt with girls who are of decent background? Did he ever mess around with that type of girl?”

“Which type?”

“Well, you know it. Like those girls from Wanding Lane?”

Wanding Lane was a street within the well-known red-light district of Haicheng, the best location for the rich playboys to seek their pleasures.

Song Xuan glared at her. “You, little girl, know quite a lot of stuff, don’t you?”

The next day, Song Ran wore a long-sleeved shirt and pants as she stood at the end of Wanding Lane. From afar, an enchanting woman was strolling over in her bright red flowery dress and curly hair.

When she was near Song Ran, Song Ran reached out and stopped her. “How much money did Yao Xifeng pay for your silence?”

He Juan skidded to a stop. She immediately threw Song Ran a charming smile. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“I’ll pay you double for whatever he pays you.”

He Juan’s eyes gleamed…

Two days later, Shen Mengfang woke up early to clean the house. Song Ran was walking down from the stairs as she watched the people busying themselves around the house. She asked in a contemptuous tone, “Is someone coming to our house today?”

Shen Mengfang looked up at her. “Oh… Hehe. Yeah, there will be two guests coming over for lunch in the afternoon. Ran, you have to stay at home. Got it?”


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