Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Let’s See How Long She Lasts

Song Ran hurriedly said to Gu Jinghang, “Let’s talk again when we meet, okay? I need to go. Bye.”

Gu Jinghang listened to the dial tone long after Song Ran had hung up as he pressed his hand against the wall. This lass is bent on making him lose appetite and sleep for two days.

Someone had arranged her in a blind marriage? A blind marriage?

So, she went forward with the blind marriage? And she was quite happy with it?

Gu Jinghang was not someone who felt lost easily, yet his mind was a mess.

Suddenly, he regretted making the call. It was better to keep all those heartwarming memories of her and enjoy a few peaceful days.


Song Ran put down the phone and crept up the stairs. Then she saw Shen Mengfang, who was standing furtively around the corner.

“Aunty Shen, are you eavesdropping?” Song Ran suddenly yelled at her, causing Shen Mengfang to break into a cold sweat.

She quickly calmed herself down. With one hand at her waist, she pointed the other one at Song Ran. “What nonsense are you talking about? I was just about to go downstairs and get myself a drink.”

Song Ran shrugged her shoulders and laughed. “Aunty Shen, don’t blame me for being so suspicious. After all, you wanted to push me into a life of living hell. It’s only reasonable that I would have all these doubts, right?”

Shen Mengfang was so infuriated that her cheeks twitched. “You really misunderstood me in regards to this. But it was my fault too. I didn’t do my research properly and suggested a candidate that wasn’t worthy of your consideration. I promise you this won’t happen again.”

Song Ran hugged her arms before her chest as she whispered into Shen Mengfang’s ears, “I don’t need you to worry about me. If you dare to separate Jinghang and me again, I will not let you off so easily next time.”

Shen Mengfang had the impulse to dash into the bedroom and complain to Song Guoqing that this lass was threatening her. But Song Ran turned back to her usual innocent and naive self again. Suddenly, Shen Mengfang felt a tremor in her heart.

This lass was not a simpleton.


Shen Mengfang had to find out a way to deal with her kiddish ways from now on.

Shen Mengfang’s eyes gleamed as she continued to harp on, “Ran, you really misunderstood me. Team Leader Gu is a nice person. He really is.”

Song Ran turned around and gave her a face. Since her dad was not around, she could not be bothered with this woman.

Shen Mengfang gnashed her teeth as she fixed her eyes on the back of Song Ran. She pondered to herself, no matter how great she is, she’s only 18. She might be a smart girl, but how intimidating can she get?

One day, she will chase this brazen wicked girl out of the house.

The next day, Song Ran woke up early and took a cab to People’s Park. In her arms was a large jar of salted plums. With an uneasy look, she headed to the ticketing booth, where a lady had just changed into her uniform for her shift.

That day was a usual working day. Moreover, it was early in the morning. Hence, there was no one except Song Ran at the ticketing booth.

A middle-aged lady about 40 with short and curly hair peered at Song Ran from a small window. “Miss, do you want to get a ticket?”

Song Ran hesitated before she handed her a ten-dollar note. “Auntie, can you do me a favor, please?”

The lady was quite friendly. “What favor?”

“Well, I want to get two all-day tickets not for today but tomorrow. I’m paying you first. Tomorrow, I’ll be coming with a guy who will purchase the tickets from you, and you’ll pretend that he won a lucky draw, like he was the 10,000th visitor of the year. Then tell him that the tickets are free of charge. Can you help me with this?”


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