Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Lingering

Who could believe that such a scorching hot day could be filled with moments of moving beauty? Gu Jinghang smiled as he looked down, feeling extremely content.

How nice, how fulfilling.

He sat beneath the big tree as he watched Song Ran finish the bottle of soda. The occasional breeze felt like a burning fireball and it made his skin hot and itchy. Soon after, he saw that Supervisor Li had told Song Ran to leave. She probably told Song Ran to go to the cafeteria in the park to have her meal.

After making sure that Song Ran had left, Supervisor Li turned and waved at Gu Jinghang who was halfway up the mountain and she said, “Young man, go and have your lunch in my office.”

In Supervisor Li’s office, Gu Jinghang was gobbling down the food which Supervisor Li had packed for him from the cafeteria. The electric fan was not of much use and Gu Jinghang was dripping with sweat. Supervisor Li said with faint disgust in her voice, “The weather is going to get warmer in the afternoon and your shirt is already drenched. Why not just leave it, and change into a vest to carry on with the work?”

Gu Jinghang continued eating quickly. After he was done, he wiped his mouth and smiled brightly as he replied, “As a grown man, blood and sweat means nothing. Back in those days when we were in training, we had to roll around in the mud under the hot sun, so this is a simple task for me. I have to clear the trash once more before Ran finishes her meal. Supervisor Li, could you let Ran rest here for a while?”

Supervisor Li sighed deeply. I have committed such a sin. She could only smile and say, “Thank you for your hard work, Team Leader Gu.”

Gu Jinghang put on his wet work outfit and a hat before walking out in the sun again.

Gu Jinghang worked conscientiously for the whole day till the park closed in the late evening. By then, the sun was no longer burning hot. He hid in the dark and watched Song Ran bid farewell to Supervisor Li before he finally felt relieved.

Gu Jinghang took off his shirt which was drenched in sweat and he washed it by the river. He lowered his head and sniffed the shirt to make sure that the stench had been washed off before making his way to Supervisor Li’s office.

Supervisor Li was waiting for him at the entrance. When she saw Gu Jinghang walking towards her through the shaded path, she immediately went forward to welcome him as she said, “Aiyo, you have worked hard today, Team Leader Gu. Before Song Ran left just now, she told me to ask Uncle Qian not to come to work tomorrow. I did not know how to answer her.”

Gu Jinghang handed the wet clothes to Supervisor Li and said while smiling, “Could you tell her not to come tomorrow? Tell her that Uncle Qian complained that she isn’t doing a good enough job.”

Supervisor Li waved her hand in objection and said, “Although that girl usually has a bright smile on her face, she does have a stubborn personality. I wouldn’t dare say that to her.”

Gu Jinghang lowered his head and laughed. Indeed, Ran was a pleasant girl, but when she flares up, no one would be able to handle her.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Song Ran’s voice from behind him, “Supervisor Li, I forgot my umbrella.”

Gu Jinghang was flustered. No, he could not be seen by Song Ran. He did not have time to think twice before dashing into Supervisor Li’s office.

Song Ran was panting as she ran over and her forehead was filled with beads of perspiration. She fanned herself continuously and had an anguished look on her face as she said, “I forgot my umbrella. It’s too hot. Supervisor Li, I need to get my umbrella.”

Supervisor Li panicked and quickly grabbed her hand as she said, “I, I, I… I’ll get it for you.”

Song Ran was confused and she replied, “Huh? I want to go inside and make use of the electric fan. The weather is too hot right now. I was thinking of going home only after the sun sets.”

Song Ran was already at the entrance of Supervisor Li’s office. Gu Jinghang was so terrified that he did not know where to hide. The interior of Supervisor Li’s office was simple. There was only a desk, one chair, and a tiny bookshelf. Gu Jinghang was such a huge guy, he would be seen by Song Ran even if he hid under the table.

He was scared to death.


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