Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Chapter 298 - Li Yu's Magic Treasure Upgraded (1)  

Chapter 298: Li Yu’s Magic Treasure Upgraded (1)

The unknown place on the other side of the Luo River was also a world where the power of heaven and earth and the laws of space were distorted.

Furthermore, the distortion here was severe.

The previous Chaotic Divine Region was only a sensory dislocation caused by the power of an illusion.

At most, it would affect non-solid objects, such as gravity, magnetic fields, and sound waves, disturbing one’s perception of the surrounding world.

These distortions were useless on Li Yu, so he could move freely in the Chaotic Divine Region.

However, the degree of distortion of this world could be described as ridiculous.

The entire space was like a jigsaw puzzle that had been messed up. Then, it was irresponsibly pieced together, causing everything in the world to appear in a way that defied common sense.

For example, the waterfall that fell from below, the mountain peak that was upside down on the ground, the magma that spewed out that was interdependent with the extremely cold glacier, the river flowing on the vertical cliff, the light refracting back and forth at strange angles, and the shadows were sometimes behind and sometimes above their heads.

These were not illusions but objective reality.

“Looks like this unknown place isn’t that simple!” Li Yu was also surprised.

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He followed the principle that there must be a reason for everything that went wrong. The more strange and counterintuitive a place was, the greater the opportunity and secret it hid.

It was worth exploring.

“This place is so strange!” Fairy Luo He looked at the world in front of her and was also shocked. She had never seen such a strange world in her memories.

‘Hmm, a fellow who can mess up the laws of heaven and earth like this probably has the power of a Creator!’ Li Yu thought.

He naturally did not think that the place where this place was born was so abnormal. Clearly, a true mighty figure had forcefully changed the spatial rules here, causing this place to become such an unbelievable place.

“Let’s go and see what kind of world this is!” Li Yu said, and then he brought Fairy Luo He to explore this bizarre world.

The rankings were still being announced one after another. In the blink of an eye, it reached the top 80, and the magic treasures on the rankings became supreme-grade Dao Artifacts.

Magic Treasure Rankings # 76: Three Lives Bell

Magic Treasure Rating: Supreme-grade Dao Artifact

Owner: Perfected Biyao

Origin: Three Thousand Worlds, Divine Pool Holy Land

Reward: Unlock the power of the magic treasure. All attributes of the magic treasure will be doubled. You will obtain the additional attack, the Rebirth Mantra. The user will obtain the power of the Great Dao and the Soul Guardian.

“Master’s intrinsic magic treasure is actually a supreme-grade Dao artifact!” Yao Xi looked at the rankings in surprise.

She knew about the Three Lives Bell. It was an exquisite small bell with the words Three Lives Three Worlds engraved on it.

It was said that it was a magic treasure accompanying Perfected Biyao in the past. It was also because of this that Perfected Biyao was brought to the Holy Land to cultivate by the previous Holy Lord and eventually became the youngest Holy Lord of the Divine Pool Holy Land.

She had always felt that Perfected Biyao’s previous life was definitely extraordinary. This Three Lives Bell might contain the secrets of her previous life. It was a pity that Perfected Biyao had not been able to unlock the secrets of the Three Lives Bell for more than four hundred years.

Other than blocking a few fatal attacks for Perfected Biyao, the bell had never shown anything extraordinary.

In the past, Perfected Biyao had thought that this might be an immortal artifact, but she did not expect it to be a supreme-grade Dao artifact.

Dao Artifact-level magic treasures were extremely precious in the Immortal Realm, especially supreme-grade ones.

Although the Holy Land had a Dao Artifact that they had once obtained in the Lingtian Mystic Realm, it was only a low-grade one and had no chance of entering the rankings.

“Unseal the power of the magic treasure? Looks like the Three Lives Bell has always been sealed. No wonder Master has never been able to use it!” Yao Xi muttered to herself.

Perhaps after today, her master could finally unlock the secret of the Three Lives Bell.

‘The Three Lives Bell is a blessing and a curse. It might bring unnecessary trouble to the Holy Land!’ Yao Xi thought.

At the same time, in the Divine Pool Holy Land, Perfected Biyao was also surprised to see herself on the rankings. She reached out and grabbed the small bell in front of her chest and placed it in her palm to take a look.

At this moment, the bell buzzed. Golden light flashed on it, and an extraordinary aura instantly surged out.

It was as if a powerful force had awakened within. Immediately, a divine sense flew out and instantly entered Perfected Biyao’s glabella.

Perfected Biyao’s beautiful eyes flashed slightly as she frowned. Immediately, she closed her eyes and sat cross-legged in meditation.

On Tea Peak in the Divine Pool Immortal Palace of the Luo Heaven Immortal Realm, a middle-aged woman with slightly messy brows and a cold gaze had a slightly mean appearance. When she saw the Three Lives Bell on the rankings, a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

“The Divine Pool Holy Land of the Jingxing Realm has such a magic treasure, but they didn’t hand it over to our Immortal Palace!” the middle-aged woman said coldly.

She was the Grand Elder of the Divine Pool Immortal Palace—Green Tea Immortal Venerable.

“Hmph, these Holy Lands of the lower realm are really looking down on our Immortal Palace more and more. Looks like we really have to deal with these Holy Lands of the lower realm!” the Green Tea Immortal Venerable said coldly.

The Divine Pool Immortal Palace only had ten Dao Artifacts at the moment. Most were middle-grade and low-grade, and only one was high-grade.

Now that a mere Holy Land in the lower realm possessed a supreme-grade Dao artifact, it was naturally against the rules.

Furthermore, the Divine Pool Holy Lands of the various lower realms were inherited from the Divine Pool Immortal Palace in the Luo Heaven Immortal Realm, and they were also managed by the Divine Pool Immortal Palace.

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