Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 531: Her Great Luck

Chapter 531: Her Great Luck

Mo Rongzhan went to the secret Library Pagoda. He could not think of anyone else in the world who was an expert in arrays like Old Master Jiang. In fact, Huangfu Chen's array skills were taught by him.

He had looked into the history of Zhao Jia Island before this. The island's first owner was Zhao Zhao, who was rumored to be Emperor Jingwu’s mother. She faked her death for twenty years, only to reappear after Emperor Jingwu ascended the throne. She was later involved in many court intrigues and was eventually placed under house arrest by Emperor Jingwu on Zhao Jia Island. All the pirates on the island were killed and it was reduced to a state of desolation. Then, somehow, it came to life gradually.

Zhao Tianji …. is Zhao Zhao's descendant?

After coming to the Library Pagoda, Mo Rongzhan directly went into the hut next to it. Old Master Jiang was dozing and did not notice his presence.

"Old Master, I have a matter to ask you." Mo Rongzhan sat down in front of Old Master Jiang, not caring if the old man opposite could hear him talking."The stone formation on Zhao Jia Island was laid by the Jiang family. I want to go to Zhao Jia Island to find someone. Can you help me enter it?"

Old Master Jiang opened his eyes slightly, his old voice sounded hoarse as he said, "Zhao Jia Island?"

Mo Rongzhan said, "The private mine I found last time near Gujia Village was owned by Zhao Tianji, the Island Lord of Zhao Jia Island, and they have taken the princess away."

Zhao Tianji? Old Master Jiang eyes flashed with a cold glint. "Zhao Jia island actually still has people … Zhao Zhao’s skills are impressive."

"Old Master, I want to personally go to Zhao Jia Island," Mo Rongzhan said softly. Although he was the emperor, for Old Master Jiang, his heart held nothing but respect. No one in the palace knew how old Old Master Jiang was this year, nor did they know who he really was. When the Mo family began to rule the Jin Kingdom, he had already been living in a small house next to the Library Pagoda.

No one knew where Old Master Jiang really came from, nor how old he was, but Mo Rongzhan knew that only Old Master Jiang could decipher the stone array of Zhao Jia Island for them.

"The stone array of the Zhao family island was laid by this old man," Old Master Jiang said in a low voice. "It appears that someone unlocked that formation long ago."

Mo Rongzhan was astonished, the array on Zhao Jia Island… should be many years old, when did Old Master Jiang lay it?

"Old Master Jiang, then you can unlock that stone array for me?" Mo Rong Zhan asked.

Old Master Jiang frowned and considered for a moment, before saying in a deep voice, "If Your Majesty intends to go on a personal expedition to Zhao Jia Island, then please take this old man with you."

"Good!" The corners of Mo Rongzhan's lips finally showed a light smile.

After leaving the Library Pagoda, he went to Cining Palace. If he was going to leave the capital, he had to tell his mother.

The Cining Palace was as quiet and elegant as ever. Mo Rongzhan just appeared at the palace gate, and immediately a group of palace maids knelt in front of him.

Mo Rongzhan waved his hand and entered Cining Palace without saying a word.

Ever since he dismissed Xu Huiru as the Xianfei, many in the imperial palace had become possessed [by delusions of ascension]. Whenever he went to Cining Palace, the maids would always show up out of nowhere to preen themselves before him while his other pin feis'* constant prying was also a significant source of annoyance.

[*imperial concubines]

"Your Majesty, you are finally free to visit Ajia today." The empress dowager heard the sound of the emperor's arrival outside and came out of her chambers.

Mo Rongzhan was about to speak when he saw the figure following the empress dowager. His brow unconsciously furrowed, why is Ye Yaoyao here?

"This subject pays respect to Your Majesty." Ye Yaoyao bowed and timidly stood beside the empress dowager.

"Imperial Mother, I have something to tell you," Mo Rongzhan said indifferently.

The empress dowager gently nodded her head and signaled Aunt Cheng to take Ye Yaoyao out.

Today, Ye Yaoyao wore an apricot-yellow dress, with a plum bamboo orchid embroidered skirt

. Her beauty shone as brightly as the autumn moon, even more than when Mo Rongzhan had first found her. She snuck a demure glance at him upon hearing his voice, then quickly lowered her head to hide her reddening face as she left with Aunt Chen.

"Your Majesty, have you found Yaoyao?" After Ye Yaoyao went out, the empress dowager asked Mo Rongzhan worriedly.

"Not yet." Mo Rongzhan did not want the empress dowager to worry, so no news is good news was the best policy here. If she were to know that the little girl was on Zhao Jia Island, she would be worried sick. "Imperial Mother, Huangfu Chen is with Yaoyao, she will be fine."

The empress dowager glared at Mo Rongzhan and said with some displeasure, "Your Majesty, why do I feel that you do not care about Yaoyao at all?"

Mo Rongzhan was stunned, he had been thinking about that little girl every single day recently. How can he not care about her?

"I can tell you, although Ye Yaoyao saved your life and is good-looking, you cannot have a new person and forget the old. When I wanted to marry Yaoyao to Tang Zhen, do you remember what you said?" the empress dowager said sternly.

Mo Rong Zhan nodded helplessly. "Imperial Mother, I remember, how can I forget, I will definitely find Yaoyao personally."

"Personally, find her yourself? You're leaving the capital again?" the empress dowager asked with a frown.

"There are some things that I need to personally deal with, so I will leave for a while, but not for a long time," Mo Rongzhan said in a low voice.

The empress dowager nodded gently, she never asked Mo Rongzhan about matters outside the palace, just like when he was planning to usurp the throne, she would not ask him a single thing. "Then you have to arrange matters in the capital before you go."

Mo Rongzhan said with a smile, "Imperial Mother, I will make the proper arrangements."

"Then—" the empress dowager pointed outside and said, "How exactly do you plan to place her? Just find a place for her outside the palace. The people who know will understand what you mean, but those who don't will misunderstand. Your Majesty, this matter cannot be delayed any longer."

"Imperial Mother, there are some things I still want to investigate clearly." Mo Rongzhan said in a light voice, "If she is really the person who saved me back then, I will naturally have a reward."

The empress dowager froze for a moment. So does he plan to bring Ye Yaoyao into the palace?

Mo Rongzhan, however, did not really want to talk further about Ye Yaoyao. He stood up and said, "Imperial Mother, I still have to summon the cabinet ministers, so I will take my leave now."

"Okay, you should get going." The empress dowager secretly sighed in her heart.

Mo Rongzhan bid farewell and had just walked out of Cining Palace when he saw Ye Yaoyao returning from the Imperial Garden.

"This subject pays respects Your Majesty." Ye Yaoyao hurriedly bowed, not even daring to lift her head to look at Mo Rongzhan.

"Rise." Mo Rongzhan lightly nodded. "Did the Empress Dowager ask you to enter the palace today?"

Ye Yaoyao shrank her shoulders timidly, she was a little afraid of this man in front of her, but she didn't know why, she was very eager to see him. If it weren't for him, she would still be locked up in that house, and wouldn't live such a life of freedom and elegance. She didn't know why he wanted to save her, and she had forgotten all the things from the past. Someone said she was going to have great luck, but she didn't understand what her great luck was.

Would her big luck be this man in front of her? Ye Yaoyao raised her eyes to look at Mo Rongzhan and said in a small voice, "Yes… it was the empress dowager who wanted this subject to enter the palace."



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