Herald of Steel

Chapter 985 The Iron Workshops (Part-1)

Chapter 985 The Iron Workshops (Part-1)

As Princess Camelia returned to her room, lying on her bed, she understood that her impression of Alexander had changed quite significantly in the short three hours, being morphed into something quite different from what she had started with.

She had never expected the demon who conquered her city to have such a funny, amicable side.

To her, Alexander had always appeared like a fierce beast, wielding a mammoth flaming greatsword and setting everything she held dear to fire.

And like Alexander, his four mistresses too had once appeared bitterly cold, like a blizzard in a freezing wintery night, as they had treated her like air.

But now they seemed to have so much color and character.

Even the black lady who had hit her on their first day in Zanzan- Gelene now actually seemed approachable.

Furthermore, observing the interaction they had with the lord, Princess Camelia keenly noticed that the main wife of the house- Cambyses, and the one who looked after the day to day- Mean were always a pair, and usually much more favored by the lord of the house.

For instance, they seemed to be the only ones allowed to call the Pasha- Alex.

The other pair stuck to calling him master or lord.

These four had their own dynamics much of which the Princess picked up during the play, while the fifth concubine- Fabiyana still remained a mystery.

Even to the relatively inexperienced princess, the small girl seemed to be more treated like a daughter of the family rather than a mistress.

At least that was what she felt when she studied Alexander spoiling Fabiyana, reminding her much of her own time with her father.

‘What is up with that?’ Thus she genuinely wondered about the strange dynamics there.

Along with the image of the players around the table flashing before her, the princess then quickly found her mind reverting to the game itself.

And needless to say, it left a great impression on her.

The impressionable fourteen year old had naturally never experienced anything like the game night as board games as a concept did not exist yet.

Thus seeing all these cards, dice, figurines and rules stuck deep into her memory.

It was all too novel and new.

Combine that all the laughter, the giggles, and the hilarious situations she had come across… it made the girl want to play it again right now!

So she could not wait for the next time, being determined to win on her next go.

It was with these thoughts that the Princess then started to get giddy with pleasure and at one moment,?her mind suddenly began to wonder when Alexander was going to call her to bed. 𝓁𝑖𝑏𝑟𝘦𝒶𝘥.𝒸𝘰𝑚

After all, he did call her to the game’s night out of the blue.

And Princess Camelia actually found herself even a bit expectant about the thought.

It was something that even surprised her.

Because for the first few nights she had come to Zanzan, Princess Camelia would always dread the coming of darkness, thinking tonight would be the night that Alexander would call her to his room to deflower her.

Or perhaps he would come to visit her, deep at night, and then lay ruin and destruction on to her nubile body.

It was a thought that always haunted her.

And she would immediately draw a breath of relief upon seeing the rising of the sun, reassured the bright rays would keep the ‘demon’ away.

Because in the pubescent girl’s mind, sex was something that was only done deep at night.

At least that was the prevailing thought in Tibias.

However now, the young fourteen year old actually wanted the opposite.

But at the same time, she also knew it was impossible, at least on this very night.

Because Princess Camelia knew the lord was busy in bed, with one or more of his wives.

She had already seen some of their silhouettes accompanying him to his bedroom.

And in many a prior night, she had heard loud, lewd voices breaking out of even the heavy oak doors, laying concrete proof to the fun times going on there.

At all those instances, Princess Camelia had only felt utter, revolting disgust at those animalistic sounds, even cursing Alexander and co. as uncultured barbarians.

But now, she kinda wished to it see, if nothing but to sate her curiosity.

She was after all only fourteen years old.

Thus, without knowing what took over her, suddenly the Princess felt an incomparable draw and sneakily tiptoed through the dark corridors over to Alexander’s room, hoping to catch those sounds.

And wouldn’t you know you know it, as she approached, her sharp ears picked up the extremely faint subtle reverberations of what sounded like multiple women squealing and moaning, while a deep manly voice uproariously laughed and grunted.

For the novice Princess, this hidden, never before seen act appeared very tempting, made all the sweeter by the forbiddenness of it all.

Thus very surreptitiously she at first tried to push the door open, hoping to get a glimpse of what was happening.

But she of course failed in that. The door was tightly shut.

Thus she did the next best thing. 𝓵𝓲𝓫𝙧𝓮𝙖𝙙.𝒄𝓸𝙢

She put her ears right next to the door and soon some of those naughty sounds began to filter out.

“Ahhh, Master… kyahhh… too embarrassing! It’s gonna spill”

“*Pah*… *Pah*… daddy… mmmnnn hit me more.”

“Ahhh… no biting… mmmm, my milk… ”

These and other mishmash of words soon assaulted Princess Camelia’s ears and the girl’s face turned crimson.

She definitely caught three distinct feminine voices in there and it made her both wish and dread to see what could be happening to them inside.

However, robbed of that sensation, she then did the next best thing she could, let her imagination go wild.

Although the chaste Princess’s mind could never conjure even a tenth of the depravity going on there.

In the room, accompanying Alexander were all his wives but Cambyses, who had decided to sit this one out since she was feeling a bit under the weather.

Thus, the trio of Gelene, Mean, and Ophenia served Alexander hand on foot.

At one time, Alexander was lying on a completely nude Ophenia’s lap, placing his head on the thick, creamy thighs and suckling on her hanging fruits, drinking the freshly squeezed milk.

While the girl gave him a pleasant handjob by rubbing her hands against the huge, thick organ, making it glisten using the leaking precum like some kind of lotion and teasing her master by calling him various names.

Then at another time, Mean was straddling Alexander in a reverse cowgirl position, letting Alexander turn her small, compact butt peppery red with large, powerful spanks.

In the case of Gelene, she was lifted by Alexander into the air in a child peeing position, and then taking her rear hole, Alexander made her spread her legs to pee into a chamberpot, the discharged liquid making a beautiful arc.

Like this the girls had their desires sated, with Ophenia especially receiving rewards for the sacrifice of giving her spot to Princess Camelia.

Thus Alexander took her multiple times, in all three of the orifices, in various positions, until she was fully stuffed.

And wouldn’t you know it, Princess Camelia got to hear it all, as well as learn so many lewd words she did not know even existed.

There was Mean’s high pitched cry, “Ahhh… Alex… my asspussy… Gelene is speading my asspussy… Can you see it? Is it beautiful?”

There was Gelene’s lascivious appearance, “Yes master! Harder! Destroy my dirty cunt! Crush my pathetic womb! Breed me like I’m your whore!”

And there was Ophenia’s self debashment, “Ahhh! Master! Treat me like a dirty sow. Yes! I’m your pig. Ahhh… my poor clit pussy is gonna be torn off! So good! I’m cumming!”

For the delicate princess, this was all too much, as her ears begun to burn and her lower half soon began to feel tingly.

And as time passed, wouldn’t you know, while her ears remained firmly stuck to the door, one of her hands stealthily made itself down to her groin all by herself, and even before the Princess herself knew what was going on, she started to rub her ‘sore’ spot over clothes, hoping to relieve the itch.

Needless to say, it did not work.

Instead, since Princess Camelia had stayed around that door all the way until the noise died down, constantly imagining what the hell could be happening there, her fingers only got wetter and wetter.

And they resumed getting wetter when the Princess eventually returned to her room, as she found it almost impossible to fall asleep.

Those sounds continued to play inside her head and her lower half continued to feel itchy.

‘Will I also make those sounds? No way right?’ The green girl thus began to touch herself out of instinct simultaneously dreading and looking forward to whatever Alexander was doing in there.

The princess continued to touch and pleasure throughout the night, finding the flashing whites she occasionally got inside her addicting.

Princess Camelia did not know it yet, but she was coming during all those instances.

And so engrossed was she in her discovery that she got very little sleep at little, letting her personal maid have a bit of shock seeing the dark panda-like rings under her mistress’s eyes.

As for Alxx, the next morning he was out visiting one of his newest workshops- the iron workshops, which were primarily run by the blacksmiths he had gotten from Lady Margaret.

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