Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 1172: Attacking Earth

Chapter 1172: Attacking Earth

Pew, Pew, Pew!

As Dormammu’s colossal face materialized and he roared angrily at Lin Rui and his team, the black mist that had previously gathered around him swiftly expanded. Some of the black mist transformed into dark chains, shooting toward Lin Rui’s group.

While Dormammu’s body expanded, the energy attacks that had been targeting him were pushed away. Although his body’s expansion gradually diluted his dark energy, it slowed down the rate at which Lin Rui and his team were consuming it.

Clearly, the shrunken version of Dormammu couldn’t act as recklessly as before under the combined assault of Lin Rui’s team.

When Dormammu’s form suddenly swelled and he took action against Lin Rui’s team, Lin Rui’s group, after a quick consideration, decided not to retreat and instead chose to confront him head-on. They keenly sensed that Dormammu was genuinely less powerful at this moment.

Thus, Lin Rui, enveloped by the intensely compressed azure internal energy field around his body; Iceman Bobby, encased in an absolute ice domain; Thor, covered in purple-blue lightning; and Loki, who could summon massive amounts of ice at a wave of his hand in his Blue Elf form, all collided directly with the four thick, dark energy chains.

In the past, it might have taken just a simple blow for Dormammu to annihilate the four of them. However, at this moment, he could only widen his eyes and watch as Lin Rui’s group forcefully met the attacks from the four dark energy chains. Dormammu’s fraction, for the first time, had a foreboding sensation due to Lin Rui’s group’s outburst.

However, Lin Rui’s group had no concern for Dormammu’s current state. Their sole objective was to use their full strength to hold Dormammu here, and if possible, to defeat him. After confirming that they could indeed contend with the current Dormammu, Lin Rui’s group’s determination was further fortified.

“You ants!” When Lin Rui’s group broke through the four dark energy chains and once again rushed at Dormammu, Dormammu’s mouth moved again. Although he used the same words, his tone was entirely different.

Perhaps Dormammu hadn’t anticipated that his plan to trap Ancient One with his main body while secretly sending a fraction to Earth to consume those people and cause chaos would be thwarted here. The detonation of the two nuclear bombs had already drained a significant amount of Dormammu’s energy for digestion. Now, with Lin Rui’s group unleashing their full power, his dark energy was being rapidly consumed.

If Dormammu continued to be depleted at this rate, his fraction might indeed be worn down to death by Lin Rui’s group here. However, if Dormammu were truly determined, he could still take these people with him.

But then, he’d lose the opportunity to consume Earth. If Ancient One managed to hold off his main body, he might not be able to cross dimensions and arrive on Earth, making his fraction the last hope for this mission.

Therefore, while engaging Lin Rui’s group with his dark energy, Dormammu was also quietly orchestrating other matters. However, Lin Rui’s group was too focused on the battle to notice.

Nonetheless, Lin Rui’s team’s lack of awareness didn’t mean others were oblivious. While Lin Rui’s team was fighting Dormammu in the cosmos between Earth and the Moon, the people remaining inside the E-Grade Spaceship and the Milano had been keeping a close eye on the battlefield. When they saw Lin Rui’s team not only holding their ground against Dormammu but also becoming more aggressive, they were exhilarated.

When Dormammu suddenly erupted and entangled Lin Rui’s group, the people inside the two spaceships noticed that a part of Dormammu’s fraction, manifested as black mist, was quietly spreading toward Earth.

“Bad news! He intends to abandon consuming us and head straight for Earth!” Without J.A.R.V.I.S.’s analysis, Tony had already deduced Dormammu’s plan and shouted it out.

Subsequently, Tony immediately relayed this information to Lin Rui, who was still on the battlefield. Now, the two spaceships, floating at the edge of the battlefield, were powerless to stop Dormammu. Their only option was to rely on the actions of the individuals engaged in the battle.

After sending the message to Lin Rui, Tony had J.A.R.V.I.S. pilot the E-Grade Spaceship, rapidly heading towards Earth. Although they couldn’t prevent Dormammu, returning to Earth was a strategic move. On Earth, they had the home-field advantage and could unleash their full capabilities.

Following the E-Grade Spaceship, the Milano quickly followed suit. For Star-Lord, his homeworld was within reach, and he wouldn’t allow Dormammu to harm Earth.

In this regard, Star-Lord had even contacted his adoptive father, Yondu, who was leading his band of pirates. If Yondu and his crew could arrive in time, they might be able to put up a fight against Dormammu.

While Lin Rui’s team battled Dormammu in the cosmic space between Earth and the Moon, and the E-Grade Spaceship and the Milano rushed back to Earth, the nations and major powers on Earth who were privileged to witness this scene were left stunned.

Since SHIELD had sent the Spaceship back to Earth, numerous “eyes” in Earth’s satellite orbit had been closely monitoring the situation.

Apart from the initial shock caused by the appearance of the two Spaceships that seemed to have come straight out of a science fiction movie, the sudden appearance of the black mist and the explosion of two enhanced nuclear bombs had left the Earth’s “high-ranking” officials dumbfounded.

Before they could fully accept and comprehend the situation before them, the transmitted images from space rapidly changed.

After the two nuclear bombs exploded within the black mist, they seemed to dissipate without unleashing the expected destructive force. Subsequently, these “high-ranking” individuals witnessed the black mist swiftly converging toward the two Spaceships.

Even an average person could deduce that the black mist that had suddenly appeared and now stood before the two Spaceships was undoubtedly a threat.

Moreover, since it remained unscathed after the detonation of two nuclear bombs, Earth’s “high-ranking” officials, all of whom possessed high intelligence, realized that this was indeed a menace from the cosmos. And now, the target of this ominous black mist was the two Spaceships.

“Mr. President, the analysis team has provided results. The black mist is highly likely to be a powerful cosmic lifeform,” An army general reported to the President in a top-secret military base.

“I know! I asked them to analyze how we can resolve this crisis! You’ve been focused on finding ways to defeat the enemy every day, and now, when the threat comes from space, you have no solutions?!” The President scolded upon hearing the general’s report.


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