Chapter 2002: Stimulate her into postpartum depression

Chapter 2002: Stimulate her into postpartum depression


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“Mengmeng, what are you trying to say? don’t worry, think about it slowly, ” Zhan Yang said at this moment. His cold eyes were fixed on ruan Mengmeng, carefully observing the changes in her expression.

Oh my God! ruan Mengmeng raised her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and met Zhan Yang’s concerned gaze. For a moment, she wanted to catch it, but she also missed it.

She shook her head, “I don’t know. I think I suddenly slipped away. I don’t know if I slipped away.”

Ruan Mengmeng furrowed her brows, her crystal clear almond-shaped eyes filled with confusion, as if she had forgotten something important.

Seeing her reaction, Zhan Yang’s deep black eyes flashed with relief.

He gently patted ruan Mengmeng’s head and consoled her, ” “It’s probably because she’s lost too much energy during childbirth. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine after resting for a while. Qianqian, be good and lie down first, then hand the child over to the nurses. You need to rest now.”

“Yes.” Ruan Mengmeng nodded noncommittally. She thought that she was indeed too tired.

Otherwise, why would his head feel so heavy?

The nurses saw that the mother’s condition was not good, so they did not force her to breastfeed. They put the three little angels into the baby cot and were about to push them out.

At this moment, a discordant voice suddenly came from outside the door, ” Oh, it seems that we have come at the wrong time. I see that your family is full of children and grandchildren, looking at me and Jia ‘er. It seems that we have disturbed you? ‘

It was Duan xiuhui and Duan Jia ‘er who had appeared at the door.

Duan xiuhui looked at Zhan Yang, who was protecting ruan Mengmeng, with a cold gaze. Her eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred.

As for Zhan Jia ‘er, who was pushed in in a wheelchair and accompanied by Duan Cheng and khiton, her face was expressionless.

Her complexion was actually much better than-few days ago. The Golden saliva Gu was indeed a good thing, allowing her incomplete heart to gradually recover … However, the premise was that she did not know what kind of price she had to pay in order to obtain such a recovery.

Zhan Jia ‘er’s Black eyes had been fixed on the three strollers ever since she entered the room.

There was no jealousy or hatred in her eyes. The pain she had experienced these days had made her grow rapidly and she had controlled all her emotions.

But even so, her gaze still made people feel cold and terrifying.

“What are you guys doing here?” Zhan Yang’s Black brows furrowed tightly, and a sharp and cold light flashed in his eyes.

It was obvious that he did not welcome Duan xiuhui and Zhan Jia ‘er’s uninvited arrival.

Duan xiuhui laughed. your illegitimate daughter has a child. I should come and take a look. Don’t you think so, hubby? ”

The middle-aged lady’s voice was melodious yet vicious. Her gaze swept past Zhan Yang and landed on ruan Mengmeng’s palm-sized face.

The smile on Duan xiuhui’s lips suddenly deepened, making her look even more malicious.

“Ruan Mengmeng,” She suddenly called out ruan Mengmeng’s name formally. I’m so envious of you.

“To be able to have a child here without knowing it, with the company of a biological father, and having a half-brother to worry about you, you seem to be a winner in life, happy and blissful. However, there’s something very important that you don’t seem to know yet. Yingluo is in the distant s nation, and the life and death of the man you love are unknown.”

“Mom, Mengmeng just gave birth. Now is not the time to talk about this!” Zhan Mo ts expression changed when he heard Duan xiuhui’s words.

He immediately cut off Duan xiuhui’s words and looked at ruan Mengmeng nervouslv. He was afraid that ruan Melumenz would be provoked at this moment.

However, what Zhan mo saw when he looked down was a weak but emotionless little face.

Ruan Mengmeng looked at Duan xiuhui with her bright eyes.

She replied in a sparse and ordinary tone, ” “So, what are you trying to say?”

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