Hitman with a Badass System

Chapter 900 Underwater Slaughter I

In the sea realm, the absence of a sun made it impossible to have a day and night cycle like the one experienced in the realm above. However, the ingenious energy dome surrounding the empires had a remarkable feature that simulated a semblance of day and night. As the glow of the energy dome dimmed, the entire city came alive with shimmering luminescent orbs that emitted a captivating radiance.

After concluding his discussion with Valen, Mutrad bid his personal guards farewell and embarked on a journey to the sea serpent hall. Instead of venturing into the buildings within the energy shield, he chose to explore the vast open underwater landscape. The tranquil and serene environment, with its crystal-clear waters and an endless expanse of flora and fauna, was a feast for his eyes.

As he moved through the cool waters, Mutrad was mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of colors that greeted him at every turn. Schools of brightly colored fish darted around him while delicate coral formations swayed gently in the currents. The majestic sea serpent hall loomed in the distance, its imposing structure a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the sea-dwelling inhabitants.

Silent and swift, Mutrad navigated the murky waters of the ocean depths until he came upon a spectacular coral formation. The soft glow of bioluminescent fish flickered around him, illuminating his path. As he drew near, a hidden cabin within the massive coral structure came into view. It was Mutrad's secret sanctuary, known to no one but himself.

Casting a watchful eye around him, Mutrad approached the cabin with slow and deliberate steps. He paused before the door, checking for any signs of danger before tentatively knocking. The sound echoed eerily through the underwater silence, and to his surprise, the door creaked open on its own, revealing the dimly lit interior of his hidden refuge.

As Mutrad cautiously stepped inside the cabin, he was immediately enveloped in darkness. The only source of light was a small, flickering candle on a rickety old table. The air was musty and filled with the scent of dampness and decay. The sound of water droplets could be heard echoing through the hollow space, a reminder of their deep underwater location. Mutrad's eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light, and he saw the Dark Lord sitting before a large marble table. The table was covered with an array of strange contraptions that emitted an eerie glow, casting shadows that danced ominously on the walls.

Upon entering the dimly lit cabin, a sudden gust of wind slammed the door shut behind him, sealing him inside with the Dark Lord. The flickering candle cast eerie shadows across the room, illuminating strange contraptions scattered across the marble table before the Dark Lord. Mutrad could feel the cold, thick aura emanating from the Dark Lord, sending shivers down his spine. The Dark Lord's upper body was bare, revealing scars and battle marks etched across his muscular frame. He continued to fiddle with the strange devices, paying no attention to Mutrad's arrival. Slowly and cautiously, Mutrad inched his way closer to the intimidating figure before him.

The Spyder hanging from Mutrad's chain quivered with unease, its eight legs wriggling in agitation. From the Spyder, the Dark Lord had seen everything that Mutrad had seen, including Valen's conversation with Gllelus and the theft of the emerald scepter.

"Powerful magic was at play in the theft of the scepter," the Dark Lord's voice was calm yet commanding, filling the silent cabin.

Mutrad was taken aback by the Dark Lord's words, wondering how he knew about the use of magic. Suddenly, the quivering Spyder reminded him that he was always being watched.

A sinister chill filled the cabin as the Dark Lord's voice grew colder. The flickering candles intensified, casting a haunting glow across the room as strange, thick darkness enveloped them.

"Such powerful magic can only be achieved by spilling the blood of a truly powerful being," the Dark Lord's voice echoed menacingly.

Mutrad's heart pounded in his chest as he asked, "Do you mean the spirit child?"

The Dark Lord simply nodded in response, his eyes fixated on the strange contraptions before him.

"You may not be the only one who has lost their artifact. Investigate both the Gladwrath and Bigmag houses to see if they too have suffered a similar loss. The one who still possesses their artifact likely stole the others'," advised the Dark Lord with a sharp gaze.

Mutrad stood there, stunned by the Dark Lord's revelation. As he tried to wrap his head around the situation, the Dark Lord flicked his wrists, summoning two dark swords from the shadows. They flew through the air before landing on the marble table with a clang. The Dark Lord picked up a sharpening stone and began to brush it expertly against one of the blades, causing crimson red lightning bolts to dance and crackle along the black surface.

Despite the impressive display, Mutrad couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. The cabin was oppressively silent, except for the sharpening stone's sound against the blade. The Dark Lord seemed to be waiting for something, and Mutrad's nerves began to prickle with anxiety.

Mutrad was taken aback by the Dark Lord's statement. "That cannot be possible, Ghost. The artifacts are protected by giants. It is impossible for someone to take them without alerting the guardians," Mutrad argued, his voice laced with concern. He couldn't bring himself to address the Dark Lord by his title, especially when he was so disturbed by what he had just heard.

The Dark Lord remained unperturbed. "Yet someone did," he replied calmly.

Mutrad could feel his unease growing. The cabin was eerily silent, with only the sound of the Dark Lord sharpening his blade breaking the stillness. He couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss.

"I suspect it's either the House Gladwrath or the House Bigmag who took the artifact. You didn't agree to serve me out of loyalty but to save your world. So, I'll give you a chance to find out who took the artifact," Ghost said.

Mutrad stood still, his mind racing with the weight of the Dark Lord's words. The silence in the cabin was heavy and suffocating, and Mutrad knew that the Dark Lord was not finished speaking.

"Whoever took the artifacts has Harry," the Dark Lord's voice dripped with killing intent, sending shivers down Mutrad's spine. "If you find them before I do, you will save countless lives. Lives that you have sworn to protect." The Dark Lord's eyes bore into Mutrad's, and he could feel the pressure of the task that had been bestowed upon him.

The Dark Lord set down his sharpening stone and began to strap on the various contraptions scattered across the table. Mutrad watched in awe as the Dark Lord first fastened on a black bracer etched with intricate silver markings: the Mark 3 grappling hook. Next, he slid on a black wrist bracelet, the APD, with a faint sound of needles piercing flesh. Mutrad shuddered at the thought of what it must be doing to the Dark Lord's arm. Finally, the Dark Lord selected a larger wrist bracelet, the Olympus, which resembled a wristwatch with a hole in the center to hold an arch energy crystal. Mutrad knew better than to ask questions and simply observed in silence as the Dark Lord prepared himself for whatever lay ahead. 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Mutrad's eyes widened as he watched the Dark Lord prepare for battle. The sound of clanking metal filled the air as the Dark Lord rose from his chair, his dark armor wrapping around him like a second skin. With a swift motion, he sheathed his dark swords on his back, ready for whatever was to come.

"What's happening?" Mutrad couldn't help but ask, his voice trembling with fear.

The Dark Lord cracked his neck, a low growl escaping his lips. He didn't answer Mutrad's question, but the sudden presence of several powerful beings in the room made it clear that danger was near.

The cabin shook violently as the powerful beings appeared, causing Mutrad to stumble. Panic set in as he realized he couldn't be seen with the Dark Lord. But before he could even voice his concerns, the Dark Lord simply snapped his fingers, and the flickering candle was snuffed out, plunging the room into complete darkness.

Mutrad's heart raced with fear as he heard the sounds of the powerful beings drawing closer. "How did they find this place?" he asked the Dark Lord in a trembling voice.

The Dark Lord turned to him with a cold gaze "You should choose your confidants more carefully, Mutrad. Cowards are not to be trusted with important matters," he sneered.

As the Dark Lord spoke those words, Mutrad couldn't help but think of Dillon. He was the one trusted to accompany the Dark Lord and guide him through this world, yet the moment the fighting started with Tertis and his group, Dillon fled from the tavern and disappeared without a trace. Mutrad could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he realized he may have made a grave mistake in placing his trust in Dillon.

He was the only other person who knew about the cabin's existence and the Dark Lord's presence there. The realization hit Mutrad like a ton of bricks - Dillon had betrayed him. Mutrad's fists clenched with anger as he thought about the coward who had betrayed him in a time like this. The sense of betrayal cut deep, and Mutrad vowed to teach Dillon a lesson if he had survived the Dark Lord's wrath, although he doubted he would.


Mutrad's attempt to stop the Dark Lord was cut short as the cabin suddenly shook violently. Before he could even finish his sentence, a deafening explosion echoed through the room, shattering everything into oblivion. Mutrad felt himself being thrown backward by the force of the blast, his body slamming against the coral walls. The world spun around him as he tried to regain his bearings, his ears ringing from the explosion. Through the smoke and debris, he could see the silhouette of the Dark Lord, standing calmly amidst the chaos.

The force of the explosion knocked Mutrad off his feet, sending him tumbling through the water. As the sea water rushed in, Mutrad struggled to maintain consciousness. His vision blurred as he felt the cool embrace of the water surround him. Suddenly, a strong hand gripped his shoulder, pulling him upwards. Mutrad winced as he felt a sharp sting in his shoulder, like a needle piercing his skin. The pain quickly faded, and Mutrad's vision cleared, allowing him to see his surroundings clearly.

Mutrad's vision slowly cleared as he found himself floating beside the Dark Lord in the midst of the dark, endless sea. He realized with a start that a crimson-red, translucent shield surrounded them, protecting them from the crushing pressure of the deep waters. The shield shimmered with a pulsating energy, creating an eerie glow that illuminated their surroundings. Mutrad couldn't help but feel a sense of awe mixed with fear as he gazed upon the shield's power, wondering how the Dark Lord managed to create such a powerful spell.

As Mutrad gazed out through the crimson shield, his heart sank at the sight that greeted him. Dark, ominous figures shrouded in a thick, black mist floated menacingly in the water around them. The mist was so thick that Mutrad couldn't see their faces or even determine their race.

Amidst them, he spotted three individuals whose aura radiated an immense and sinister power, indicating that they were at the pinnacle of the Immortal stage. Their eyes burned with a fierce intensity, and their bodies rippled with otherworldly energy that made the water around them churn and boil.

The group's sheer power and malevolent intent were palpable, sending shivers down Mutrad's spine. Their sole purpose seemed to be to kill the Dark Lord, and Mutrad knew that they wouldn't hesitate to crush anyone who stood in their way.

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