Hokage Master

Chapter 360: Good Slave

Chapter 360: Good Slave

Although the method of submission is not very humane, but, oddly enough, it worked!

Hidden Rock Village:

+ 5,000 respect

+ 25 submission

General Subordination – 796

While en route, Naruto added the village to the list, and after Yagura’s submission, the notification was not long in coming.

“Hmm, that’s not exactly an answer, but… I think that’s understandable.

Logically, if we take personal submission, then Yagura, by virtue of his absolute obedience, should give a hundred, but if he gave only twenty-five points, then there are only two options left. If Kage is fifty, then Hai is naturally the remaining twenty-five. Then, and only then, Naruto’s theory will be fully confirmed, and he will be able to clearly work against the clans, ignoring personalities from outside. He will only have to take care of all the leaders in his village. It’s better to start with Tsume and solve the problem of power-reputation. If Kiba turns out to be unimportant, then everything will be decided – there will be a clear way to get obedience points.

The second option is more problematic… If the Kage doesn’t give fifty points like it was supposed to, which Naruto really didn’t doubt given Ino’s situation, then a fourth would be required… This would result in a search problem. Although, this is unlikely.

In any case, it was worth dealing with Yamakage more, and then everything would become clear for sure.

“I’m wondering… What’s the point of being respectful? Is this some kind of trust? Naruto has been thinking about this for a long time. Although, not that it was that important… The main submission.

“Ino for five points gave a whole two thousand respect, and this old man for twenty-five points much less… Hmm, so be it…”

After some thought, Naruto returned his attention to his slave and coldly ordered:

– Sprain your finger…

And without a moment’s hesitation, Yagura carried out the order!

After a characteristic crunch, his little finger arched at an unusual angle.

Not bad…

– Take it back.

Another clear movement and the little finger returned to normal.

“Well, okay…” Naruto waved his hand and turned away. It didn’t make much sense, just a bit of fun. Dislocate your finger and a fool can…

“So what now?”

He thought a little, and then suddenly grinned rapaciously, turning to the old man:

– Do you have daughters?

— No, Boss. Yagura answered meekly.

– Yes? Naruto grimaced in disappointment, “Sorry… You should have tried harder.” Find yourself a normal girl and make me a couple of concubines.

– Will be done. Starkey bowed.

How seriously he takes everything…

“Hmm, never mind,” Naruto waved his hand with a grin, “Do whatever you want… Waiting for the kids to grow up is too boring.”

Something else to check…

Submission can be experienced later, the opportunity will be perfect, but now…

Test time!

– Think about your behavior.

And at the same moment…

— Haaaaaa!

An anguished scream echoed through the room. The command worked perfectly!

– Worthy…

Yagura writhed in agony on the floor, gritting his teeth and screaming. His eyes almost burst with pain! Terrible pain impulses pierced his entire body, flying straight from the brain.

Naruto sat down next to him and nodded calmly.

“Everything works perfect here…”

He looked at other people’s suffering as if admiring the death of an insignificant ant…

“Okay… You are forgiven.

If so, then you can finish.

There was no point in sitting in one place for a long time and chatting in vain. If the slave is submissive, then this is already good. But since Yagura had no daughters, and his wife was an old woman, he was of little use. He’s just a small test subject, all his value is obedience points. Otherwise, only Yamakage can benefit. Here you can chat with him, but here … Nothing special.

Thus, after carrying out a couple more orders and giving one very important one, Naruto removed the seals, erased all traces of himself and quickly left the village. He wanted to get home as soon as possible, but before that, he needed to do one last thing. Yagura will play his part and this boring adventure will finally end.

It’s good to be away, but the most beautiful women were waiting for him at home …


It was getting light. The red rays of the rising sun sparkled playfully, making their way through the rocks and mountains.

Naruto sat on a small rock and calmly waited for prey. Before leaving, he gave an order to the slave and soon he would bring his friends to him.

“Haa… it’s starting to get annoying…”

Sitting alone and waiting was his least favorite thing to do. But, there’s nothing to be done… It was worth finishing what you came for.

Over the past time, the Hokage had already managed to take a nap and set a small fuin trap, but now he was bored and considered his status.

Naruto Uzumaki

Race: Superior Human

Status: Seventh Hokage, Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails, Patriarch Uzumaki, Senjutsu of the Six Paths, Descendant of Otsutsuki, Child of Prophecy, Savior of This World, Asura Reincarnation, System Master, Law Toucher, Master of the Elements, Ancient Genes.

Fully subordinated:

Girls: Shizune, Hinata, Himawari, Sarada, Tenten.


Chakra (G), Physical Strength (ZZZ), Endurance (ZZZ), Talent (ZZZ), Agility (ZZZ), Fortitude (ZZZ), Ninjutsu (ZZZ), Taijutsu (ZZZ), Senjutsu (ZZZ), Willpower (ZZZ ), Chakra Control (ZZZ), Five Elements (Z), Transformation (Z), Yin-Yang Release (SSS), Fuinjutsu (SS), Charm (SS), Morale (SS), Accuracy (SS), Lava Release (SS), Boil Release (SS), Magnet Release(SS), Ash Release(SS), Speed Release(SS), Darkness Release(SS), Ice Release(SS)…

Spiritual Abilities:

Perfect Law (D), Supreme Sealing Law (D), Essence Condensation Law (D).

“Crazy…” Naruto drawled mockingly.

The change in status did little to boost his ego. A whole bunch of elements, skills … All this was due to awards, he himself did not train much, so nothing really changed.

Beautiful and just…

Out of boredom, he had already begun to evaluate his successes with women, when he suddenly got distracted:

– Hm?

Three people were moving in his direction, and at a fairly decent speed.

“Finally…” Naruto slowly got up and then walked into the shadows. Yagura obeyed the order and led this pair right into his hands!

“Good worker…”

That’s all. One has only to end them and it will be possible to return.

Tsunade must have been waiting…

“I wonder if Sakura will do something? I didn’t seem to have a weak influence on her … “Naruto was interested in this moment as well. After all, that was his original plan. Sasuke is too stubborn and self-confident. He is ready to sacrifice even relationships with his family, for the sake of his goal. Such a price will definitely cost him dearly. What will Sakura’s reaction be?

It may not be so obvious, but… After returning, all the answers will be revealed, but now…

The three silhouettes quickly crossed the canyon and stopped next to a small ridge of sharp rocks.

Yagura moved ahead, I was followed by two…

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