Hunter Academy: Revenge of the Weakest

Chapter 309 73.2 - Two Sides

”Hello.” Sylvie entered the room, her face looking a little more tired than usual.

“Hello.” Astron greeted her back with a subtle nod, leaning to the wall. In his hands was the book he had recently brought from the library.

“What are you reading?” She asked while naturally sitting down beside him. Normally, she would be with the other club members, but right now, she wasn’t in the mood to have loud talks with her friends.

“It is a book about Psychology and Mind Magic,” Astron replied without raising his head from the book.

“Hmm?” Pondering about the previous times, she thought.

‘When did he start showing interest in Psychology? I hadn’t seen him studying it before.’

Just as she asked herself, she heard his voice. “I just recently started.”


“It is not that hard to notice what you think.”

Sylvie leaned back against the wall, her eyes fixed on the cover of the book. “Mind Magic, huh? That sounds interesting. What made you decide to delve into psychology?”

Astron closed the book and set it aside, his piercing gaze meeting Sylvie’s. “I’ve found that understanding the intricacies of the mind can be beneficial in various situations. It provides insight into human behavior and motivations, aiding in decision-making.” Googlᴇ search NovᴇlFirᴇ(.)nᴇt

‘Is it really, though?’

From the moment that Astron woke up in that Phantom’s Land, Sylvie had noticed that she was no longer able to see his emotions underneath. Previously, she could still see some faltering emotions behind that grey barrier, but now it was completely grey.

Sylvie tilted her head, a curious expression on her face. “So, you’re studying it for practical reasons?” She asked, looking for a possible clue.

Astron nodded. “Practicality is crucial. It allows one to navigate through the complexities of relationships and interactions more effectively.”

But, she found none. Astron’s expression was very hard to read, and an inexperienced person like her wasn’t someone to see through him.

‘It is a bit funny, though.’

Chuckling, she said, “Well, you’ve always been a practical person. But isn’t psychology also about emotions and feelings?”

“That is right.”

“Then, maybe I can also try to learn about it.”

Now that he had mentioned it, Sylvie thought about her powers. She had been using them to see the emotions of the other parties before her, but rather than studying them, she instinctively used those powers.

It was like she knew how to interpret colors and which emotions they represented, but at the same time, she lacked the knowledge to observe what those emotions meant.

Astron glanced at Sylvie, his eyes narrowing slightly. “For which reason?”

Sylvie, caught off guard by the directness of his question, instinctively averted her gaze. “Oh, you know, it just seems interesting. Understanding why people feel the way they do could be useful, right?”

Astron’s gaze lingered on her for a moment, his analytical mind likely processing the underlying motive behind her sudden interest.

‘He didn’t notice it, right?’

Sylvie felt a twinge of nervousness but maintained a composed exterior. At least she tried to. But from the eyes of a person like Astron, her attempts just looked childish. Even at first glance, he could see that she was trying to make up an excuse.

“It is indeed interesting,” Astron acknowledged, feigning ignorance. “The intricacies of human emotions can be quite fascinating to explore.”

Sylvie nodded, relieved that her excuse seemed to pass muster. “Exactly! And who knows, it might help me be more understanding in my interactions.” She said, then mumbled. “And to be able to protect myself….”

Astron raised an eyebrow, hearing Sylvie mumbling. He thought, ‘She is slowly understanding the world and her powers.’

Though Sylvie started as a naïve girl who always wanted to stay back and watch, slowly, she was taking the reigns on her hands.

‘That is good. The faster she is, the better. I don’t know how long the academy will be stable like this.’

Sooner or later, the academy was bound to be drowned in chaos. Many powers were converging here; many interests were taking place. Though it may not have looked like that so far, the inner clashes between human factions were arguably more dangerous than the attacks of demons. Since the former didn’t have that many restrictions in terms of domains.

Just as Sylvie and Astron were talking further, the door opened once again, and all eyes turned towards the entrance. The overseer of the History and Arts Club, Gloria Hull, made her entrance.

Gloria exuded an air of elegance as she stepped into the Multipurpose Hall. Her attire spoke of professionalism, and her confident demeanor resonated with authority. The club members quickly straightened up, acknowledging her presence.

“Good morning, everyone,” Gloria greeted with a warm smile, her eyes scanning the room. “I hope you’re all in good spirits today.”

“Good morning, Overseer.” the club members chorused in response, standing up as a sign of respect for the overseer they had never seen before.

‘Interesting. Is this her passive skill?’

However, Astron noticed the change in the atmosphere instantly. The reactions the students gave weren’t natural, especially to someone they were supposed to see for the first time.

It was evident that they instantly understood who this person entering was without her introducing herself clearly, and that wasn’t something that naturally happened.

Gloria Hull acknowledged the nods from Maya and Amelia with a subtle smile before addressing the gathered members. Her eyes carried a depth of experience, and her voice commanded attention.

“I’m Overseer Gloria Hull, and I’m delighted to be here with all of you today.” She said that, but her eyes held a little annoyance.

‘I guess this is her way of saying you shouldn’t have made such events so that the academy didn’t need to make me interfere with the club works.’ Astron thought.

“I’ve heard about the remarkable activities and discussions that take place within the History and Arts Club, and I must say, it’s truly an honor to be a part of such a vibrant community.”

‘I have been made to hear about all those things you did in the Western Uxbridge and events that had taken place there. It is truly a waste of time to be a part of a bunch of children’s play.’

The members listened intently, their initial awe gradually turning into curiosity. Gloria’s presence seemed to evoke a sense of respect and intrigue.

“I’ve been following your endeavors closely, and it’s evident that this club is filled with talented and passionate individuals. I believe in fostering an environment where creativity and intellectual curiosity can flourish,” Gloria continued, her gaze sweeping across the room.

‘Now, I am forced to follow your club’s process closely, and it is evident that all of you are a bunch of troublemakers. And now, I became your babysitter this morning.’

Astron continued to interpret the true meaning of her words in his mind. Though, he also knew the overseer wasn’t to blame for having such thoughts. Considering that most of the instructors were just overseers on paper, comparing herself to them, she was now wasting her weekend time overseeing the activities of a bunch of children.

After acknowledging the club’s achievements, Gloria Hull’s expression softened slightly as she transitioned to the reason for her presence.

“As I’ve observed your past activities, it’s clear that the History and Arts Club has primarily focused on historical studies,” Gloria remarked, her tone measured yet discerning. “While history is undoubtedly a rich tapestry of human experiences, I believe that exploring other forms of art can enrich our understanding even further. This is what the name ‘Art’ is for, right?”

Her words carried a subtle implication that the club’s previous focus might have been too narrow.

‘Next time, don’t make the excuse of looking for historical things for me and sit down.’

Astron, attuned to the nuances of communication, recognized the underlying message.

“I propose that we broaden our horizons by incorporating discussions and activities related to various art forms,” Gloria suggested, her gaze sweeping across the room to gauge the members’ reactions. “Art, in its myriad forms, offers unique insights into culture, society, and human expression.”

Astron could sense the shift in the club’s dynamics as Gloria Hull outlined her vision. It was evident that she sought to challenge the status quo and encourage the members to explore a different part.

‘Art….Is she somehow an expert in a form of art? That is possible.’

If the overseer was forced to intervene in the affairs of the club from now on, then it meant she would be spending her time. In that case, it was always better to do something she was good at or she loved to do.

“As an initial step, I suggest we delve into dancing,” Gloria continued, her voice resonating with conviction. “Dance, like history, is a reflection of our collective heritage and individual creativity. By embracing this art form, we not only honor our past but also celebrate the diversity of human expression.”

Her proposal hung in the air, awaiting the club members’ response. Astron observed the room, noting the varying reactions among the members.

Maya raised her hand, a thoughtful expression on her face. Gloria Hull acknowledged her, and Maya spoke up, “Overseer Hull, while I appreciate the idea of incorporating various art forms, wouldn’t delving into dancing be a bit too profound for our club? We’ve mostly focused on the historical aspects, and dancing seems like an entirely different realm. Additionally, we lack the expertise or a dedicated teacher for such a pursuit.”

Gloria Hull’s smile widened, displaying a subtle confidence. “An astute observation, President Maya.” She said, emphasizing the word president.

‘She is saying, if not for your lack of planning as a president, none of those would happen’.

Gloria continued her words. “However, I believe that students who constantly utilize their bodies for training and combat possess a unique advantage when it comes to dance. The coordination and discipline required in both areas share common ground. As for the lack of a dedicated teacher, fear not. I happen to be one of the most recognized dancers in the Human domain.”

A murmur of surprise and intrigue rippled through the club members. They hadn’t anticipated their overseer to have such credentials. Gloria’s words carried weight, and her assurance addressed the concerns raised by Maya.

“Dance is a form of expression that transcends boundaries, and I am confident that with the right guidance, each one of you can discover the joy and significance it brings,” Gloria continued. “Consider this not just an exploration of a new art form but an opportunity to unlock a different facet of your own capabilities.”

Maya, nodding thoughtfully, seemed to absorb Gloria’s words, but she could no longer refute them.


Gloria Hull clapped her hands, the sharp sound cutting through the room. “Excellent observations and questions, everyone. Now, before we dive into this new venture, does anyone have further inquiries or concerns?”

The room remained silent, the members seeming to digest the information. No hands were raised, and it appeared Gloria had addressed their uncertainties adequately.

“Very well,” Gloria said, standing up with grace. Her eyes surveyed the room with a warm smile. “Let’s embark on this journey together. Shall we begin with the pairing of partners?”

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