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Chapter 767 - Chapter 767: Everything Is Within His Grasp!

Chapter 767: Everything Is Within His Grasp!

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Could Bro Chen handle Shen Ruojing and the Chu family on his own? Was it really possible?

Lu Cheng didn’t say a word and quickly drove to the hospital.

Upon entering the ward, he saw that Chu Cichen had already woken up in agony.

Pulmonary fibrosis made every breath a torment for him. He sat up on the hospital bed, and as soon as he saw Lu Cheng, he spoke directly, “Did you go find Jingling?”

Lu Cheng recounted everything that had happened in the Chu family and Song Chen’s threats.

Unable to hold back his emotions, he said, “Boss, do you really want to let such a treacherous man protect Lord Jing?”

“Well,” Chu Cichen coughed and continued, “I don’t believe in him, but I believe in the me from six years ago.”

Chu Cichen was the kind of person who would love someone for a lifetime.

Just like his obsession with 518 in the past, it made him unable to accept Shen Ruojing, who gave birth to three children for him, until he later found out that Shen Ruojing was 518.

Only then did he let go of his concerns.

He believed that the him from six years ago would never forget 518, no matter what happened. He would never give up on 518.

He was like that, and so was Song Chen.

Chu Cichen lowered his gaze and pondered for a moment before saying, “Before that… I’ll transfer you to Europe. From now on, you’ll stay in Europe and never come back.”

Lu Cheng’s eyes instantly turned red. He understood that the boss was protecting him.

In the future, only he and Song Chen would know that Song Chen was Song Chen, not Chu Cichen.

Following Song Chen’s approach, he would undoubtedly eliminate him as a witness. And when he went to Europe, Chu Cichen would hand over a portion of his power to him. From then on, he and Song Chen would have no connection.

Song Chen shouldn’t take such a big risk to kill him.

A choked voice came from Lu Cheng’s throat, and he cried while lowering his head, “Boss, 1… I’ll troubled you to worry about me.”

“It’s what I should do,” Chu Cichen said lightly. “As long as you call me boss, I will plan for your future.”

Lu Cheng cried even harder, and his shoulders trembled.

Chu Cichen struggled to sit up and patted his shoulder. “From now on, don’t provoke him.”

“Okay.” Lu Cheng cried even more like a weeping child. “Boss, rest assured, I’ll stay in the hospital from now on and accompany you. 1 won’t go anywhere!”

Chu Cichen smiled. “Good brother, thank you for accompanying me on this last journey.”

Upon hearing this gratitude, Lu Cheng felt even more like crying. The boss had prepared an escape route for everyone, but he never considered that the person he loved the most couldn’t be by his side in his final moments…

At this moment, Song Chen was in the office of Chu Corporation, Chu Cichen’s office.

Sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window on the top floor, he looked down on the surrounding buildings like a ruling king.

Song Chen enjoyed this feeling very much because for the past six years, he had lived like a rat underground, never seeing the light.

However, from now on, he could openly become Chu Cichen, live out his life, have a lover, have children, have a family, have brothers and sisters…

Song Chen savored this moment!

He sat back in the boss chair and suddenly got up to open the floor-to-ceiling window.

The window could only be opened a small crack, but the wind at such a height was strong, blowing in and giving him a clear-headed feeling.

This ethereal sensation made him extremely comfortable!

In the future, the entire world would be his. As for Chu Cichen… he would die!

At this thought, Song Chen’s lips curled into a sinister smile. Thinking of his initial plan, he felt a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

He lured Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen to that passage in Country Y, leaving them with two oxygen masks and intentionally damaging one of them.

Using psychological manipulation, he claimed that he did it to prove that he loved Shen Ruojing more than Chu Cichen, so he rushed into the poisonous fog to save the two elders. It was all to provoke Chu Cichen’s competitive spirit!

Indeed, men were like that.

Chu Cichen was surely competing with him in his heart, wanting to find an opportunity to prove that he loved Shen Ruojing more than Song Chen.

So, when they were in the passage and he discovered that Shen Ruojing’s oxygen tank was broken, he would selflessly offer his own oxygen mask. Shen Ruojing wouldn’t be in danger, but he… would die!!

Originally, Song Chen thought that if Chu Cichen died, he could take advantage of the situation and accompany Shen Ruojing. He believed that without Chu Cichen in this world, Shen Ruojing would definitely consider him a substitute. He could be by Shen Ruojing’s side just like six years ago…

Yes, everything was planned by Song Chen! From the moment Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen set foot on the land of Country Y, they fell into his trap!

The high-speed car chase, the hasty actions, and the psychological warfare were all set up by him! His sole purpose was to kill Chu Cichen!

He succeeded!

When Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen emerged from the explosion and when he saw Chu Cichen’s unsteady legs and the faint bluish color on his lips, he knew he had succeeded!

To ensure Chu Cichen’s death, he had specifically injected an incurable poison into that cave!

Afterward, he secretly followed them to the capital, intending to wait for Chu Cichen to die from the poison… But he never expected Chu Cichen to be so foolish. Instead of suspecting him, Chu Cichen found him and made him become Chu Cichen….

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