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Chapter 2244 - Chapter 2244: The Ancient Martial Arts of Acupoint Piercing Technique (2)

Chapter 2244: The Ancient Martial Arts of Acupoint Piercing Technique (2)

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Light entered from the outside world.

The passers-by on the long street looked over in surprise.

Amid the collapsed walls, Feng Xiao wiped the blood from his left ear and started to tremble.

He had been sent flying by Ghostface’s kick and had almost hit the tip of someone’s sword when he had just returned! However…

Feng Xiao trembled, not because he was afraid.

It was because he saw the person who had sent him flying earlier, the guard!

And the sword style that the sickly young master’s guard had directed at Ghostface’s palm!

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword…”

Feng Xiao appeared to have seen a ghost. “How did you know the complete version of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword?!”

The expressions of the passers-by on the long street in the Yougui Pavilion perked up.

The people of the Central Region might not feel anything for the new Seven Sword Deity, but they were familiar with the Eighth Sword Deity.

The 10 Sections of the Finger Sword was Bazhun’an’s famous technique.

It wasn’t a force to be reckoned with on its own. What stood out was the user’s comprehension of the Way of the Sword and the concept of this move.

It was rumored that those who had mastered the 10 Sections of the Finger

Sword had a chance to comprehend the foundation of the Penetrating Divine Senses 2.0 sword cognition.

This naturally made people very excited!

However, after Bazhun’an’s ‘fall’, the world could not find the complete version of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword, because the Eighth Sword Deity was too lazy to teach his disciples.

And now, someone in the Yougui Pavilion had used the complete version of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword? “Who was it!”

“Was there a battle inside?”

“Heh, what a coincidence! I usually don’t have money to patronize the Yougui Pavilion. Today, the door opened to welcome me. Let me take a good look… F*ck, Ghost God gang?”

“We’d better run!”

In the midst of the battle, Old Ghostface ignored the bystanders. He was only shocked by the pain in his palm and the coldness on his back.

He could not believe that he could still be injured after he activated the Fluctuating Ray.

Such a finger and such a Point of Path move was definitely a masterpiece. This ancient swordsman was not something that Feng Xiao, a half-baked person, could compare to!

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword…”

“This Xu Gusheng is from the Central Region’s Burial Sword Tomb. The Burial Sword Tomb belongs to Wen Ting. Wen Ting and Bazhun’an are good friends…”

Old Ghostface was surprised that he had bumped into a true ancient swordsman’s successor, and it was only a guard. However, once the battle started, he had no intention to dodge.

“Sun Opening! ”

With another shout, Old Ghostface’s shirt ripped apart. His blood and Qi flowed rapidly throughout his body, and half of his body was wounded and in searing pain.

As his precious body erupted with a multicolored glow, one could vaguely see the acupuncture points all over his body that emitted a piercing light.

Amidst the crackling sounds of bones snapping, a thunderous roar erupted from Old Ghostface’s throat. The Qi and blood in his body surged and his agonized cries rang out.


After the power of his palm was exhausted, it actually took root amid the qi. With a bang, it forced the sickly young master’s guard to take three steps back.

“Da da da.”

Old Ghostface pushed his opponent back with a palm strike, and he was also pushed back half a step by the sword finger. After he calmed down, there was still a shocked look in his eyes.

Was this also the power of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword?

It actually contained some of the Body Technique’s Recoil… That Bazhun’an really lived up to his reputation!

“The second true body was knocked back?”

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou who held the two girls, looked back in surprise as if he had seen a monster.

This was his second true body, that was as strong as a Holy Emperor Lv.o. Its strength was equivalent to half of his true body with the support of various treasures, foreign objects, and strange forces.

Even if he didn’t use his strength, he had always been able to send a person flying. Now, he had been forced back.

Didn’t this mean that Old Ghostface’s physical strength was terrifyingly strong?

“The Divine…”

“Godhood called a god at the gates of hell…” “Ghost God gang, Second Leader, Ghostface…”

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought.

He had once inquired about the Body Technique, but after he failed to find any results, he found an opportunity to ask Bazhun’an.

Bazhun’an had once said that the Divine’s Body Technique was not like his; that it only had a ‘body’ and no ‘technique’.

His main cultivation was a method of acupoint stimulation and was known as ‘ancient martial arts’.

This ancient martial arts was related to the ancient swordsman.

The latter was purely based on the talent of enlightenment, and if one couldn’t comprehend it, then they couldn’t comprehend it. The former directly relied on the body’s aptitude, and if they couldn’t cultivate it, they would die.

As a result, it was very rare, and its legacy was almost extinct. It was even rarer than dragons and phoenixes, and there were only a few of them in the entire continent.

Even Bazhun’an, who was familiar with ancient martial arts, understood that apart from The Divine, within the Holy Divine Palace, there was a Physique Division within a group of six divisions.

However, the inheritance of the Physique Division was even more splintered. It was only because The Divine had succeeded that they took him seriously. This was naturally different from the fierce person at the Gates of Hell who called himself a friend of God.

It was obvious that Old Ghostface had followed The Divine for a long time. He had practiced real ancient martial arts that was the method of acupoint stimulation and the art of the Body Technique

“Sir, you have good swordsmanship. May I know how I should address you?”

Old Ghostface temporarily stopped his attack. He looked at his healed palm and the sickly young master’s guard in shock.

The power still burned within his body. His face was red and the veins on his forehead bulged. It was because of his curiosity that he suppressed his desire to fight.

The sickly young master’s guard remained silent.

The sickly young master used his folding fan to knock the back of his guard’s head rudely. “He’s famous.”

“Young Master Xu, is this how you treat your subordinates?” Old Ghostface’s eyes narrowed and his tone was unfriendly.

His gaze shifted again. “With such astonishing attainments in the Ancient

Sword Technique, my brother can still fight for the rank of the new Seven

Sword Deity. Why would he be willing to be inferior to others?”

At this moment, Old Ghostface could clearly see his brother, who was dressed in battle uniform and looked like a puppet, tremble. He raised his head, and his eyes glowed with a faint light.

This gaze was so familiar!

Longing, yearning, desire for the future and light… When he was young, didn’t he also have this light in his eyes?

However, the sickly young master gently tapped his fan on the man’s head and the light faded as he lowered his head..

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