I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 50 - The Little Cutie Is Always Right

Chapter 50: The Little Cutie Is Always Right

Sheng Tianci could not bear to see Su Jiu cry. He became anxious and scolded his nephew, “You brat! Look at what you’ve done!”

Sheng Zhiyan wriggled around and told Sheng Tianci to put him down. Then, he grabbed Su Jiu’s hand and said with a guilty expression, “Little Jiu, I’m not angry at you. It was my fault.”

“It’s good that you’re not angry.” Su Jiu lowered her voice and whispered, “Big brother, that boy doesn’t want to pick trash. However, his mother is sick and needs a lot of money for treatment. He can only pick trash to earn money. We shouldn’t mock him. Instead, we should help him, right?”

Looking at her fair, pretty face, which was just inches away from him, Sheng Zhiyan vigorously nodded. “You’re right!”

You’re so cute that everything you say is right!

Rong Si still stood there motionlessly. When he saw Sheng Zhiyan grab Su Jiu’s hand, his eyes dimmed. The disappointment in his heart became stronger. She should be playing with a boy like him. What am I in comparison to him?

He turned around to leave, but Su Jiu quickly called out to him, “Big Brother!”

Rong Si stopped in his tracks.

Su Jiu ran over and flashed a grin at him. “Big Brother, you’re not a beggar, and you’re not dirty at all. My daddy says that you’re an obedient child as you earn money to support your mom. I also want to earn money to support my daddy. I should be learning from you.”

As he looked at her bright smile, Rong Si was stunned.

Does she really not despise me?

Before he could say anything, Su Jiu grabbed his hand. However, Rong Si instinctively wanted to pull his hand back.

My hands are so dirty from picking trash, yet she’s holding them?

Su Jiu did not let go of him. Instead, she dragged him toward Sheng Tianci, raised her head, and pleaded, “Uncle, let’s help this big brother.”

Sheng Tianci scrutinized Rong Si. Suddenly, he thought that although this child was wearing an old short-sleeved shirt and blue trousers and was skinny, he was quite handsome. He even exuded an extraordinary aura that no other children had. When he grows up, he would definitely charm a lot of girls.

However, the child lived in such a place and had to pick trash for a living. How pitiful! He probably has never even attended a kindergarten!

Sheng Tianci bent down and asked, “Little kid, how much do you need? I can help you.”

Rong Si cautiously looked at Su Shengjing, then at Su Jiu. His attention was still focused on her hand, which was grabbing his.

It was the first time a child was willing to hold his hand. He could not describe how he felt, but he knew that he did not hate it.

In fact… he was a bit happy.

Su Jiu thought that Rong Si was too embarrassed to borrow money from Sheng Tianci, so she moved closer to him and whispered in his ear, “Big Brother, this uncle is a good person. If you really need money, you can ask him for help. Trust me.”

As she spoke, her warm breath puffed against Rong Si’s ears. Rong Si could even smell her sweet fragrance.

Rong Si felt his ears instantly heat up. He quickly shuffled away and looked up at Sheng Tianci. “Can you really lend me money?”

When Sheng Tianci saw how Rong Si looked at him in a manner that was neither servile nor haughty, he felt that this kid was an extraordinary person. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Of course! I’m super rich. How much do you want to borrow?”

Rong Si’s lips twitched. With much hesitation, he uttered, “Twenty thousand.”

This was what the doctor had told him. The doctor had said that his mother had a very serious stomach problem. On top of that, she was anemic and undernourished, which made her health extremely poor. If she did not undergo the surgery, the consequences might be dire.

The cost of the surgery and the hospitalization fee would be at least twenty thousand dollars. However, Rong Si’s family could not even afford two hundred dollars, let alone twenty thousand.

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