I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1766 "Corporate Faction Vs Start-Up Faction"

Chapter 1766 "Corporate Faction Vs Start-Up Faction"

"The Aretha siblings joined an old corporate faction which required all members to have personally get into touch with sacred beasts or something like that."

Arlin clicked her tongue when she mentioned this strange faction called the 'Sacred Beast' Admirers'.

This faction sounded like a silly one, but it was an old faction with the members having gotten into touch with many sacred beasts or even made contracts with sacred beasts.

This faction was not limited to people from the Godlif Country and the faction even had many non-human race members.

"Many corporate factions also have exclusive members such as a specific race or something."

Usually, this kind of faction looked down on human beings, but many young non-human races had more tolerance for human beings and as the era became more modern...

Many non-human races blended with human beings in the academy and only the stubborn old-minded specific race faction still held this contempt.

"I heard that corporate factions usually have several instructors as their faction supervisors and big corporate factions even have special instructors as the faction supervisor."

The faction supervisors never meddled with students' matters, but they usually had some rivalries with fellow faction supervisors.

It was just a fight between several instructors who wanted to brag about their students.

There were popular instructors and non-popular ones.

There were special instructors who had cultivated excellent personal disciples and there were others who never took personal disciples.

All instructors should be fair to the students but the special instructors had the privilege to take several personal disciples where they could give these disciples more guidance than in classrooms.

"I've never seen special instructors before, but the seniors said that special instructors only teach college students...."

Arlin let out a sigh while still having the gossiping expression on her face.

"I did hear that many special instructors chose personal disciples when the disciples were still in elementary school, junior or senior high school, though."

Listening to Arlin, it was clear that Arlin was also one of many students who dreamed of becoming a special instructor's personal disciple.

Many of those personal disciples are usually special admission students and they become the head of various factions.


Either corporate factions or start-up factions.

Anyway, the status of a personal disciple was far ahead of special admission students.

After all, the majority of personal disciples were special admission students, but not all special admission students could be personal disciples.

Ainsley listened to Arlin's basic popularization about the Elton Academy with relish.

She really knew too little about the Elton academy and now, someone told her all about the basic knowledge and also some hidden facts.

Arlin was an easy-going person and she had many friends in her grade.

She even had a good relationship with seniors, which made her close to a 'paparazzi' who knew a lot of things about the Elton Academy.

"It's not as if there has never been a fight between senior and junior, but usually, the seniors in that junior's faction would come out to protect their faction member and the fight would become faction battles in the end."

Arlin told Ainsley about some factions that she should never 'offend' if she wanted to live a calm academy life, but if she wanted to seek excitement and create waves, it was indeed good to challenge those established factions.

"Some factions have been there for hundreds of years. The members have all changed over the years, but their foundation is there and these ancient factions are the giants in Elton Academy."

Almost all ancient factions were corporate factions and not many ancient factions were created by start-up factions.

After all, compared to 'old newcomers', people who had been together for years as childhood friends would have a stronger bond and connection.

The ancient factions were usually race-specific factions, but nowadays, their momentum was not as good as their predecessors because world peace also weakened people's strength.

"I heard that in the recent several decades, the start-up factions have all gained momentum and their strength is now comparable to corporate factions and ancient factions."

This is why, whenever there was a new entrance exam each year, there would always be a new wave in the academy.

Whether it was a small wave or a big wave.

Anyway, new students might mean new force, new faction and new possibilities.

"Many factions will send their members to be the school guided in the entrance examination to recruit promising newcomers or mark some potential threats."

What Arlin didn't say was that, if Ainsley did come to the academy as a student, she would definitely be seen as either a major threat or a sweet pastry that many factions would scramble for.

The students aside from the senior high school and the college students might not be aware of Ainsley's popularity out there, but the seniors would definitely know about this monstrous child.

Arlin even heard her seniors in junior and senior high school gossiping about the monstrous baby who recently swept over the world with a super basic 'charm ability'.

Because of this, many factions silently recruited charm ability users in the academy.

Although those charm ability users never focused on their charm ability because they had a 'better' ability, many factions with insight saw the potential inside a charm ability user.

The five children didn't join any particular faction, but they were indeed closer to the mafia family's children than any other circles.

Ainsley was indeed a bit more curious about the Elton Academy's various power struggles but then, she was more curious about the non-human races who studied at this academy.

Could those non-human students blend with the human students?

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