I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: Chapter 92: Metamorphosis (Seeking

Chapter 92: Chapter 92: Metamorphosis (Seeking

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Han Yi didn’t respond immediately. After pondering for a moment, he slowly said, “Junior Brother is just lucky. In terms of strength, there’s still a significant gap between me and Han Xuxiao.”

Han Yi didn’t mean that his strength was weak, but when compared to Han Xuxiao, there indeed was a gap between their strengths, according to his estimation. It was important to note that he was only at the 7th layer of Qi Cultivation, while Han Xuxiao, one of Blood God Sect’s Blood God’s children, was a Qi Cultivating Cultivator of legend.

Yuan Shun looked at Han Yi unexpectedly, feeling that the Junior Brother in front of him had gained an inexplicable confidence compared to three years ago.

This touch of confidence was precisely what he hoped to see.

“Good, good, very good.”

Three consecutive “goods” sufficiently reflected Yuan Shun’s current mood.

Just as Han Yi thought Yuan Shun would ask about what happened within Evil Mountain Range or directly ask why Han Xuxiao chased him, Yuan Shun merely turned his head and instructed him to “cultivate diligently”. He then took a step forward and leisurely crossed over the cloud sea, stepping into the immortal mist surrounding Xuandan Peak, disappearing without a trace.

Standing in place, Han Yi thought for a moment, somewhat confused about Yuan Shun’s purpose for coming to find him this time. Did he really just come to give him three “goods” as praise?

For a Golden Core Stage cultivator like Yuan Shun, this seemed too childish.

After thinking for a moment without any gain, Han Yi simply didn’t ponder about it. After all, Yuan Shun was the Xuandan Sect leader, and if he could easily guess the purpose of Yuan Shun’s actions, then there would be a problem.

Forget it.

At last, Han Yi took one last look at Xuandan Peak, which was surrounded by immortal mist, and turned to leave, heading towards his own courtyard.

After adjusting his breath for a whole day, he solemnly took out the purple jade box and Pure Yang Spirit Liquid, placing the eight-sided golden pill furnace at the center of the quiet room.

Then, he took a deep breath, ignited the Dan Fire, and began refining medicine.

Refining medicine was the basis of Alchemy Skill. Most Alchemists started their alchemy careers by refining medicine.

When pills and medicine were combined, the refinement would be considered successful.

Although Han Yi was refining medicine this time, he was even more serious about it than any other time he had refined a pill.

“Three drops of Pure Yang Spirit Liquid should be enough by my estimation to refine this Blood Bone Spirit Flower with only three petals.”

“To avoid any unexpected, I’ll first fuse two petals and adjust the amount of Pure Yang Spirit Liquid based on the medicine’s reaction.”

“This way, everything should proceed without any issues.”

Han Yi immediately put his plan into action.

Igniting Dan Fire, adjusting Spirit Sand, adding Spirit Stones, using his spiritual power to carry the spiritual medicine, he proceeded to the step of ‘adding spiritual medicine.’

When ‘adding spiritual medicine,’ he took out a small jade knife and cut off two petals from the Blood Bone Spirit Flower, tossing them into the pill furnace.

Next, controlling his spiritual power, he quickly covered the two petals of Blood Bone Spirit Flower. Under the Spirit Coal, the Dan Fire warmed the golden eight-sided pill furnace, with mid-grade Spirit Stones placed on all eight corners to ensure an abundance of Spirit Energy.

Inside the pill furnace, the Blood Bone Spirit Flower quickly dissolved into a cluster of blood-colored viscous substance. At the moment of complete dissolution, although Han Yi’s inner heart was extremely nervous, his hands and feet remained calm and collected, swiftly taking the jade bottle with the Pure Yang Spirit Liquid and pouring a drop into the pill furnace with the help of his spiritual power.

In the next moment,

The recently dissolved Blood Bone Spirit Flower immediately erupted in a thick wave of extremely condensed evil energy. As this evil energy erupted, the drop of Pure Yang Spirit Liquid had already touched the dissolved spiritual flower, enveloping the evil energy.

However, that drop of Pure Yang Spirit Liquid was insufficient to completely dissolve the evil energy, with nearly half of the evil energy still rampaging.

Having been prepared earlier, Han Yi carefully monitored the situation inside the pill furnace with his mind. Seeing the circumstances, he controlled the second drop of the already poured spirit Liquid to fall into the viscous substance inside the pill furnace.

At the same time,

Through the strong calculation in his heart during the process of the first drop of spirit liquid integrating with the spiritual flower, he had already measured the ratio between the two.

One petal required approximately 0.9 drops of Pure Yang Spirit Liquid.

After the second drop of spirit liquid fell into the pill furnace, Han Yi simultaneously added the third petal of spiritual flower, followed closely after the second drop of spirit liquid and melted into it.

He then separated the third drop of spirit liquid into seven parts, letting it fall together with the third petal of the spirit flower into the semi-viscous spiritual flower liquid.

The remaining three parts of the spirit liquid were placed back into the jade bottle.

Afterward, his mind constantly monitored the changes within the pill furnace.

When the second drop, the third drop, and the third petal of the Spirit Liquid Spirit Flower merged into the most primitive viscous substance, that evil aura suddenly stagnated, and then it dissipated into nothingness.

At the same time.

The blood-colored viscous substance emitted a mysterious fragrance, which when sniffed by Han Yi, caused his entire body to tremble.


He hesitated not and lifted the lid of the Pill Furnace, drew the blood-colored viscous substance up with a sweep of his spiritual power, opened his mouth, and swallowed it completely into his stomach.

That’s right.

Consumption of the Blood Bone Spirit Flower was simple at its essence, as it was an extraordinary flower of Heaven and Earth. All that needed to be done was to dissolve its evil aura with a yang spiritual object, leaving behind its most refined form of spiritual medicine, which could be swallowed directly.

In the quiet chamber.

When the spiritual medicine was ingested, Han Yi felt a surge of mysterious energy erupting within his body. However, he was prepared and controlled this energy, running it along the circulation trajectory of the Fire Gang Xuan Gong.

At the same time, in both hands, he clasped medium-grade Spirit Stones, infusing the Spirit Energy into the mysterious energy within his body.

Han Yi felt as if his body underwent a transformation, something within started to loosen, shatter, and metamorphose as the mysterious energy gradually lessened.

Within the quiet chamber, Han Yi’s transformation proceeded slowly and steadfastly.

In the outside world, the wind roared, and clouds billowed.

Three days later, the second batch of inner sect disciples boarded the Immortal Ship and headed to the Evil Mountain Range.

One month later, it was the turn of the third batch of inner sect disciples.

Two months later, the task of hunting evil beasts in the Evil Mountain Range came to a complete conclusion.

Three months later.

The Heaven, Earth, and Human rankings were officially unveiled and open for challenges.

The Earth Ranking for inner sect disciples received great attention.

On the first day, a Qi Cultivating cultivator who had returned from the Evil Mountain Range with a murderous aura defeated three eighth-level, seven ninth-level, and one ninth-level peak disciples on the Combat Platform.

Overnight, this inner sect disciple named You Wu became famous.

On the second day, people realized that You Wu had not left the Combat Platform. He intended to continuously remain seated on the Combat Platform and accept challenges from all Qi Cultivating cultivators.

That day, he defeated twelve ninth-level cultivators, of which three were at the Qi Cultivation Peak.

For a time, the legendary Qi Cultivator, You Wu’s name spread throughout the inner and outer peaks. It even alarmed the higher-ups of the sect and it was rumored that even the Sect Master had inquired about the matter.

• •

Half a year later.

Azure Dragon Peak, Yi Xian Building.

The spirit wine was warm, and four people were seated together.

Chu Jinmo, Yan Ru, Luo Yunzhou, and Qi Hong.

“The Earth Ranking, it’s changing so fast,” sighed Luo Yunzhou.

At this moment, Luo Yunzhou was completely different from half a year ago. If he didn’t still have the same appearance, Han Yi would hardly dare to recognize him.

On his face, a scar extended from the bottom of his eye, across his cheek, and down to the base of his ear, giving him a more ferocious appearance.

This scar was left by an encounter in the Evil Mountain Range half a year ago. After the life-or-death experience, instead of using spiritual medicine to heal the scar, he deliberately kept it as a reminder.

“By the way, Chu Junior Sister, when are you going to challenge the Combat Platform?” Qi Hong, who had withdrawn his gaze from the Cloud Sea outside, looked at Chu Jinmo and asked softly..

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