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Chapter 1587 - Chapter 1587: The Mysterious Young Master Lin

Chapter 1587: The Mysterious Young Master Lin

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The person who spoke was called Han Chao. His family was the number one family in Chuansheng.

He got to know Dong Hanyu because of their shared love of modified cars. They got very close because of this.

“Don’t f*cking bring it up!”

Dong Hanyu scolded, “That car didn’t cost 48 million at all. In the end, it was sold for 63 million. I don’t have that much money in my pocket.”

“F*ck, there’s such a big difference?” Han Chao was also a little surprised. He could still accept it if the difference was a few million yuan.

However, the difference of 15 million was truly a little too high for them.

Just like what those onlookers had said before.

The money of these rich second-generation heirs was not their own. It was given by their parents, so they naturally could not spend it so casually.

Not to mention a rich second-generation heir like Dong Hanyu, 60 million yuan for a car was not cheap even for Lin Yi.

“Damn it, Old Yao was the one who told me this price. When I get back, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson. It’s all his fault!”

“Alright, calm down. It’s not a big deal. There will still be a few cars releasing in the market after spring. There’s no need to buy the Venano.”

“I’m not angry because of this,” Dong Hanyu said. “1 was slapped in the face by an unknown kid.”

“Slapped in the face? Who dares to mock you? What happened?”

After that, Dong Hanyu told Han Chao about what happened at the auto show. The latter didn’t look too good either.

“Heavens, that kid is quite arrogant. Does he really think that no one from Chuansheng can rival him?”

“Judging by the kid’s accent, he sounds like a local. He’s probably pretty rich, too. Unfortunately, I’m from another province. There’s nothing I can do when something like this happens.”

Although he was angry, Dong Hanyu knew that a powerful dragon could not suppress a local snake.

His connections did not extend here. It was probably impossible to settle scores with this guy.

“Don’t be anxious. I’ll help you get back at him today.”

“But if we can’t find him, how are we going to do that?”

Dong Hanyu also wanted to find an opportunity to vent his anger, but it seemed very difficult in the current situation.

He did not have many connections here. Finding that kid was like ascending to the heavens.

“This would be very difficult for the two of us, but I’m here to look for Qin Han. With his reputation and influence in Zhonghai, it’ll be easy for him to find someone.”

Dong Hanyu’s eyes lit up.

Qin Han was a famous rich second-generation heir in Zhonghai. He was a top existence in all of Huaxia.

Not to mention himself, even Brother Han was inferior to Qin Han.

In a place like Zhonghai, it wouldn’t be a problem to ask him for help.

“Where is he? I follow him on Weibo, but I’ve never seen him before.”

“Don’t worry, I called just now. He’ll be there soon.” Han Chao looked at his watch. “But it’s a pity that not all his people will be coming.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the four young masters of Zhonghai, right? They’re led by Qin Han and have founded an SR supercar club. Three of them will be coming to the track later. There is one more who will be skipping.”

“So be it. Qin Han, the main figure, will be here. This is better than anything else.”

“You don’t understand the situation in Zhonghai. Although Qin Han is very impressive, he’s not the boss of the four young masters of Zhonghai. One of them is called Young Master Lin. He seems to be more powerful than him.” Han Chao said with a cigarette in his mouth.

“But 1 don’t think he will be coming today. It’s a pity. Otherwise, 1 would have met him.”

“Is there anyone more impressive than Qin Han in Zhonghai?”

“He’s genuinely better than Qin Han, but that person is especially low-key and doesn’t like to show his face, so not many people know about him.”

Dong Hanyu was a little shocked. He didn’t expect Zhonghai to be hiding such a person.

As Han Chao had said, it was a pity that that person was not coming.

Bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

Just as the two of them were talking, a series of explosions were heard.

They turned their head and saw more than 20 sports cars driving in from outside.

“Qin Han is here!” Han Chao called out. “Let’s go take a look.”

Dong Hanyu was also shocked to see such a grand display.

As expected of a rich second-generation heir from Zhonghai. There were actually so many people here to have a little fun on the racetrack.

Qin Han was such a daredevil.

In his own words, at his age, he was past the age of love and romance.

It was time to show off.

Twenty or so sports cars stopped not far away, and the three men got out of their cars one after another.

“Brother Qin.”

Han Chao took the initiative to extend his hand and greet him. “This is my brother, Dong Hanyu. We’re here to play today.”

Qin Han nodded and glanced at the BMW 7 Series not far away.

“Didn’t we agree to race on the track today? Why is he driving a 7-series?”

“Hey, let’s not talk about it.” Han Chao said,

“There’s a car exhibition happening in Zhonghai now, right? There’s a high-end version of the Veneno on display. My buddy was about to nab it, but an eyesore intercepted him. He couldn’t buy the car, so he has to drive a modified 7 Series.”

“I’ve heard about that car. It doesn’t seem to be cheap. It cost more than 40 million yuan. Ordinary people really can’t afford it.”

“That’s right. This brother of mine saved up for more than a year. When the price was announced, he realized that it was sold for 63 million yuan and was even publicly embarassed.” Han Chao handed a cigarette to Qin Han and said with a smile,

“Brother Qin, can you help me find that fool? I’m going to find someone to teach him a lesson.”

“This a small matter. We’ve known each other for so many years. Your brother has come to my territory. Now that something has happened to him, I’ll definitely help.” Qin Han said.

“Let’s go down and play. After we’re done, I’ll book a table. We’ll talk about this in detail then.”

“Thank you, Brother Qin.” Han Chao laughed and said, “When we get on the track later, I’ll give you a two-second headstart.”

“Get lost. Do I need you to give me an advantage?”

With that, Qin Han threw the key and access pass at someone.

“Open the door and get the equipment ready. Let’s have fun today.”

“Brother Qin, you even have the key?” Han Chao asked in surprise.

“This track belongs to my buddy. Of course I have a key.”

The two of them looked at each other. They didn’t expect this top-notch racetrack to be owned by one of Qin Han’s friend.

“Could it belong to Young Master Lin?” Han Chao probed.

“You’re quite smart.” Qin Han said.

“He bought this two years ago. We come here for fun. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have called you here at this time.”

“But this kind of investment won’t make much money, right?”

“It’s not about making money. It’s just for fun. He already makes plenty. This is a place for leisure and entertainment.”


The two of them gasped, especially Dong Hanyu, who was even more shocked.

That low-key Young Master Lin had bought the Zhonghai International Racetrack for his own personal entertainment!

This was too awesome!

At this moment, a large truck drove into the parking lot, stunning Qin Han.

“What’s this thing here for?” Liang Jinming muttered..

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