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Chapter 642 - 642 I've Been F*cking Unhappy with You

642 I’ve Been F*cking Unhappy with You

In the car, Lin Yi, who had just received the call, felt puzzled.

He was about to look for them when he received a call.

Liang Ruoxu was right. These people had indeed gone to the embassy to look for reinforcements.

However, that person called Brown said that he would help him resolve this matter properly. This kind of confusing behavior was very interesting.

Logically speaking, he should be helping those international students.

Lin Yi smiled and didn’t think too much about it. He turned the car around and drove towards the embassy.

Normally speaking, if something like this happened, it would be resolved by the officials. Moreover, there were many cumbersome processes they would also have to go through.

However, because of Lin Yi’s special relationship, Liang Ruoxu acquiesced to Brown’s actions.

He knew very well that Brown wouldn’t do anything to him.

About twenty minutes later, Lin Yi drove to the entrance of the embassy.

As soon as he parked the car, he saw a black woman standing in front of him.

The woman’s expression was cold, arrogant, and angry.

This person was none other than Roland.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for you to respond to what happened a few days ago.”

Brown was the one who told her about Lin Yi’s arrival, but he didn’t explain the reason for his visit to Roland.

It wouldn’t be good if outsiders found out about such a secretive matter.

Lin Yi smiled. Your boss spoke politely in front of me, but you’re f*cking bl*ck. Why are you acting tough with me?

“Let’s go.”

With Luo Lan leading the way, Lin Yi walked into the embassy.

At this moment, four burly security guards rushed to Lin Yi’s side.

Although they were still maintaining a certain distance, the atmosphere was very tense.

It was as if they would grab Lin Yi if he did anything else.

“What are you doing? Are you treating me like a criminal?”

“Mr. Lin, I hope you can be more polite. This is the Meiguon Embassy.”

Having worked at the embassy for many years, she was very familiar with Huaxian culture.

She heard Lin Yi’s words clearly and warned,

“I hope you can abide by our rules and not do anything drastic. Otherwise, they’ll attack.”

Lin Yi patted the dust off his clothes and smiled.

“You better understand the situation. This is Zhonghai. You should be the ones following the rules, right?”

“But this is an embassy. It’s different from other places,” Roland said with a very arrogant shrug.

“I’ve already warned you. If you do anything drastic, they’ll really act.”


Lin Yi looked at her. “If you have the guts, let the four of them try. Let me see who is taken down first.”

With that, Lin Yi strode forward. The four security guards trembled and didn’t dare to say anything. They just followed quickly.

With Roland leading the way, Lin Yi arrived at the meeting room on the second floor.

She was about to knock on the door when Lin Yi pushed it open.

In addition to Brandon and the others, Brown was also here and said politely,

“You must be Mr. Lin Yi.”

“That’s me.” Lin Yi pulled a chair over and sat down.

“Mr. Brown, he’s the one who hired someone to beat us up. I hope you can actively handle this matter.”

Lewis stepped forward. “Look at my teeth. He knocked them out.”

“Not only did he beat up our international students, but he also wants us to dissolve the International Student Association. We strongly suggest that you arrest him.”

Because Brown was beside them, Brandon and the other two were full of confidence. They were not afraid of Lin Yi at all.

Lin Yi lay on the comfortable sofa with one hand supporting his head as he looked at Brown.

“Didn’t you say that we had to deal with this matter properly? Let’s deal with it now. I want to see how you deal with it.”

Brown wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “Calm down, the three of you. I’ve already found out the truth from other sources. I hope the three of you can immediately apologize to Mr. Lin and compensate him accordingly!”


Hearing Brown’s words, the heads of the people in the meeting room buzzed.

They even felt that they were hallucinating.

Brandon stood up excitedly and said loudly,

“Mr. Brown, how can you say that? We’re the victims!”

“But what I know is that you were the ones who broke the corresponding laws first and even destroyed Mr. Lin’s shop. You acted first, right?”

“Oh no!”

Brandon put his head in his hands with an exaggerated expression. “Mr. Brown, this is not the time to talk about this. We’re the ones who’ve been bullied. You have to speak up for us.”

Brandon and the others were simple-minded. ‘We’re all Meiguons. You should help us.’

Under normal circumstances, Brown would have done so.

However, the current situation was not normal.

The Huaxian in front of him held a pivotal position in Zhonghai, and the project he was launching with Pfizer was about to begin.

If he was dealt with now, his own interests would be seriously jeopardized.

In a country like Meiguon, where interests topped all, Brown would not allow his own interests to be compromised.

At this juncture, he naturally had to protect Lin Yi.

“Don’t get agitated. This matter has to be handled fairly. I can’t stand on your side just because we’re all Meiguons,” Brown said.

“Don’t you care about our interests?” Brandon questioned.

“Then who will bear Mr. Lin’s losses?”

“Well …”

Brandon and the others stopped talking. Lin Yi smiled and said,

“Looks like you’ve made your decision.”

Looking at Lin Yi, Brown’s expression changed.

“Do you feel this is appropriate?”

“I don’t think these people are qualified to study in Huaxia anymore. I’ll contact the relevant leaders later and expel them. These people are not welcome in Huaxia.”

Brown frowned, but he didn’t dare say anything. He could only agree.

“We understand. I’ll send someone to discuss this with their school later and try to get this matter done as soon as possible.”

Lin Yi nodded and stood up, smiling at Brandon and the others.

“Why didn’t you just listen to me obediently? Why did you have to come here and cause trouble? Although you’re about to be sent back, you have to be careful. The security in Huaxia isn’t good.”

The three of them trembled in fear. This was already a blatant threat.

“Mr. Lin, please watch your tone. Please don’t threaten our students,” Roland said.

Until now, Roland still couldn’t understand what Brown was doing.

‘We’re all Meiguons. Why isn’t he speaking up for his own people?’

The reason why Roland was thinking this was entirely due to the difference in class and status.

This was because she could not gain any benefits from the new partner project. Naturally, she would speak up for her own people.

“I’ve been f*cking annoyed with you for a long time. Yeah, I’m f*cking threatening you. What can you do to me? Deport me?”

Roland was stunned by Lin Yi’s scolding. She had never met such a rude person.

“Sir, Ms. Roland is our American officer. You’re breaking the law by doing this,” said the uniformed GI.

“Breaking the law? Even your boss talks to me politely. Who the hell are you?”

With that, Lin Yi left. No one dared to say anything else.

In the conference room, Brandon and the others slumped in their chairs with ashen faces.

This was an outcome that they had never expected.

“The matter has been resolved. I’d like you to write an apology,” said Brown.

“As for dropping out of school and being forced to return to the country, there are still some procedures that need to be taken care of. It might take a few days. Go back and prepare.”

“Is there no room for negotiation?”

“No, you should leave. But don’t worry, I don’t think Mr. Lin will do anything rash. I can guarantee your safety for the next few days.”

Brandon didn’t explain that this happened because they had offended someone they shouldn’t have since he didn’t want to shatter their confidence.

Not to mention Huaxia, even in Meiguon, no one would speak up for them in the face of huge benefits.

“Sh*t, let’s go.”

After cursing, Brandon and the other two left angrily.

“Brandon, we’re finished now. We can’t find anyone to deal with him,” Zach said.

“I won’t let this go so easily. I will definitely make him pay the price!” Brandon gritted his teeth and said.

“I’m a Meiguon. Why should I be bullied by the Huaxians?!”

“But there’s nothing we can do.”

“Didn’t he deport us? I’ll burn down his shop the day before I return to Meiguo,” Brandon said.

“In the words of the Huaxians, we’re in for a penny, in for a pound. By the time they find the culprit, we’ll be back in Meiguon. The Meiguon law will protect us. We won’t be cowards like Mr. Brown!”

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