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Chapter 661 - 661 The Tycoon's Toy

661 The Tycoon’s Toy

Bai Bingyu’s eyes lit up.

He did not expect there to be such a powerful tycoon in this live stream!

As long as she could extend her an olive branch and give her some gifts, wouldn’t it be easy for her to surpass that little b*tch?

“Brother, since you’re so rich, help me. I’ll treat you to a meal afterward.” Bingyu grabbed onto her last shred of hope.

“I think the person opposite you is clearly provoking you. You can’t lose to him.”

“That’s true, but I can’t withdraw my 200 million yuan assets for the time being.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the comments in the live stream exploded.

“Haha… I have that amount too…”

“Me too…”

“Me too…”

Bai Bingyu’s face darkened as she saw the countdown. The gap between her and Xiaoyu was getting bigger and bigger. There was no hope of catching up.

After the event ended, Zhang Xiaoyu’s live stream was still filled with comments.

500 super rockets!

One million yuan!

She pushed the platform’s top female streamer, Bai Bingyu, to the ground!

In the entire platform, only this tycoon named “Invisible Chicken Wings” could do it!

At the same time, Han Shuang’s live broadcast room was silent. The frequency of comments was not as much as before.

The feeling of being slapped in the face was really not good.

She was a loser who earned 3,000 yuan a month and had to think twice before tipping 100 yuan, but she actually mocked someone who casually tipped 1 million yuan!

Her face hurt!

Seeing the popularity of the live broadcast room drop bit by bit, Han Shuang’s face was ashen. She was filled with regret.

If she wasn’t so cold, all of this would be hers!

These 500 super rockets would also be hers!

However, she had missed these things because she had looked down on this man.

Who was she to do this?

In Zhang Xiaoyu’s live broadcast room.

Ever since Lin Yi started tipping, Zhang Xiaoyu had not sat down and had been continuously bowing to Lin Yi.

He had tipped him 1 million yuan in one go and even helped her win first place in the event. This was a huge favor that she could not repay even if she became a mistress for free.

“Yuyu, Big Brother Tycoon helped you reach the top. How are you going to thank him?”

“I think it’ll be best to devote myself to him. The payback will be more direct this way.”

“Don’t forget the 10,000 tail swings.”

Zhang Xiaoyu was about to cry. She really spoke too freely.

Why did he have to make that promise? How long would it take to complete it?

“Everyone, don’t be anxious. I’ll fulfill my promise, but I can’t do 10,000 Divine Dragon Tail Swings in one go. Let me perform a few for this tycoon first.”

As she spoke, Zhang Xiaoyu stood up in embarrassment. Then, with her back facing the screen, she did an extremely standard Divine Dragon Tail Swing!

Coupled with the tight dress she was wearing today, the visual appeal was top-notch.

At this moment, Lin Yi turned off the live stream because of the system’s notification.

[Mission completed. Reward: 10 proficiency points.]

[Profession Completion: 10%. Reward: Bugatti La Voiture Noire.]


Lin Yi let out a scream when he saw the system’s reward.

As a car enthusiast, Lin Yi knew this car very well.

The sticker price was 126 million, and there was only one in the world!

He had actually got it as a reward?


“System, where’s the car?”

[The system reward has been sent to the second garage in Jiuzhou Pavilion. The car key is under the front left wheel.]

Lin Yi got off the bed, but he did not leave immediately. Instead, he went to Ji Qingyan’s room to check on her.

Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, he quietly walked out.

He arrived at the second villa of Jiuzhou Pavilion and opened the garage door.

Under the frosty white moonlight, he could see a black behemoth parked in front of him.

With Lin Yi’s current net worth, buying a car worth hundreds of millions was a piece of cake.

However, this car was a little special. It was a limited edition car and could not be bought so freely.

Now that it was in his hands, it was indeed something to be happy about.

He opened the car door and sat in the car for a while.

Although the car was very flashy, the seats were as uncomfortable as ever. They were far inferior to his lousy Shari.

After testing it out for a while, Lin Yi got out of the car and returned to his room.

If Ji Qingyan found out about this, it would be difficult to explain.

It was too strange for a car to suddenly appear in the middle of the night.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

As soon as he returned to his room, Lin Yi’s phone rang. It was a notification from Douyu.

Moreover, there were several of them.

When he opened the mailbox, he saw that the person who sent the message was actually the female streamer, Han Shuang.

“Brother, I was too cold to you just now. I apologize to you. Can you not be angry with me?”

“I’m still waiting for you in the live stream room. Don’t you want to see him perform the Divine Dragon Tail Swing? If you just come, I’ll show you. That Xiaoyu performed one for you. I’ll perform a hundred for you and let you watch as much as you want.”

Lin Yi smiled and replied, “Not so cold anymore?”

Han Shuang replied very quickly, almost instantly.

“No, no, no. I’m only cold to those poor people. I’ve never been cold to handsome men like you. I’ve learned my mistake. Don’t lower yourself to my level.”

“You don’t think I’m a liar anymore?”

“How can you be a liar? I misunderstood.”

“But I don’t have money to tip you.”

“It’s okay. As long as you watch my live broadcast, I’ll perform the Divine Dragon Tail for you until you’re satisfied.”

Seeing that Lin Yi’s attitude had softened, Han Shuang’s heart was pounding.

Fortunately, she had swallowed her pride and apologized to him. Although he said that he had no money, to put it bluntly, he was testing her.

As long as he made him happy, he would definitely reward her!

Still, there was something to consider. He had just casually tipped out a million yuan. A few hundred thousand yuan was probably not even pocket change in his eyes.

Thinking of this, Han Shuang could not suppress the excitement in her heart.

As long as she captured him, he would not have to worry about food and drink in the future!

After making up her mind, Han Shuang followed up with another message and said,

“Little brother, come and watch my live broadcast. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Alright, I’ll reluctantly go over and take a look.”

“Uh huh.”

Soon, an invitation link appeared on their chat interface.

Lin Yi clicked on it casually and joined Han Shuang’s live stream.

Seeing Lin Yi come in, Han Shuang smiled and quickly stood up to bow.

“Thank you, Invisible Chicken Wings, for coming to my live stream.”

This time, Lin Yi’s treatment was completely different from before. Han Shuang gave him the moderator role without a word to show her respect for Lin Yi.

This was also because of Lin Yi’s arrival that the popularity of Han Shuang’s live stream rose again.

“The tycoon is here. Come and watch!”

“Is the God-level tycoon here to take the cold queen of Douyu?”

“Little Kitty, you’ve changed. You actually revealed such a bright smile when you met a godly tycoon.”

“No matter how cold and aloof a beauty is, in the end, she’s still a toy for the rich.”

Han Shuang did not care about the gossip. She needed to hold on tightly to this tycoon.

“Little Brother, didn’t you want to see him perform the Divine Dragon Tail Swing? I’ll do it for you now. Coincidentally, I just changed into black silk. I think you’ll like it even more,” Han Shuang said with a smile.

“Since everything is ready, let’s begin.”

“Uh huh.”

As she spoke, Han Shuang stood up. Lin Yi realized that the short skirt she was wearing was even shorter than Zhang Xiaoyu’s.

Han Shuang’s posture was very standard. Her eyes were charming. Coupled with her outfit, in terms of visual effects, she completely surpassed Zhang Xiaoyu.

“Little Brother, are you satisfied with my Divine Dragon Tail Swing? This is the first time I’ve done it so seriously.”

“Not bad. Continue.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll definitely work hard.”

This time, Han Shuang’s live stream exploded again.

“I didn’t expect you to be like this, Han Shuang. I like it!”

“She’s supposed to be a cold female streamer. Her image collapsed because of that smile, but I like it too.”

“I’ve really feasted my eyes today. I’ve been watching Kitty’s live broadcast for more than two months, but this is the first time I’ve seen her wearing black silk. Thank you for the benefits you’ve brought us!”

After about ten minutes, Lin Yi could not keep track of how many times Han Shuang had done the dance. Understandably, by this point, her form had deteriorated.

She had almost broken her waist.

“Little Brother, I made more than 30 dragon tails for you in one go. Aren’t you going to praise me?”

Han Shuang pretended to be pitiful.

This was the most crucial step of the plan. She would probably be rewarded soon.

Just thinking about it made her excited!

However, she had to remain calm and not show it!

“Not bad,” Lin Yi replied simply.

“Is that all?” Han Shuang pretended to be pitiful.

“That’s right. Isn’t it enough to give you a verbal reward? Could it be that you want something else?”

“I want something else.”

“You’re dreaming.”

With that, Lin Yi left the live stream. To avoid her annoying him again, he blocked her.

Seeing Lin Yi leave the live stream, Han Shuang was stunned!

She had put in so much effort in her performance just to get him to reward her!

He actually left just like that!

He was playing her like a monkey!

At this moment, the comments flooded the screen again.

“Haha, the female streamer is too pitiful. She actually wants to cheat others of their gifts. How interesting!”

“Just now, you belittled a godly tycoon. Seeing that he’s rich, you came to lick his boots again. You’re too much.”

“What cold goddess? She’s just pretending. She’ll probably become a tycoon’s toy at night. Sigh…”

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