Chapter 300 - was being pursued. Blazing Sun Great Array’s exact location: 3

Chapter 300: Chapter 204 was being pursued. Blazing Sun Great Array’s exact location: 3

“I’ll kill you,”Lin Xuan said coldly. Colt gritted his teeth. “I’ll always be loyal to the Salvation Society. I Can’t possibly tell you a single word...” Whoosh. A fireball suddenly flew out, enveloping the martial artist with the lowest HP. The latter’s entire body was scorched by the flames, and he started screaming crazily. The surrounding participants frantically tried to help, but they were unable to extinguish the fireball. In the end, the warrior’s voice weakened. With a plop, he fell to the ground without a sound. However, the air was filled with the delicious smell of roasted meat. “Run!” One of the participants suddenly screamed and turned around to run. He ran very fast. In the blink of an eye, he had dashed dozens of meters away. Lin Xuan’s flame burst avatar casually cast a flame burst spell. Boom! The flame burst spell covered an area of ten meters nearby. That person didn’t even have time to scream before he was burned into charcoal under the terrifying high temperature. The martial artists from the Salvation Society who survived were even more terrified. F * ck. It was the first time that we had seen a mage who used the flame burst spell as a fireball spell. This was too terrifying. “Loyal to the Salvation Society?” Lin Xuan said calmly. “If you don’t want to say it, the others should be very willing.” Colt gulped and finally laughed bitterly. “Our mission is to reinforce the blazing sun array and kill the construction department’s agents who are guarding there.” Lin Xuan was stunned. “Hasn’t the blazing sun array been destroyed?” Colt was helpless. “Someone attacked again and managed to restore a bit of the blazing sun array’s effect, restricting the monsters that rushed out of the sea.” “The agents of the construction department are very powerful and can not be destroyed. We Are there to provide support. After completing the support mission, we have to guard the light gate of the mystic realm so that the Takama Plains warriors can enter safely.” Lin Xuan was slightly happy. Finding Yuan gang, Wan youxi, and repairing the blazing sun array were the three tasks that Lu Pinghai had given them. Among them, the location of the blazing sun array was a secret. Usually, only a few construction department agents would know about it. Even Lu Pinghai and Lu Pingjiang, who did not often come to the drowning city mystic realm, did not know about it. Therefore, finding the exact location of the blazing sun array was the most important thing. Lin Xuan was having a headache. He did not expect that the martial artists of the Salvation Army would come to deliver a Shun Feng Express delivery. However, this person actually mentioned the martial artists of the Gaotian Plain, which made Lin Xuan’s heart sink. It was one thing for the Salvation Army to come, but there was actually the Gaotian plain participating in the battle. The pressure from the two large organizations had been suppressed at the same time, which was enough to make the construction department go all out. It seemed that the Salvation Society not only wanted to take over the drowning city arcane realm, but also wanted to use this opportunity to rebuild the construction division. With this, the Salvation Society would gain a huge advantage. If they had the support of Takama-ga-hara and other organizations, it would not be a problem for them to annex the construction division. When he thought of the evil deeds of the Salvation Society and Takama-ga-hara, Lin Xuan’s heart was filled with anger for no reason. All along, many people from the construction division had been guarding this place, pouring their blood and souls to stop the monsters that drowned the city. One could not return to their home, and one could not see their relatives. In the end, the Salvation Society made a bold move for their own benefit and caused a catastrophe! “Take me there.” Lin Xuan said in a low voice. Colt looked sad. “Can I Live?” Lin Xuan said to the others directly, “Whoever can take me to the specific location of the blazing sun array will be able to live.” As soon as he said that, the eyes of the warriors of the Salvation Army shone brightly, and they were about to stand up in the next moment. Colt turned pale with fright. “I’ll take you!” Lin Xuan smiled slightly. “Don’t worry. If you take me there, I’ll let you go.” Colt calmed down. He no longer had any trump cards. His life was in Lin Xuan’s hands. He had no choice but to trust Lin Xuan. “My friends will take care of your followers,”Lin Xuan said calmly. “Follow me.” Colt was helpless. He could only lead the way under Lin Xuan’s dominance. “Boss Colt, lead the way. We should be fine now, right?” “Why don’t we join forces and kill this mage professional! After all, he needs time to cast his skills.” The remaining warriors of the Salvation Army started to whisper among themselves. Moreover, they deliberately communicated in English so that the mage professional would not hear them. Lin Xuan heard their communication through his flame burst avatar and sneered. Anyway, he had no intention of letting these people live. “Look, there’s a mermaid with big tits!” The flame burst avatar suddenly pointed at the sea and shouted in English. Most of the Warriors of the Salvation Army were stunned and subconsciously looked over. Boom! The flame burst spell with a diameter of ten meters fell from the sky and enveloped all the warriors of the Salvation Army. These people were already at critical health and were instantly killed. However, there were also some people with tenacious vitality who barely survived. However, what made them despair was that another pyroblast landed! After four pyroblast washed the ground, pyroblast nodded in satisfaction and threw the items dropped by these people into the space of consciousness.

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