Chapter 1646 - 1646 Chu Yunfan Is an Easy Target?

Chapter 1646 - 1646 Chu Yunfan Is an Easy Target?

1646 Chu Yunfan Is an Easy Target?

Chu Yunfan had easily defeated another opponent. If he was a seed disciple they had already chosen, it would not have been a big deal. To be able to become a seed disciple of the Flying Celestials, one naturally had the strength to crush their peers. However, Chu Yunfan was not their predetermined candidate, not to mention that he was only in the Golden Core Stage.

This had never happened before. A mere Golden Core was enough to defeat an expert at the late Abstract Stage. This was a complete reversal of worldviews, especially for those who had been taught since they were young that the gap between the Core Stage and the Abstract Stage could not be crossed.

“He’s only a Golden Core, yet he’s already so powerful. If he steps into the Abstract Stage, how powerful will he be?”

“It’s not that easy to enter the Abstract Stage. Why do the Flying Celestials recruit inner disciples according to their cultivation base? It’s because many Golden Cores will never enter the Abstract Stage.”

“That’s right. Who knows how many geniuses have made great progress in the Golden Core Stage but can’t cross the threshold of the Abstract Stage?”

The crowd discussed animatedly, but there were still many people who disdained Chu Yunfan and were unwilling to admit his strength.

“I heard that the Violet Thunder Prefecture was previously ruled by the Violet Thunder Swords. They were a large sect back then, so it’s normal for them to have a bit of inheritance. For him to be able to cultivate to such a shocking level in the Violet Thunder Prefecture, I reckon that it has a lot to do with the inheritance of the sect.”

As everyone was discussing animatedly, Chu Yunfan and Yun Hui were teleported out of the ring. Chu Yunfan’s expression was indifferent as if defeating Yun Hui was a very ordinary thing. After defeating Yun Hui, Chu Yunfan was arranged to fight a few more rounds. His battles undoubtedly attracted many people.

Chu Yunfan didn’t disappoint them. He defeated all the opponents from the intermediate to the late Abstract Stage with a single strike. Everyone felt that the Seven Violet Thunder Swords that Chu Yunfan had displayed were impressive, but they did not understand his strength or what other techniques he had.

None of his opponents could make him take them seriously, which disappointed many people.

Soon, it was the final round. Those who passed this final round would undoubtedly become a seed disciple of the Flying Celestials. At this moment, everyone’s expression became solemn, even those who had been eliminated. There were only 20 people left on the field.

Among these twenty people, each of them carried the aura of a peerless overlord. They were extremely powerful, and among their peers, it was difficult to find a match. Apart from Chu Yunfan, everyone else was at the peak Abstract Stage.

After a few rounds, those who were not strong enough had long been eliminated. It was impossible for them to reach this step.

Among these peak Abstracts, there was no doubt that Chu Yunfan was the most special one. This was because not only was he not at the peak Abstract Stage, he was not even in the peak Golden Core Stage. This attracted the attention of many people. Many people chose to watch his battle.

When these twenty people lined up in a row, everyone felt their divine wills sweeping out. These twenty people were sizing each other up. No one knew who their next opponent would be. Anyone could be their next opponent.

Chu Yunfan’s divine will also swept around. Among these people, one person quickly appeared in his perception. This person was dressed in a long green robe. He had a handsome face and sharp eyebrows. He looked heroic.

Just by standing there quietly, Chu Yunfan felt that he was unfathomable. It was as if he was not a person standing there, but a storm. Yes, this person felt like a storm to Chu Yunfan. This was the only person who attracted his attention.

While Chu Yunfan was sizing up the others, the others were also sizing up Chu Yunfan. Everyone was very surprised that a Golden Core could make it to the finals. In their opinion, Chu Yunfan’s luck was too good. He must not have encountered any strong opponents before that allowed him to make it to this point.

‘If only I had met him.’

Many people had this thought. They didn’t think that Chu Yunfan was that difficult to deal with. In their opinion, those who were defeated by him must have been weak, and they were different. Everyone here was a strong opponent. Among them, Chu Yunfan seemed to be the weakest and the easiest to bully.

“Next, the final round of the competition will begin. The one who wins will become a seed disciple among the inner disciples of the Flying Celestials,” the adjudicator announced.

As he spoke, he looked at two people. One was the green-robed youth whom even Chu Yunfan could not help but pay attention to. The other was naturally Chu Yunfan, who had fought his way here as a Golden Core.

He wasn’t surprised by the green-robed young man. With his strength, he was already on the list of people the Flying Celestials paid close attention to. Even when he was young, the Flying Celestials had secretly helped him several times.

This was the common practice of the various large sects. Although there was a standard for recruiting disciples, there were many disciples with potential they would start paying attention not long after they were born. It was very normal for many factions to snatch a disciple.

This green-robed youth was one of the best. Before the adjudicator came to preside over the test, he had already received special instructions from several elders to pay attention to this person.

What really surprised the man was Chu Yunfan. In his opinion, it was already good for Chu Yunfan to be able to participate in the inner disciple selection. He was already a big dark horse, but now it seemed that he was more than just a big dark horse.

“Let’s begin.”

The middle-aged man didn’t say anything else and opened a portal in front of everyone. Finally, the final selection for seed disciples began.

Chu Yunfan was fearless and stepped into the ring. A muscular young man appeared too. When he saw Chu Yunfan, his face revealed a hint of joy. He had been paying attention to Chu Yunfan before, hoping that he would be able to draw Chu Yunfan. He did not expect that the heavens would follow his wishes and that he would really be matched up with Chu Yunfan.

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