Chapter 953 Waiting For An Opportunity

Chapter 953 Waiting For An Opportunity

When they arrived in front of the huge cave, the thousands of soldiers carried out their orders and wheeled out dozens of cannons from the goods that they were escorting.

Each of these cannons had a diameter of more than three meters. It was not something that an ordinary person could move. But thanks to the marine folks' natural innate strength, they were able to move these cannons into the depths of the Thunderstorm Sea.

'Even the marine folks have cannons now. This isn't good news for the Federation,' Chu Yunfan thought.

The Federation had established itself in the world by relying on superior technological strength, which was even more important than martial arts.

Now, Infinite Demon Mountain and the marine folks had clearly realized this and began to catch up. Although they still couldn't compare to humans, they were no longer in their primitive state.

This did not bode well for the Federation.

Chu Yunfan didn't have the time to ponder over this because shortly, the dozens of cannons—under the protection of the Thunder Repel Charms—opened fire.




Even in the depths of the Thunderstorm Sea which was filled with endless thunderbolts, the shocking sound of dozens of cannons firing at the same time still shook the entire place.

Dozens of cannonballs hit the barrier of the sacred cave and instantly created huge cracks in it. But in the blink of an eye, the cracks were repaired. It was evident that this barrier was of high grade. It could absorb thunder energy to repair cracks and maintain itself.

However, the marine army looked unfazed as if they had expected this. The dozens of huge cannons continued firing non-stop.

After being bombarded for half a day, the barrier had suffered little to no damage. At this rate, it was unknown how much more time it would take for it to break.

Chu Yunfan was amazed by the scene. This barrier was terrifying. The continuous bombardment of such heavy artillery was enough to turn a city into ruins.

Finally, the middle-aged black-armored man could no longer sit still. He called on the other six Divines and they all transformed into their true forms. They were terrifying beasts with bodies as huge as small mountains.

The black-armored man turned into a huge black crocodile that emitted terrifying killing intent.

'The Deep Sea Crocodiles?' Chu Yunfan immediately surmised the man's background.

The ownership of this army was now clear. It was the Deep Sea Crocodiles who had been hostile to Chu Yunfan and had even tried to kill him many times.

He sneered. 'What an opportunity. I shall deal with them right here.'

After the Divine monsters transformed into their true forms, they opened their jaws and spat out terrifying breaths, which blasted directly onto the barrier and echoed with the dozens of cannons.




The loud sounds were deafening even in the Thunderstorm Sea.

In the blink of an eye, another half a day had passed. Even if the barrier outside the sacred cave was of extremely high quality, it was unable to withstand such a degree of bombardment.

Finally, with a loud boom, it turned into nothingness, crumbling into dust and disappearing into the void.


The Deep Sea Crocodile turned back into a middle-aged black-armored man. He waved his hand and the thousands of soldiers who had been waiting for a long time rushed into the cave.

Without the barrier, Chu Yunfan could see that the cave was very large. The army of thousands was endless, but they could swarm into the cave without blocking it up.

One could only imagine how shocking it was when the cave had a master.

Chu Yunfan waited until the whole army had entered the cave before he rushed in. As soon as he entered, he realized that the sacred cave floating above the Thunderstorm Sea only looked that way from the outside.

Inside was a completely different world. It was an incomparably huge palace.

At this time, the hall of the palace was filled with the sounds of killing. The marine folk soldiers who had entered earlier were fighting with figures covered in thunder.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that these figures were puppets wrapped in a layer of electricity.

There were at least a thousand of these puppets, which was much less than the marine army of thousands. However, they were able to hold off the marine army which was several times their number.

For a moment, the entire scene was in a stalemate.

"Useless trash!"

The black-armored man snorted and made his move.

He took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, he was already in the middle of the puppet army. The tail of an extremely huge crocodile appeared, and with a powerful sweep, those that were sent flying exploded in mid-air.

Although these puppets were at the upper levels of the Innate Stage and were quite extraordinary, there was still a huge gap between them and the man.

The Divines of the marine folks behind him also made their moves. For a moment, all kinds of terrifying attacks swept out.

The Divines attacked without any hesitation. They launched attacks that had large attack ranges. Although there was some friendly fire, they did not care.

In just a few moments, they had broken through the line of defense formed by the puppet army.

Just as they broke through the defense line, four statues-like puppets at the four corners of the hall—each more than ten meters tall—came to life.

Unlike the previous puppets that were at most equivalent to the Innate Stage, these four giant puppets were comparable to the Divine Abilities Stage.

In a matter of seconds, the four puppets were activated, and their bodies bloomed with terrifying thunder. The huge figures went up to engage the Divines of the marine folks.

"Stop them!"

The middle-aged man had clearly expected this problem long ago. He did not panic and simply called out his orders. The six other Divines immediately pounced on the four giant Divine puppets.




A terrifying battle between Divines broke out. If the hall hadn't been large enough, this battle would have caused the entire place to collapse.

The black-armored man continued to walk forward. In front of him was a huge throne, and on the throne floated a scepter that flickered with lightning.

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