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Chapter 298 - Chapter 298: Third Advancement Skill, Core Creation

Chapter 298: Third Advancement Skill, Core Creation

Technique (2)

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With such means, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a miracle.

Lu Yuan’s goal was not to forge diamonds. He took out a 100-year-old herb from his storage bag and then took out a i,ooo-year-old herb of the same type.

After observing for a moment, Lu Yuan took out even more lower-grade medicinal herbs from his storage bag.

After a wave of spiritual energy fluctuations, the medicinal herbs in Lu Yuan’s hands disappeared. Finally, what appeared in front of him was an immortal herb that was close to 10,000 years old, the Golden Winged Spirit Flower.


Looking at the Golden Winged Spirit Flower in his hand, Lu Yuan’s eyes were filled with excitement.

As expected, the greatest use of his Core Creation Technique was actually to replicate and fuse.

The so-called “replication” was Lu Yuan first used the Core Creation Technique to analyze and break down the composition of a certain object.

Then, by gathering the things needed for the synthesis, he could remodel the object on his own to achieve the goal of forcefully accelerating it.

Theoretically speaking, Lu Yuan’s pili refinement and smithing of magic instruments had become very simple.

As long as the analysis was completed and he had sufficient materials, he could replicate the object indefinitely.

However, although the ability of the Core Creation Technique was powerful, it was not without limits.

Firstly, it would consume spiritual energy.

The essence of the Core Creation Technique was still a divine ability, and it required spiritual energy to be used.

Therefore, the more powerful the object he controlled with Core Creation Technique, the more spiritual energy he needed.

Lu Yuan felt that his current limit was being able to replicate immortal herbs that were at most 10,000 years old and below, as well as some ordinary magic items without true spirits.

After all, many things in the Xianxia world were designed with mysterious powers.

Lu Yuan’s Core Creation Technique hadn’t reached the point where he can fully analyze this part of the power.

For example, the way of the heavens and the essence of the divine soul were factors that Lu Yuan could not control.

His previous Divine Soul Pill Refinement Technique, in essence, only allowed him to come into contact with the divine soul and control it before transferring this portion of the divine soul’s power rather than directly altering the divine soul.

If he could even modify his divine soul, then he would no longer be a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. He would be similar to the ancient gods who could directly create things in ancient times.

Thus, there were two areas in Lu Yuan’s current Core Creation Technique that could not be considered.

One was the power of laws like the way of the heavens, and the other was the power of Dharma Idol like the divine soul.

Of course, he could not directly create the power of the divine soul out of thin air, nor could he directly analyze the essence of a divine soul.

However, his control over his divine soul was already much stronger than before.

If he encountered the cultivator he was looking for, he might be able to use the ability of the Core Creation Technique to instantly distort the other party’s divine soul.

This would cause fatal and almost irreparable damage.

However, considering that the more powerful the things he came into contact with, the more spiritual energy he needed to consume…

Lu Yuan estimated that he could at most distort the divine soul of a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, but not an Apotheosis Stage cultivator.

After all, Lu Yuan had yet to see how powerful an Apotheosis Stage cultivator was, so he could not judge.

However, no matter what, the power of the Core Creation Technique still exceeded Lu Yuan’s imagination.

Moreover, there should still be a lot of potential in this skill that had not been developed.

Lu Yuan felt that by the time he was able to analyze the laws or the essence of the divine soul, he might be able to turn something rotten into magical. Any object he created would be able to give it the ability to be a living thing.

At that time, he would truly seize the fortune of the world and turn stone into gold.

After roughly understanding the future direction of the Core Creation Technique, Lu Yuan opened his storage bag again.

He took out a large number of spiritual stones.

Now, he no longer needed a large number of spiritual stones to cultivate. He had also placed the many spiritual stones he had obtained from selling psionic phones in his storage bag.

Previously, he had thought that other than absorbing this portion of spiritual energy, there was no other way it could help him.

After all, he could not even spend his money now. There were not many things in the lower realm that could catch his eye.

However, with the Core Creation Technique, his spiritual stones had a place to go-

He wanted to fuse all the middle and low-grade spiritual stones at once to form a special spiritual stone that contained a large amount of spiritual energy.

Two hours later.

“Huff, this process of fusing the spiritual stones is much more troublesome than I had imagined…”

Lu Yuan looked at the 300 supreme-grade spiritual stones placed in front of him and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

A supreme-grade spiritual stone was equivalent to 100 high-grade spiritual stones and 1,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.

Lu Yuan had spent 300,000 mid-grade spiritual stones on these 300 supreme-grade spiritual stones.

In Lu Yuan’s storage bag, there were still 700,000 mid-grade spiritual stones that had not been fused.

However, he did not have the energy to absorb these spiritual stones now.

This was because the process of fusing spiritual stones also required him to consume spiritual energy. Although it was not much, such an operation was still too cumbersome.

Actually, if it was possible, Lu Yuan would have wanted to further fuse these supreme-grade spiritual stones into Chaos Spiritual Stones, but he realized that he could not do it at all.

Although he still had the Chaos Spiritual Stones that Xu Ziyu and Xu Zile had given him in his storage bag.

However, Lu Yuan was still unwilling to use them. Instead, he treated them as special cultivation tools for comprehension.

The essence of the Chaos Spiritual Stone was the power of Chaos contained within it.

Lu Yuan was temporarily unable to analyze and replicate this power.

Moreover, he couldn’t find a substance that could fuse with the power of Chaos.

Therefore, the best that Lu Yuan could do was to fuse the supreme-grade spiritual stones.

The spiritual energy contained in a supreme-grade spiritual stone was equivalent to the entire spiritual power of a Nascent Soul Stage Level 3 cultivator.

In other words, if Lu Yuan swallowed the supreme-grade spiritual stone in his hand, he could basically recover all his spiritual energy.

With the help of the spiritual stones and the Life Elixirs in his storage bag, Lu Yuan felt that his current Shapeshifting was no longer only able to use one sword, but had been upgraded to the extent that he could use three swords.

Under special circumstances, he should be able to use two Dharma Swords to attack at the same time.

Compared to before, his current strength had increased by quite a bit.

Lu Yuan sensed the strength in his body for a moment. If he was to encounter a joint attack by Xu Ziyu and Xu Zile…

He might have the ability to kill the two of them in one move.

With this thought, Lu Yuan felt how powerful he was.

Although this power was obtained through the power of money.

After all, he needed to eat a supreme-grade spiritual stone to use the Two Dharma Swords.

This was a battle! This was simply a pay-to-win situation!

Lu Yuan suddenly laughed.

Once upon a time, he hated those money-powered warriors the most. He despised them for not relying on their own abilities but using their money-powered abilities to fight.

Now, however, he had unknowingly become the person he hated the most.

However, the feeling of overpowering someone using money… It felt really good!

And his current ability was not limited to spiritual stones.

Ding ding ding…

A crisp metallic sound was heard.

Lu Yuan took out all the damaged magic items and instruments from his storage bag.

Many of these magic items were Lu Yuan’s spoils of war.

He had originally planned to wait until his smithing art had improved to a certain level before he could see if he could repair these magic items and instruments.

However, as time passed, he gradually forgot about these things.

But it was not too late to do it now.

Moreover, he could now reconstruct all of these magic instruments and fuse them to create a large number of supreme-grade magic items without souls.

A single supreme-grade magic item might not be able to threaten a Nascent Soul cultivator, but what about a hundred or a thousand?

Lu Yuan was secretly pleased when he thought about how he could use countless magic items to beat people up and even use the self-destruction of talismans to carry out inhumane attacks.

The Warrior of Money, the Wealthy Practitioner, Lu Yuan….Request for battle!

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