I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 721 - 721 The Jade Key

721 The Jade Key

“Unfortunately, this thing has too many limitations and can’t be sold…” Lin Mo sighed in his heart.

After all, it was a Heaven-class Level 5 divine fruit, so the rebate treasures from the auction had to be very precious.

After picking the divine fruit, Lin Mo did not touch the vines rashly, letting them grow naturally instead.

The group continued to venture deeper, passing through the volcano before finally entering a dark forest.

There were countless mechanisms inside, with terrifying powers.

Even though Lin Mo had been protecting Feng Tian and the other two the entire time, Song Lianxue had still gotten injured and almost killed by a trap.

“Is this a test? With so many dangers here, will there even be any treasures after we pass through the area?” Xia You asked curiously.

After passing through the forest, they found a sharp sword placed at the end. It was a Heaven-class Level 7 magic weapon and was extremely precious.

According to what they had agreed on, this sharp sword was given to Mu Yuzhu.

However, she had an even better weapon. In the past, in the Kun Peng Nest, she had obtained a folding fan and used it very smoothly.

Therefore, he gave the sword to Su Qing, so that he could protect himself.

The road ahead was still dangerous. They had stepped into a terrifying killing formation. The brilliant sword light pressed down, as it tried to obliterate everyone.

After joining forces to resist and break through, they finally passed though the area.

Just like that, they went deeper into the island. Along the way, they encountered various obstacles, but their gains were also extremely rich.

After passing through more than a dozen obstacles in succession, each one had brought them great trouble.

When they passed the 18th obstacle, even Lin Mo and the other two were panting. They felt that it was too difficult.

Who had designed the Wind Spirit Sect’s test in such a way that it would be so difficult?

This was probably a test to select the positions of a Saint or senior brother. The number of people who could pass it could probably only be counted on one hand.

“We’ve reached the end. This is the core of the island.”

In front of them, a grand hall appeared and they walked out of a killing formation. The reward this time was very mysterious. It was a key.

It was made of a special type of jade and felt cool to the touch.

“What is this key to?” Xia You asked. She did not see anything unusual.

If it had not been so hard to come by, she would have thought that it was just an ordinary key…

“I’ll appraise it.”

Taking the key, Lin Mo kept it in the system space and waited for a response.

[ This is a key that has been cultivated by the sect master of the Wind Spirit Sect. It can form a protective barrier that will last for an hour. ]

[ When the Wind Spirit Sect’s strongest killing formation is activated, the protective barrier will automatically appear. ]

Lin Mo was confused by this strange sentence. This was the Wind Spirit Sect’s strongest killing formation.

If it was really activated, could this simplified key really protect them?

“No matter what, this key will be of use. You should keep it well,” Xia you said with a nod of her head. Perhaps this key would eventually play a crucial role…

The small group walked forward and came to the front of this grand hall.

They soon came to a tightly locked bronze door. There was a special formation protecting it, making it impossible to open.

“Let’s try using the key,” said Mu Yuzhu.

Lin Mo nodded and took out the jade key. He tried to activate it with his spiritual qi but failed.

There was no keyhole on the bronze door, so it was useless to approach it with a key.

It had been sealed by a powerful formation that didn’t allow anyone to enter.

“Is this really where the ruins of the Wind Spirit Sect ends?”

Mu Yuzhu felt a little unwilling. She had yet to obtain the rumored great Emperor’s ancient scripture, and the true inheritance of the Wind Spirit Sect had yet to appear.

There was a formation blocking them, preventing them from advancing, but also preventing them from retreating.

This was because the five-colored divine radiance was blocking the path behind them. Ordinary people would only die if they stepped inside.

“There’s no way out. We can only continue forward…”

Lin Mo frowned, but there was no path ahead. Were they going to be trapped to death like this?

If that was the case, it would be too ironic.


Suddenly, special runes flickered on the bronze door in front of them, and wisps of immortal qi spread out.

“This is the great Emperor’s ancient scripture…”

Xia You was shocked. She was the most sensitive to Dao laws, and she immediately sensed the scriptures on the bronze door.

She was sure that there was an ancient scripture hidden in this magnificent hall.

It was even possible that the scriptures had been inscribed onto the bronze door.

“It’s best to be careful,” said Lin Mo.

When the others heard this, they all became more alert and began to observe their surroundings.

There were so many dangers along the way. There was no reason for this place to be so quiet. Caution was the parent of safety…

They spread out and checked the surroundings. They walked one round around the hall and finally returned to the bronze door.

He was certain that this door was the only entrance.

However, it had been sealed off, and the surroundings were covered by formation patterns. The only exit was the way they came from.

However, they knew that there was no way out.

“Why don’t you try to comprehend it while I scout the path for you?” Feng Tian suggested, taking the initiative to test the waters.

He would let Lin Mo and the other two observe him while protecting him. If there was no danger, they would be able to comprehend it together.

That was the only thing he could do at the moment. Feng Tian sat cross-legged and began to comprehend the scriptures on the bronze door.

Very quickly, he went into a trance and fell into a deep level of the cultivation process.

Outside the door, wisps of special runes appeared and covered Feng Tian.

Everyone felt a chill. These runes contained a killing intent.


Lin Mo immediately made a move and devoured the power to protect Feng Tian.

Feng Tian also stopped his cultivation process and looked at Lin Mo and the others in confusion.

“What do you feel?” Lin Mo asked.

“It’s very profound. I only saw the first line of the scripture. Just as I was about to comprehend it, another force seeped in,” said Feng Tian. It was that power that had swallowed the scripture and forced him out of his cultivation state.

“What is the meaning of this?” Xia You frowned.

If it was a test, then it would be a bit too much. He had to comprehend the Emperor’s ancient scripture while blocking the attacks.

Even the most talented heaven’s pride expert wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Let me try. You guys protect me.”

Lin Mo stepped forward and took Feng Tian’s place, sitting cross-legged.

“Isn’t it too risky? Besides, you don’t need the great Emperor ancient scripture, do you?” Mao Zhu and Song Lianxue were a little worried.

“It’s fine, I’ll open the way for you,” said Lin Mo as he shook his head.

He stepped forward, confident in himself. If this was really a test, then he was confident that he could pass it.

Be it his physical body or his soul, they had been cultivated to its peak. He was confident that he could block those attacks.

Just like Feng Tian, a powerful rune appeared and attacked Lin Mo.


The powerful force struck Lin Mo’s body, leaving a bloody gash on his chest.

“What a powerful physical body, what a terrifying attack…” Mao Zhu and the others exclaimed.

Lin Mo withstood the attack, and a scripture appeared in his mind for him to comprehend.

“It’s here again. Why is it so fast…” said Song Lianxue as she looked at the bronze door in shock.

“It’s because he comprehended it very quickly…”

Xia You frowned as she looked at Lin Mo, a little worriedly.

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