I Just want a Peaceful life

Chapter 702 Apathetic Drunkards

"I don't like it." replied someone from someone behind Miranda.

Everyone immediately notices Miranda standing on the stairs at the big platform carried by various slaves. On the top of this platform, the person is surrounded by half-naked women sitting on big comfy armchairs.

If Angus is here, he will find this platform is similar to a sedan chair used by ancient royalty or kings in his past life. However, this platform is grander and bigger than ordinary sedan chairs from Earth.

A handsome man with good muscle and figure looking down at Miranda and all of the nearby dwarf guards. From the luxury and elegant clothes, everyone knows this person is very wealthy.

"Did you know what you have done?!!" asked the man coldly to Miranda.

"Err… Nope." replied Miranda playfully.

"Are you crazy?!! You broke those stairs!! Forget about its maintenance and polishing fee. Just scratch it a bit; it already costs a lot of money! Did you think money is growing on the tree, huh?!!!" rebuked the man at once.

At this moment, "Err… Sir, be careful!! She is monster-minded!!" called one of the nearby dwarf captains.

Before the dwarf guards could reply, a few people with horns that indicate they are from the demon race block them while releasing a pressuring aura.

"W-What's the meaning of this?!" asked the dwarf captain.

"No one could approach the Master without his permission." said one of the demon races.

"Are you out of your mind?! That woman is dangerous!!" retorted one of the dwarfs.

However, the demon race didn't move and kept blocking all the nearby dwarfs. This situation is also noticed by Miranda, who is lectured by the wealthy man non-stop. She smirks while looking at the dwarf guards before looking at the man again.

"Err… I am sorry. I don't really know what happened. I was in the middle of having fun. Then, suddenly someone put me into this weird barrier ball and threw me around. Hiks.. I thought I was going to die at that time." said Miranda while pretending to cry.

'Who the fuck is going to believe that kind of story!!' thought everyone.

"Oh… Poor girl. Why don't you say so? You must have been through a lot. Come sit beside me." said the wealthy man as he believed Miranda's lie.

"What the fuck?! She is lying!! She is monster-minded and one of the reasons all this chaos happens." roared the nearby dwarves.

"Are you lying?" asked the wealthy man while glancing at Miranda beside him.

"No… How could I?! *Sob* *Sob*" replied Miranda with a pitiful look and fake tears.

"Hmm… Aside from betrayer, I hate when someone accuses others without reliable proof. In my opinion, all this mess is because of you. Tal!!" said the wealthy man.

"Yes, master." replied another demon race who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone could feel a powerful aura from this demon race. The Dwarf even feels like facing their elders or another powerful dwarf senior.

"Take care of them and start moving. We are wasting too much time here. Don't you know time is money!!" ordered the wealthy man.

The dwarf guards want to retort, but demons and other powerful fighting race are already attacking them. In the end, they could only let Miranda get away with the wealthy man. When this happens, a dwarf with a half-sleep eye and red face witnesses all this.

"Err.. I must be getting drunk. There is no way. There is a high platform carried by a bunch of slaves and wealthy men surrounded by half-naked women sitting on it." said the dwarf before chugging the bottle in his hand.

"Oii… Vilas!! What are you doing there?! Get back inside! Torok, open another barrel!!" said Balrug while half-drunk.

"Oohh… Wait for me!!" replied Vilas before going back into the building.

Inside the building was a huge underground tavern with hundreds of drunken dwarves. All these dwarves have a very unique and distinguished aura compared to others. Some of them are even famous throughout the world.

However, they are now in a pitiful state of being half-dead drunk. Still, this is not surprising and common for them. Every time the Undermine Council is held, they gather around and drink thousands of barrels of specially brewed liquor.

The Dwarf community is huge and divided into many groups. Aside from their family clan where they are born, there is also a group of many traveling dwarves. These dwarves are free-spirited and often explore the world.

Most of these dwarves never care about the dwarf inside politics or their community. They only use this time to reunite with others while getting drunk. Still, these dwarves are actually the true force of the dwarf race. Unfortunately, they are as stubborn as the hardest rock.

Even King Dumrod doubted his relic stone could subdue and control these dwarves. They are not only powerful in strength but also have the greatest will. These dwarves are also the source of the rumored dwarf stubbornness legend.

Unbeknown to these half-dead drunkards, the whole Undermine Council becomes so chaotic that every minute there are dwarfs that fall to death. The main cause of this is the monster-minded people hiding in the dark.

After playing with their time ball, they start killing and butchering everywhere. They also targeted only those dwarf guards to create more chaos.

Meanwhile, the ten tower guardians stand vigilantly on the opposite side of Nabe and Alder. After Alder releases his draconic roar and terrible aura, all the surrounding dwarves run away like a chicken.

It turns out the dwarf and dragon races have had some kind of relationship in ancient times. The fear of dragons seeps deeply inside the dwarf bloodline. Just a single roar from the dragon could make all the sixth-grade dwarves' captains tremble in fear.

Therefore, the only people still in this place are the ten tower guards wearing special hooded cloaks to hide their identities. The Red Queen Nabe is not only a large area behind her with a powerful barrier but also somehow moves all these mysterious tower guards here.

Dumrod hired two powerful outsiders to guard his towers in each sector. According to the Dumrod arrangement, each tower will be protected by two people.

Since Dumrod orders them to catch monster-minded people, their first target is obviously Anna, who is revealing a huge amount of dreadful aura. While on the way toward Anna, they somehow get teleported by Nabe here.

Unfortunately, six other tower guardians manage to escape from Nabe's clutches since they are either already on Angus's side or preoccupied with other things. Now, every tower guard couldn't help but curse Dumrod for putting them into this situation.

"Alright, I give up." said one of the tower guards.

"What did you mean?" asked the other tower guards.

"Can you see this is a hopeless situation?" replied the tower guard.

"He is right. This is beyond our job. Not only are we fighting the infamous Red Queen Nabe, who could even fight three seventh grade, but we also need to fight a powerful monster overlord with dragon bloodline." said another tower guard.

"Even if I have hundreds of lives, I will not even dare to fight against them." said another tower guard in agreement.

Noticing all the other tower guards' agreement attitude, "Red Queen Nabe, how about this? We will stay here and do nothing. Fighting you both is a foolish decision and only results in a bad ending for us. Besides, that monster girl is already too far to catch up now."

"We are just a bunch of hired guys anyway. As long as we don't directly betray Dumrod and break the contract, we will do anything you want unless it crosses our line." said another tower guard.

"Good. Then, is anyone interested in playing cards?" said Nabe while pulling out a deck of cards.

"Cards?" asked everyone in confusion.

No sane person should think of playing in this kind of situation. But,

"Hahahaha… As expected of my woman." laughed Alder loudly. 𝒷𝓮𝓭𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵.𝓬ℴ𝓶

"Hmph… Shut up, stupid lizard!! Who is your woman?!" retorted Nabe while blushing.

On the other hand, King Dumrod also noticed the Alder and Nabe situation. He already expected that there would be few seventh grade among the visitors. But he never thought it would be the Red Queen Nabe and an unknown monster overlord with a powerful dragon bloodline.

Even now, he couldn't help but grit his teeth to stop his trembling body from Alder's previous thunderous roar.

"This is bad. I must accelerate the tower construction." said Dumrod before calling all the dwarf's elders in each sector to accelerate their work.

Meanwhile, Angus and the others are still being pursued by all the dwarves relentlessly. After running amok for a while, Angus and the others also notice some dwarves coming from their front side.

"Ohoh… That's bad. Porky Porky, shoot!!" said Anna while riding on the giant pig head.

Suddenly, Porky opens its mouth and shoots a giant concentrated miasma ball toward the incoming dwarves [Miasma Blast].

*BOOOOM* The entire area in front of Porky is covered with a black light before revealing a massive wasteland. All the powerful figures in the surrounding area see this destruction scene.

"Hehehe… As expected of Queenie. She already mastered it despite being so young." laughed Haidem excitedly.

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