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Chapter 735 Hard Decision

At a glance, the battle leaned for Warchief Might's side. However, Warchief Might and Lotord know it is the opposite. None of their attacks manage to truly hurt him. They could only fight with this absurd monster for long because of his injured arm.

After he cuts his own arm, the monster is adamant about healing his arm rather than focusing on fighting them. Although the healing and regenerating power is not using his own mana or miasma, he still needs to put much effort into controlling divine energy.

This slight distraction makes him unable to fight properly against Lotord's attack. Both Warchief Might and Lotord also notice this situation. They didn't know why the monster was adamant about fixing his arm. Still, they decided to take advantage of this situation.

Meanwhile, all the drunken dwarves underground slowly sober out as they notice the terrible presence of the colossal monster. Some strong and sharp ones are even completely sober, ready to fight anytime.

Since the arrival of the monster, all the perception inhibition was gone. The drunken dwarves not only feel bad foreboding from the colossal monster but also a deadly threat. As prideful and hard-headed dwarfs, they will not back down without fighting.

They may not want to interfere with the conflict above, but they still need to go out to go back to their community. Besides, hiding like a mole is not their habit and style.

"So, should we also fight?" asked one of the dwarves.

"Of course!! I will smash that abomination." said another dwarf. ο½‚πšŽο½„ο½Žπš˜ο½–πšŽπš•οΌŽπš˜πš›πš

"How about we talk about it first?" asked another dwarf.

Hearing this, all the dwarves immediately glance at this fat dwarf with a sigh. If the colossal monster could be talked to, the seventh-grade Warchief Might and Elder Lotord would not desperately fight it. Yet, this dwarf suggests talking with it casually.

"Tch… Did your stupid brain rot from too much mushroom?!! Just look at the monster. Is it something that could be talked to?" said another dwarf.

"True. That thing is not the same as us. It is live but also not. In short, it is just a weapon. Created to destroy and annihilate." said another dwarf sagely.

"Hmmm…. Still, I don't think it is as simple as that. Its sudden appearance is too coincidental with the mess Dumrod caused before. Perhaps, it is another Dumrod ploy?" said another dwarf.

"Agreed. However, we couldn't just sit still. Sooner or later, we must fight it." said another dwarf.

As the dwarves gather around and discuss the colossal monster, a small group of dwarves sit together and still drink in a certain corner. Despite this, no other dwarves dare to approach this group easily.

These few dwarves have the strength of at least seventh grade. The other dwarf didn't know whether they were truly seventh grade. Still, their aura is strong enough to hinder anyone approaching them casually.

Since they sense a bad foreboding about the incoming colossal monster, these dwarves suddenly gather around and drink silently in the corner. No one knows what they think or doing some kind of secret talk.

In fact, these dwarves are talking to each other in their own way and discussing their next action. Like the other dwarves in the tavern, they could no longer ignore this monster calamity. With their sense, they know this monster is a different threat than others.

Their experience and knowledge show that this dangerous being differs from monster-minded people or monster overlords. As one of the dwarves said before, the monster is a weapon. Its purpose is to destroy and annihilate.

Since they lock the space in the entire Undermine Council, it is clear that its purpose is to annihilate them or all the living being in this place. There is no way these seventh-grade dwarves could just turn a blind eye to it.

Still, it didn't mean they would fight the monstrous being directly. They still know there is Dumrod hidden somewhere. It is possible that Dumrod used them to hold this monster or for other plans.

As powerful dwarves, they will not let others take advantage of them easily. They also know Dumrod will only do these kinds of actions with purpose. He may have some other plan for them.

In the end, they decide to just wait and see action. All of them may be a dwarf race, but they also belong to a certain force or dwarf community.

Even if all of the dwarves nearby are killed, they will not care about it too much. Moreover, they are also confident to fight back against the monstrous being. Although defeating the monstrous being is hard, they could at least hold it off for a long time.

The difference between seventh grade and those below is too far. Be it endurance, vitality, or even destructive power, it is completely different than those below seventh grade.

Meanwhile, Angus and the others finish their talk with Silvia. Angus learns many things about Silvia and her power. Although she could no longer fight like before or use her powerful full-set artifact, she could still help Angus and the others through spells.

Moreover, Angus learns that elves are a really broken-like race. Besides being near immortal, they possess high talent in wielding mana and elemental. They are natural-born magicians.

They could wield any kind of natural elemental and had a large amount of mana. At Silvia's level, her mana is basically endless. With her current state, she could instacast any fourth circle spells, which could only be done by the seventh-grade magician.

If not for her broken state, she could actually instacast fifth circle or above spells without any burden. However, this does not surprise Angus since he could do it with his high intelligence attribute and [Analyze].

What he surprise is her elven enchantment spells. For Angus, the enchantment spell is the most magical and important to complement his fighting style.

Previously, Angus often used enchantment spells to boost his combat prowess to fight high-grade combatants despite only having grade two strength. Unfortunately, this enchantment spell is no longer useful for him as his mana destiny and magic resistance increase.

Even if he cast high-circle enchantment spells, it would only work for a few minutes before disappearing. It is a complete waste of mana or even effort to cast it. Therefore, he could only abandon enchantment spells and focus on more destructive spells.

However, elven enchantment spells break this limitation. Since the elf race has a high natural affinity with mana, their mana density and magic resistance are also off-chart.

Through a lot of joint effort and countless research, the elf race creates an enchantment spell that works for themself. The only limits for these enchantment spells are using ancient elven language and could only be cast by the elf race.

Otherwise, Angus will urgently ask Silvia to teach him on the spot despite the incoming disaster outside. With Silvia's support, Angus and Jayna have more confidence in fighting against the monstrous being.

"Alright, let's do this." said Angus.

"Yay!! Yay!! Fight! Fight!!" exclaimed Anna excitedly.

Angus nodded at the girls before ordering Silvia sternly.

"Silvia, stay by Anna's side and support us. Anna burst into pieces if she tried to do anything funny." said Angus.

"Ehh!!" said Silvia as her body moved beside Anna.

"Alright!! *Splat*" replied Anna as she 'squashed' Silvia again.

After that, they leave their building and go towards the Giant Porky side. The lazy giant pig is still idle at his previous spot without moving. Besides it, there is a pile of restrained dwarves that Angus and the others have caught before.

Fortunately, their location is far from the monster and still not affected by the spreading spike rain. The incoming monster minion also has not yet reached this place which makes these dwarves safe.

Angus plans to let go of these dwarves to help them fight against the monster's minions on the way. Still, he finds these dwarf guards quite hopeless. Besides the dwarf captain and a few more, most of the dwarves are still having snoring competitions.

It is as if they tried to find who could snore louder than others. Angus cancels the rune restriction in the area and their body without hesitation. Some of the woken dwarves look at them confusedly and notice the dangerous monster in the distance.

"By my beard?!!" called some of the dwarfs.

"What the fucking is that?!!" exclaimed another dwarf captain.

"I don't know about that thing either. However, it will not stop until all of us die. Therefore, I believe we could have a temporary truce for now." said Angus stoically.

"What makes you think we will work for you?!!" asked one of the dwarf captains.

"Yeah. You kill a lot of our kind!!" said another dwarf.

"In my defense, we are just trying to protect ourselves. However, I know this will not quell your hatred or anger. So… Die or work with us." said Angus coldly.

Suddenly, the dwarf feels like seeing an enormous sea of blood behind Angus. They never thought the young human they fought for a long time had this intense killing intent. It is as if this young human is a killing machine that never stops killing a living being.

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