I Just Won’t Play By The Book

Chapter 181 - All You Young Ladies Need to Learn a Lesson 2

Chapter 181 All You Young Ladies Need to Learn a Lesson 2

Luo Wenzhou cupped his hands and replied, “Level 7 mystic realm.”

“Level 7 mystic realm!?”

Hong Yaxuan was shocked. Although Luo Wenzhou seemed to be slightly older than her, he was probably only at level 6 qi refining realm at most. She did not expect him to be a level 7 mystic realm.

But on the surface, Hong Yaxuan still said very indifferently, “Level 7 mystic realm is not bad. Then I’ll ask you again, are you willing to accept my test? As long as you pass, I won’t tell father about you and Cuirong for now.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Good, you’re straightforward enough. The matter is very simple. Recently, a few of my family’s shops in Suiyuan County were targeted by bandits and robbed us twice. If you can help me to get rid of those bandits, then you’ll be considered to have passed the test. In addition, I’ve given Cuirong to you, so I should take all the credit for killing the bandits!”

Hearing Hong Yaxuan being so brazen, Luo Wenzhou couldn’t help but laugh. But soon, he cupped his hands and said, “I wonder if Miss Hong can wait for a moment. I need to make some preparations.”

“Sure! But don’t make me wait too long.”

“Thank you, Miss Hong.” After saying that, Luo Wenzhou smiled at Qin Cuirong and then walked to the other side.

After ten minutes, Luo Wenzhou walked back with a smile on his face.

“How is it? Have you made up your mind?” Hong Yaxuan asked.

“I’m at your service, Miss Hong.”

“Okay!” Hong Yaxuan shouted happily, then, she nodded and said, “It seems that our Cuirong is quite good at picking a man. Then, let’s set off quickly and settle the matter as soon as possible.” Hong Yaxuan looked at Qin Cuirong behind her. “Otherwise, this girl will be anxious to death.”


“Miss… I’m not.” Qin Cuirong said with a red face.

Hong Yaxuan smiled and poked her forehead. “You know yourself very well.” Qin Cuirong’s face became even redder.

On the way to Suiyuan County, Hong Yaxuan smiled very happily. As the youngest daughter of the family, although she was very doted on by her father, her father was not willing to let her help with the family matters at all. Or rather, he did not count on her at all.

Her third brother was sent to the Sect of Four Directions. In the future, he would definitely become the new pillar of the family.

All the big and small businesses in the family were handed over to her second brother. Recently, her father did not even go to many business meetings. Her father left everything to her second brother to handle. Her eldest brother was in charge of teaching the cultivation of the disciples in the family. He was already like the second-in-command of the family.

She was the only youngest daughter. No matter what she proposed to do, her father would rub her hair and say, “Leave the family matters to your brothers. You just stay at home and learn some zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting.”

Since she father couldn’t find any connections from her father, Hong Yaxuan went to her second brother to ask for help. However, her second brother’s words were completely the same as her father’s. He also told her to just stay home and learn something. With her brothers around, she didn’t need to worry about the family matters.


This infuriated Hong Yaxuan, who had a strong self-esteem. Under her persistent request and begging, her father finally agreed to let her cultivate.

Now that she had the strength of level 5 qi refining realm, she was full of confidence and decided to do something to prove herself. Two days ago, she overheard her second brother and eldest brother saying that the goods in the shops in Suiyuan County had been robbed twice, she knew that her chance had come.

Since she wanted to prove herself, she couldn’t use her family’s connections, and she couldn’t let the elders and experts in the family accompany her. Otherwise, what else could she do?

However, she wasn’t too arrogant. She thought that she could deal with those bandits alone. Just as she was thinking about who to ask to help her, she bumped into her personal servant’s lover, who was at level 7 mystic realm. This made her feel that god must be helping her. “This time, I will impress father and the other brothers.” Hong Yaxuan cheered herself up.

They happily arrived at Suiyuan County. After getting off the carriage, Hong Yaxuan rubbed her hands together and said, “Humph, how dare you steal my Hong family’s goods. Watch how I’ll destroy you all!”

Qin Cuirong, who got off the carriage, shouted, “Miss, please slow down.” She turned her head to look at Luo Wenzhou repeatedly, her face brimming with a happy smile.

Luo Wenzhou smiled back at her. At the same time, he also sighed in his heart that this missy of the Hong family was being too impulsive.

On the way here in the carriage, he asked Hong Yaxuan what information she had.

What Hong Yaxuan told him was, “They’re just a bunch of small bandits, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Of course, Luo Wenzhou couldn’t accept such an answer and continued to ask. Hong Yaxuan could only answer, “I only know that some bandits robbed our shop, I don’t know anything else.”

Luo Wenzhou admired this young miss for daring to come alone to catch the bandit just because she knew this little bit of information. However, he was not a hothead like her. Therefore, after calming down Hong Yaxuan, he went out to investigate the relevant information about the bandits.

Two days later, in Suiyuan County, Linwu Mountain.

“Are you sure they’re hiding here? We’ve been looking for them for a long time.” Hong Yaxuan, who was behind Luo Wenzhou, asked.

“Yes, they are here. It can’t be wrong.”

After two days of investigation, Luo Wenzhou had a plan in mind. Suiyuan County was not a wealthy area. The goods that were robbed from the Hong family’s shops were only grain and cloth. It was very likely that the robberies were done by ordinary bandits. If that was the case, Hong Yaxuan alone could easily defeat this group of bandits.

After walking for another three miles, Hong Yaxuan suddenly pointed at the mountain and shouted excitedly, “Look, look, I found it! That must be the bandits’ nest! You’re quite capable, I didn’t expect to find it.”

“Miss Hong, wait here for a moment, I’ll go check out the situation.”

“Aiya, what kind of powerful people can rob in such a poor and remote place? Let’s just kill them.” Hong Yaxuan said as she ran up the mountain.

Luo Wenzhou couldn’t hold her back. He could only shake his head and quickly follow her.

“Who are you!” At the entrance of the mountain stronghold, two guards dressed in sackcloth shouted after seeing Hong Yaxuan rush up.


With a delicate shout, Hong Yaxuan directly blasted out a palm, sending the two guards flying

Clapping her hands, Hong Yaxuan said disdainfully, “Humph, you dare to rob our family’s things with such little ability? You’re overestimating yourself!”

After saying that, she looked at Luo Wenzhou, who was following behind her, and said, “Quick, tie them up.”

“Miss Hong, slow down. Be careful, there might be a trap.”

“Aiya, it’s just an ordinary small mountain stronghold. What kind of trap can there be? Hurry up and catch up after tying them up.” After saying that, she rushed into the mountain stronghold.

She had cultivated for so long, and this was her first time in actual combat. The wonderful feeling of defeating two enemies effortless intoxicated her. She couldn’t wait to find her next opponent, and it would be best if there was someone who was on par with her. She wanted to fight her enemies for 300 rounds and then capture them.

“That would be great!”

Imagining such a scene, Hong Yaxuan charged all the way into the hall of the mountain stronghold.

After easily defeating two guards again, Hong Yaxuan swaggered into the hall of the mountain stronghold.

Looking at the large word ‘benevolence’ on the wall, Hong Yaxuan spat out, “A bunch of bandits who rob for a living. How dare they use this word!”

After saying that, she was about to go up and take off the sign.


Just as she was about to reach out, a woman’s scream suddenly came from the back hall. Hong Yaxuan heard it and rushed over.

The next moment, the scene before her eyes made her pupils dilate instantly. She was stunned on the spot as if she had been struck by lightning

There were more than ten naked women in the back hall. Their bodies were covered in injuries, and they were chained to the pillar like livestock.

The woman who had just screamed looked at Hong Yaxuan and quickly shouted, “Save me, please save me!”

Hong Yaxuan came back to her senses and quickly said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m coming to save you now.”

However, just as Hong Yaxuan took a step forward, she felt a strong gust of wind.

Then, with a bang, Hong Yaxuan was sent flying and hit against the wall. She had no time to react at all


Hong Yaxuan spat out a large mouthful of blood. She only felt a wave of dizziness and extreme fear. “What’s going on!? Who hit me!?” “Hahaha, another fresh young lady has delivered herself to my door. Second Brother, here’s a really good one. But she’s mine, you can’t take her.”

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