I Just Won’t Play By The Book

Chapter 216 - Everyone Is Happy 2

Chapter 216 Everyone Is Happy 2

After all, this matter was not over just like that. There might be even more trouble waiting for them in the future. He had to let his daughter know about the situation. That way, she would know what to do when dealing with the aftermath or escaping in the future.

It was because he no longer had the confidence to protect this family, so he couldn’t let his daughter continue to live a carefree life.

Hong Weitao told Hong Yaxuan about the transaction between his family and the Liu family, as well as the matter of locking up the disciples of the Spirit Dragon Cult. He seemed to have aged a few years, said, “I also made many mistakes, one step at a time. It’s my fault for putting the Hong family in such a dangerous situation.”

Seeing that her father, who was usually domineering and had to bow his head whenever he saw him, suddenly became so “old”, Hong Yaxuan’s heart ached as she went forward to hug him.

“Father, I know that you did it all for us.”

“Sigh.” Hong Weitao sighed and rubbed Hong Yaxuan’s hair. He then looked at his two sons and said, “If it wasn’t for the expert protecting us this time, our Hong family would have been in great trouble.”

“Expert!?” Hong Dingfeng and Hong Rongxuan were stunned at the same time. They did not know which expert could protect their Hong family in such a big event.

Meanwhile, Hong Yaxuan’s heart trembled, and she seemed to have understood something

“Yes.” Hong Weitao nodded, “Although the two of you have a very good attitude toward those prisoners, we have imprisoned them after all. Logically speaking, even if that Cult Master Yin didn’t fly into a rage, he would definitely not let us have a good time. However, I didn’t expect that not only did he not make things difficult for me, but he even put in a good word for me when Wang Sect Master came personally and saved our Hong family from a monstrous disaster.”

Hong Dingfeng was shocked when he heard this and asked, “The Sect of Four Directions already knows that we have secretly withheld money, rations, and cultivation resources?”

Hong Weitao smiled bitterly and nodded. “That’s right. If I don’t clarify this matter, I will really become Liu Mingyuan’s accomplice and cross against Spirit Dragon Cult?”

Hong Dingfeng nodded after he heard this. “That Cult Master Yin actually has so much strength? He can let Sect Master Wang let go of us.”

Hong Dingfeng shook his head and said, “Of course, the Sect of Four Directions didn’t completely let it go. They only gave me a chance to make up for it. However, a chance for redemption is all the thing that we need now. That’s why I said that there must be an expert protecting us. Otherwise, why would that Cult Master Yin help us?”

“That Yin Jianghong is a mystic master. Who could make him agree to help us?” Hong Dingfeng said in great surprise.

He really couldn’t figure out who could make a mystic master not to blame them and even help them.

Hong Weitao also nodded with shock, “Yes, I don’t know which master saved our Hong family, but he did give our Hong family a chance to survive. Not only did we avoid the huge crisis this time, but we also even removed the huge hidden danger on the Liu family’s side. This time, our Hong family can be said to have a new life.”

Hong Rongxuan couldn’t help but scratch his head after hearing that. He couldn’t help but ask, “But father… If even you don’t know, why would that expert help our Hong family like this?”

“Sigh, if I know, I would have long visited that expert. But I don’t know what exactly happened. I can only say that god has blessed our Hong family this time.”

While Hong Weitao was talking to his two sons, Hong Yaxuan’s heart was already in turmoil. “It’s him! It must be him! It can only be him!”

From the beginning to the end, Hong Yaxuan only told that Lin Yu’s big brother about this matter. Since her father did not know who was protecting their Hong family, then only that person could do it.

Although Hong Yaxuan knew that big brother must be an extraordinary figure when he killed a superior mystic practitioner in an instant, she still did not expect that he could actually invite a mystic master to help her family!

“Who exactly is he!?”

Thinking of this, Hong Yaxuan felt ashamed that she had blamed that person in the afternoon for bringing such a great disaster to the Hong family. She decided to give herself two slaps when she went out. She also wanted to set up a memorial tablet for Lin Yu’s big brother as a gratitude for his great kindness.

But when she thought of the memorial tablet, Hong Yaxuan was stunned.

Because until now, she still did not know the name of that person.

“Tomorrow… Tomorrow I must ask for his name!”

“Yaxuan? Yaxuan?”

“Ah!?” Feeling her body shaking, Hong Yaxuan came back to her senses and looked at her father’s worried expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I should be the one to ask you. Why are you not speaking? Are you scared?”

“Yes… I’m indeed scared.” Hong Yaxuan nodded. “Father… then let’s live a good life in the future, okay? I don’t want to buy new clothes, and I don’t want to cultivate anymore. I only hope that our family can live a good life.”

Hearing his daughter’s heartwarming words, Hong Weitao was very touched. He pulled his daughter into his arms and said, “Okay… Will never do anything risky again. Let’s live a simple life.”

At this moment, Hong Rongxuan carefully asked, “Father, then… Should we think of a way to find out who our benefactor is?”

“No.” Hong Weitao waved his hand, “If that expert wants us to know about him, he will naturally show up. If he doesn’t want us to know about him, we shouldn’t do anything unnecessary. Otherwise, it would be easy to make things worse, understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” Hong Dingfeng and Hong Rongxuan cupped their hands at the same time.

Meanwhile, Hong Yaxuan, who was in Hong Weitao’s arms, also secretly swore in her heart, “Without his permission, I will never mention him to anyone in the future, but… I don’t know who he really is.”

The next day, Hong Yaxuan, who was carrying a basket, came to the outside of the pavilion. She was extremely anxious and did not dare to walk in for a long time.

“Will he be angry if I didn’t come yesterday…”

“He’s such a capable person… he must have guessed that I spoke ill of him in my heart.”

“But I didn’t do it on purpose… it’s his fault for not telling me anything.”

“Worst comes to worst, I’ll compensate him as much as he wants.”

After tidying up her clothes, she took out a stick of lipstick that she was usually reluctant to use and wiped her lips. Hong Yaxuan took a deep breath and carefully walked into the pavilion.

“Oh, you’re here.” Luo Wenzhou, who was sitting in front of the round table, looked at Hong Yaxuan and smiled.

Seeing Luo Wenzhou, Hong Yaxuan immediately bowed and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t come yesterday, I…”

“No need to apologize, my big brother already expected it, but he said that you would definitely come today, so he asked me to wait here.”

Quietly raising her head, Hong Yaxuan observed the surroundings of the pavilion and said, “You… Oh no, your big brother didn’t come today?”

“Yes, since the matter has been settled, my big brother doesn’t like to stay in the same place for too long.”

“Ah!?” Hong Yaxuan exclaimed, “Has he left the town already?” “Yes.” Luo Wenzhou nodded.

“But… but I haven’t thanked him yet.”

“He asked me to convey to you that he didn’t help you for your sake. He told you not to worry too much. If you really want to thank him, then just don’t mention this matter to anyone.”

“I swear! I haven’t mentioned it to anyone, and I promise that I won’t tell anyone about it in the future.”

“Okay, that’s all. I’ll take my leave now. Goodbye.”

“Wait!” Hong Yaxuan shouted.

“Is there anything else?” Luo Wenzhou turned around and asked.

“I made some osmanthus cake. Can you give it to him?”

“No need. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to meet my big brother in the near future. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give it to him for


Luo Wenzhou had just finished speaking when he saw Hong Yaxuan kneel on the ground with a plop.

“I’m really, really grateful to him. Even if he said that he didn’t do it to help me, he also saved my family’s lives. Please take this box of osmanthus cake. I beg you to help me convey my gratitude.”


Seeing Hong Yaxuan kneel on the ground and hand over the food box with both hands, Luo Wenzhou sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll convey it for you.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

After Luo Wenzhou left, Hong Yaxuan stood up slowly and swore to herself while looking at the sky.

“Although I can’t do anything now, I must work hard and try my best to help him one day in the future!”

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