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Chapter 493 - Chapter 493: New Mission (1)

Chapter 493: New Mission (1)

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Luo Wenzhou was brought back to the courtyard of Golden Jade Town on the auspicious cloud. As soon as Luo Wenzhou stood still, he felt that he had entered a new world.

“Hey, Junior Brother Luo is here.”

Gu Qinghuan, who was cleaning, said in surprise.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Gu.” Luo Wenzhou immediately cupped his hands.

After the two of them greeted each other, Jiang Beiran looked at Gu Qinghuan and Huan, 20 and brinq Yang Ze here. Also, inform Qing Ce to come

here as well.”

Gu Qinghuan cupped his hands and replied,” Yes.” He put down his broom and left the ward.

“I’ll go get something. You can feel it yourself for a while.”

Jiang Beiran walked towards a small house after he finished speaking. When his master left, Luo Wenzhou realized that this realm was not useful to everyone.

‘This is…Fire spiritual energy?

After two years of traveling around, Luo Wenzhou had seen a lot of things, and he had dabbled in all kinds of rare treasures.

And this Five Elements Spiritual Energy was one of the top treasures. Luo Wenzhou immediately felt waves of fire spiritual energy pouring into his body.

‘As expected of the fire spiritual energy that has the characteristics of the flame.’

In Luo Wenzhou’s knowledge, the fire spiritual energy had two characteristics. One was the destructive power that could burn everything. The second was the flame, which meant that it could rise. Simply put, although the flame itself was extremely destructive and dangerous, if used properly, it could also make many things in the world sublimate. For example, iron would become sharper after being tempered by the flame, herbs would become more effective after being refined by the flame, food would become more delicious after being cooked by the flame, and so on.

Therefore, the second characteristic was that it could greatly increase all the abilities of the user in a short period of time.

Unlike the slow cultivation of wood spiritual energy, fire spiritual energy was explosive.

In other words, the cultivation process of wood spiritual energy was long and had a high upper limit. On the other hand, the cultivation process of fire spiritual energy was short and had a low upper limit.

Both of them had their own advantages, and it depended on how they were used.

After absorbing a large amount of fire spiritual energy, Luo Wenzhou clearly felt that his body was much stronger, and a new power was brewing in his every move.

‘Yes… It was not only an increase in strength, but also a qualitative change.’

After experiencing the power of the fire spiritual energy, Luo Wenzhou looked up and observed the self-barrier. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.’As expected, no matter what Senior Brother does, he’s extraordinary. I wonder where this fire spiritual energy comes from.’

An hour later, Gu Qinghuan brought Qu Yangze back to her own barrier. At the same time, Wu Qingce, who had enjoyed being a senior brother in Moxia, also arrived.

After the four of them greeted each other, Jiang Beiran walked out of the small room.

“Greetings, Master (Senior Brother)”

Nodding at the four of them, Jiang Beiran said,””l called you here this time because I have something to give you.”

Jiang Beiran didn’t keep Wu Qingce in suspense. He took out a uniquely shaped purse from his Cosmos Ring and tossed it to Wu Qingce.”There are 18 Tang Sect hidden weapons in here, all of which are peerless products forged with pure wood spiritual energy. As long as it is cultivated carefully, it will soon be able to leap into the ranks of magic weapons.”

Although he did not know what the Tang Sect was, nor did he understand the meaning of pure wood spiritual energy, this did not stop Wu Qingce from feeling ecstatic. This was a hidden weapon produced by his senior brother, and it was obvious that it was a peerless treasure.

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” Wu Qingce received the bag and bowed.

Jiang Beiran then tossed a Yanling Saber to Gu Qinghuan.” This Yanling Saber is also a top-grade weapon forged with pure Wood Spiritual Qi. Althoußh the

Prairie Fire Hammer is very compatible with your wide range of moves and techniques, it’s not suitable for all times. You should practice this Yanling Saber well.””

“Yes, I will follow your instructions, Senior Brother.” Gu Qinghuan cupped his hands.

Although Wu Qingce and even Gu Qinghuan didn’t know what pure wood spiritual energy meant, Luo Wenzhou knew.

Only the wood spiritual energy that was directly absorbed from the wood spiritual vein could be called pure wood spiritual energy.

The Five Elements Spirit Vein was a supreme treasure that only appeared in the Central Plains, which was the area surrounded by the five strongest countries.

It was rumored that the awakening of the Five Elements Spirit Meridians would even attract the attention of Profound Sage-level experts. This was enough to show how precious it was.

Although Luo Wenzhou had always known that his master was very powerful, he knew that the Five Elements Spiritual Vein was a treasure that only the top sects in the five big countries could find. Where did his master get it from, and where did he get so many of them?

Just as Luo Wenzhou was in shock, he heard his master calling out to him.

“Wen Zhou.”

“Disciple is here.” Luo Wenzhou immediately cupped his hands and replied.

“I was thinking that you would be able to cultivate without a heart, so I forged a set of protective armor for you. Now, it seems that you have the intention to cultivate again. Next time, I will help you forge a weapon that suits you.” Jiang Beiran then handed a bamboo box to Luo Wenzhou.

Hearing his master’s concern for him, Luo Wenzhou took the box and shouted, “Thank you, Master! Disciple will definitely work hard.”

Finally, he turned to Qu Yangze and threw him a pair of wrist guards. ‘”‘Try it on. ”

Qu Yangze first thanked his master before putting the wrist guard on his wrist.

“Try stretching your arm as far as you can,”


Qu Yangze threw a punch as his arm bounced out like rubber.

Under Qu Yangze’s astonished gaze, the wrist guard began to grow longer by itself, completely wrapping around his long arm. At the same time, a row of barbs grew out, and there was no discomfort at all..

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