I Just Won’t Play By The Book

Chapter 533 - Chapter 533: Evil Demons Entangling the Body

Chapter 533: Evil Demons Entangling the Body

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Pushing the door open, Jiang Beiran followed Shi Fenglan in.

Compared to the magnificence of the room outside, the room was a little plain. Of course, it was just not as fancy as the one outside. Jiang Beiran, who had a sharp eye, still spotted a few treasures at a glance.

“Black Grade High Rank Destitute Dragon Sword?!”

‘Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Xuanlin Furnace? Wait a minute, he was using a Xuan Grade Middle Rank furnace to burn incense!?ls this the world of tycoons?

‘That pillow…lt couldn’t be wrong. It was made of Flowing Light Warm Jade! Tsk! I’ve been looking for this jade for a long time!

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Beiran recognized the various treasures in the room. In the end, all the surprise he felt turned into one sentence.

‘Tycoon is inhumane…’

Some of the priceless treasures in the country were being used as furniture. If you were to say it was a waste, then using these things as daily necessities would indeed improve the quality of life.

But it was really extravagant!

Of course, Jiang Beiran was only observing the treasures in passing. From the moment he entered the room, he had been staring at the middle-aged man sitting on the lava chair.

‘Mystique Venerable.’

Although Jiang Beiran had already expected Shi Fenglan’s uncle to be very powerful, he did not expect him to start off as a Mystique Venerable Rank.

At this moment, Shi Hongfang, who was sitting on the lava rattan chair, said,””Lan ‘er, go out first. Uncle has something to talk to him about in private.”

Hearing Shi Hongfang’s words, Jiang Beiran and Shi Fenglan were both stunned.

“Uncle, I won’t disturb you guys. Just let me stay here.” Shi Fenglan said after she was done being stunned.

“Be good, go out first.” Shi Hongfang said with a smile.

Although these words were very soft, Shi Fenglan did not act coquettishly anymore. She nodded and said,’”‘Alright, Uncle, don’t bully Little Bei Ran too much.”

Shi Fenglan glanced at Jiang Beiran after she finished speaking, then made a hand gesture of patting her chest to reassure him. Don’t worry, my uncle is a very good person.”

After saying this softly, Shi Fenglan left.

As the wooden door closed, Shi Hongfang first picked up the teacup beside him and took a sip. Then, he smiled and said,”Jiang Beiran…Right?”

“Junior Jiang Beiran greets Senior Shi.”

“Have a seat.”

Following Shi Hongfang’s gesture, Jiang Beiran cupped his hands in thanks and sat down on a chair.

‘Good heavens, as expected of a chair made of Golden Sun Wood. Just sitting on it makes me feel like all the meridians in my body are open. And sitting on it to cultivate, my speed has at least doubled.’

After sizing up Jiang Beiran, Shi Hongfang asked, ” What’s your relationship with Lan ‘er?”

“Playmate.” Jiang Beiran answered without batting an eyelid.


Shi Hongfang was rather surprised to see that Jiang Beiran did not even flinch when he heard the question.

“His temperament is indeed excellent.”

After praising him in his heart, Shi Hongfang took another sip of tea and asked, “Did you really not have any interest in the treasures that Lan ‘er stole?” ‘As expected..

Jiang Beiran had always felt that there was a pair of eyes watching Shi Fenglan. Otherwise, the System would not have reminded him to not reveal his true strength when he first met her.

Later on, Shi Fenglan was able to steal the treasures that were listed on the Rare Treasures List from her house, which also indirectly proved this point. If it wasn’t for someone or some method that had been secretly watching over Shi Fenglan, how could she really be allowed to bring these treasures out?

Just as Jiang Beiran was thinking about this, three options suddenly popped up.

[Choice 1:’Never moved.’ [Completion Reward: Celestial Pole Immortal Axis (Earth Grade Low-Rank)]

[Choice 2:”Ordinary things are just fleeting clouds. “[Completion Reward:

Moonlight Illusionary Book (Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank)]

[Choice 3:” Senior, look at what you’re saying. How can anyone not be tempted by such a treasure in front of them? I really want it.””[Completion Reward: Random Basic Attribute Point +1]


Looking at the third option, Jiang Beiran was a little stunned. He had understood what she meant, but why was her tone so strange?


Their relationship wasn’t that close…

Even though he was complaining in his heart, Jiang Beiran still chose the third option decisively. He smiled and said,””Senior, look at what you’re saying. How can anyone not be tempted by such a treasure in front of them? I really want it.”

[Mission completed. Reward: Charm +1]

‘Damn it! Why am I handsome again? Are you going to let me live?

Shi Hongfang was obviously taken aback by Jiang Beiran’s words. He did not quite understand why Jiang Beiran was suddenly so casual.

Is my smile not dignified enough?

However, compared to those juniors who were always on tenterhooks in front of him, Jiang Beiran’s behavior…

He didn’t really hate it, and even found it rather refreshing.

“Hahaha, Bei Ran is straightforward and doesn’t put on any airs at all. Since you’re tempted, why don’t you want it?”

“I’m too timid to take it.”


Shi Hongfang smiled happily in the face of such a junior who spoke the truth and was not afraid of anything.

After laughing for a while, Shi Hong continued,””Alright, let’s get down to business. I believe you should know why I asked Lan ‘er to bring you along this time.”

“Is that Senior Profound Sage looking for me?”

“That’s right. It’s the ancestor who specifically asked for you. To be honest, I’m also very curious about what kind of young man can make the ancestor interested. Now that I’ve seen you…” Shi Hongfang sized Jiang Beiran up again.””l understand a little now.”

Without waiting for Jiang Beiran’s humble reply, Shi Hongfang continued,””Before I take you to see the ancestor, I have something to tell you..”

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