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Chapter 657 - Chapter 657: The Strongest Sage! (1)

Chapter 657: The Strongest Sage! (1)

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Xiao Shi’s face was pale. His entire soul was filled with a strong sense of weakness. Although the coffin in his body had successfully protected his soul, the current situation was extremely bad for him.

The existence in the coffin was severely injured by the Emperor’s Soul. It was no longer able to attack. As for the Emperor’s Soul, it was also greatly stimulated by the existence in the coffin and became even crazier and more dangerous than before.

With the items and methods Xiao Shi currently had, it was impossible to resist the Emperor’s Soul in this state. Previously, the Emperor’s Soul had a time limit. However, in this state, the Emperor’s Soul no longer had a time limit.

Xiao Shi’s situation was quite bad. It was a situation where he was almost certain to die! Just as he was feeling anxious about this, his body trembled violently again.

Branches flew out of his body like spirit snakes and swept towards the Emperor’s Soul in front of him.


These branches were very different from the branches that the Ancient Cang’e Tree had shown in the past. Not only had they become thicker, but profound and complicated patterns had also appeared on the branches, making one unable to help but feel dizzy.


When these branches touched the Emperor’s Soul, they actually wrapped around it. Even the shocking and terrifying power emitted from the Emperor’s Soul could not shatter these branches, especially after the patterns on the branches lit up. These branches seemed to be able to avoid all power, causing the power of the Emperor’s Soul to lose its effect after acting on the branches.

These branches wrapped around the entire body of the Emperor’s Soul. Moreover, from these branches, more tree branches began to grow at an astonishing speed. However, they did not grow outward. Instead, it grew into the body of the Emperor’s Soul.

These new tree branches pierced into the Emperor’s Soul’s body, forming a powerful seal. As a result, even if the Emperor’s Soul opened its eyes, its power was sealed in its body and could not dissipate.

The Emperor’s Soul’s expression was ferocious.

Xiao Shi could clearly feel the strong emotional fluctuations transmitted from the Emperor’s Soul. However, under the binding and sealing of these branches, even someone as powerful as the Emperor’s Soul could only be helpless and furious.


These branches that wrapped around the Emperor’s Soul rolled back. It immediately brought the Emperor’s Soul and fused with Xiao Shi’s body. Only then was the crisis averted.

However, Xiao Shi was still a little worried. He hurriedly checked the Ancient Cang’e Tree in his body. When his consciousness condensed on the Ancient Cang’e Tree in his body, it appeared in front of an incomparably huge tree.

Now that it had completed the transformation, the Ancient Cang’e Tree had become even larger and more shocking than before. The branches and leaves were like a lid, and the vines were like curtains hanging down.

Be it its branches or trunk, they were all very different from the Ancient Cang’e Tree from the beginning. They had become a combination of the Ancient Cang’e Tree and the sealed divine tree that sealed the Eye of the Emperor Judgment back then.

However, most of the characteristics were still the characteristics of the Ancient Cang’e Tree.

Among them, Xiao Shi paid attention to the trunk of the Ancient Cang’e Tree, where a soul body appeared. It was the Emperor’s Soul from before! The entire Emperor’s Soul was firmly sealed in the Ancient Cang’e Tree, just like the Eye of the Emperor Judgment back then.

Xiao Shi’s eyes flickered. He realized that after the Ancient Cang’e Tree absorbed the heart of the divine tree that sealed the divine tree, it already had the ability to seal something.

This was an extremely powerful seal. Even the Eye of the Emperor Judgment, a demigod-level taboo treasure, could not escape under such a seal.

Although the Emperor’s Soul was strong, it didn’t reach the level above the demigod level. Therefore, when facing the seal of the Ancient Cang’e Tree, the Emperor’s Soul was helpless.

After seeing the Emperor’s Soul sealed by the Ancient Cang’e Tree, Xiao Shi heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, at the critical moment, the Ancient Cang’e Tree completed its transformation and sealed the Emperor’s Soul.

Otherwise, he would definitely die this time!

Previously, the black coffin’s attack was also very important, buying him time. Xiao Shi stared at the sealed Emperor’s Soul in front of him. This Emperor’s Soul did not fall asleep under the seal like the Eye of the Emperor Judgment back then. He remained conscious. His expression was ferocious as he struggled continuously.

However, no matter how he struggled, he could not break free from the seal of the Ancient Cang’e Tree. As the Emperor’s Soul could not speak, therefore, Xiao Shi could only sense the emotions of the Emperor’s Soul through the Ancient Cang’e Tree.

There was an incomparably intense hatred in the Emperor’s Soul’s emotions. This hatred completely overshadowed his greed. However, Xiao Shi knew that this hatred was not for him, but for the existence in the black coffin.

Previously, after seeing the existence in the black coffin attack, the Emperor’s Soul was greatly stimulated. From this, it could be seen that there was definitely some grudge between the existence in the black coffin and the Martial Emperor.

And it was a huge grudge. This was why the Emperor’s Soul would suffer such a strong stimulation when it saw him.

All along, Xiao Shi did not know who the existence in the black coffin was. His identity remained a mystery. And there were no clues. Only now did he discover some clues.

“To be able to have such a grudge with the Martial Emperor, he must be a high-ranking figure in the Tianwu Continent. At the very least, he must be a demigod. Such an existence is naturally not something I could come into contact with in the past. It’s only right that there are no clues..”

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