Chapter 544 - 544 Chaos Dao Mirror (Part 1)

544 Chaos Dao Mirror (Part 1)

As for whether Qi could actually reach the Daoyuan realm, that would be up to him and his fate.

Chu Xuan’s gaze looked towards a mysterious small space in the primordial land.

The space was white and extremely cold. In the middle, there was a snow-white object that looked like jelly.

It was a ball of chaotic ice essence.

The primordial actually hid the five elements of chaos, as well as some other essences of the chaos.

When the chaos created the world, these essences also appeared.

No one discovered it, or perhaps someone had discovered it, but was unable to obtain it.

Of course, there was the possibility that someone had fused with part of these chaotic essences.

The disciples had all transformed into potential Ancient Chaos Gods, so he had to make sure that Su Xian’er kept up with them.

In any case, he had promised to give her a huge opportunity.

Chu Xuan extracted part of the ball of chaotic ice essence.

He looked at another mysterious space in the primordial land.

The inside was verdant and full of vitality.

In the core of the space was a chaotic wood essence.

He also extracted it.

These chaotic essences were left behind from the beginning of the world. They were extremely precious.

Chu Xuan only needed to take a portion.

The rest of the chaotic essences would continue to remain in the space they were in, and as the world expanded, there would gradually be more.

In fact, it might even give birth to life and become an innate lifeform.

In the future, the nine zones would be his, so he naturally had to take good care of this world.

Chu Xuan called Su Xian’er over.

“Sir, you were looking for me.”

Chu Xuan raised his hand and rubbed her head. “I once said that I would give you an opportunity and not let you fall behind them. I will give it to you now.”

Su Xian’er was overjoyed.

“What kind of opportunity is it?”

She pulled Chu Xuan’s arm and looked excited.

“Chaotic ice essence.”

Chu Xuan raised his hand, and a small, crystal-clear object appeared in his palm.

“This is great, I love it.”

Su Xian’er was overjoyed.

Chu Xuan injected the chaotic ice essence into Su Xian’er’s body and sent her into the pocket dimension.

“Comprehend it well and fuse with the chaotic ice essence. It’ll be a little uncomfortable during this period, but you have to overcome it yourself.”

“Got it, Sir!”

Su Xian’er was so cold that she could barely reply.

Chu Xuan observed for a while. Su Xian’er’s fusion with this chaotic ice essence would not be a big problem. The process would just be a little uncomfortable.

After the fusion, she too would have the potential of an Ancient Chaos God.

Unfortunately, Su Xian’er had not relied on her own luck to obtain this opportunity, so this would not trigger a reward from the system.

Chu Xuan called Chu Yun over and injected the chaotic wood essence into her body.

After all the arrangements were made, Chu Xuan continued to cultivate.

He would strive to reach the 10-million-mile mark.

Chu Xuan sighed.

In the blink of an eye, he had been cooped up for almost seventy-seven years.

Other than Chu Yun, no one in the Chu family remembered him, right?

No, that grandfather of his, Chu Tianming, still remembered him.

Recently, his cultivation base was stuck and he was unable to break through to the Heaven realm. He had been suppressed by an old enemy that he had been fighting with for more than ten years, so he was not in a good mood.

He had only roared once in the ancestral home yesterday.

The Chu family was already used to his roars.

As soon as he heard Chu Tianming’s roar, he knew that he must have suffered a loss somewhere.

The Northern Zone had lost many cultivators who left to fight for opportunities amidst the calamity. As a result, there was a shortage of martial artists above the Heaven realm in the Northern Zone.

There was not even a single Dao realm expert.

All of the martial artists who left the Northern Zone seemed to have forgotten about its existence.

In the entire nine zones, other than the living beings of the Northern Zone, the living beings of the other territories seemed to have forgotten the existence of the Northern Zone.

Even if Qin Keyun left, the Great Qin Empire would still be the ruler of the southern state.

The Chu family gradually became a special existence.

Over the years, they had vaguely gained the reputation of being the number one family here.

It was mainly because of the Chu family’s special status in the Great Qin Empire. Chu Yun had also displayed her strength a few times, shocking countless experts.

Chu Xuan thought that it was good for the Chu family to be like this, living peacefully and without too many grudges.

Chu Tianming, this old man, had been holding back for a long time. It was better to help him break through to the Heaven realm.

Speaking of which, Chu Xuan thought of his parents.

There was no trace of them in the entire nine zones.

There was a high probability that they were really dead.

It might really be as the rumors said, and they had fallen while exploring an ancient ruin.

Chu Xuan sighed and did not think much about it. He continued to immerse himself in cultivation. He was looking forward to the eighty-year milestone reward.

“You remained in seclusion for seventy-seven years, created the Heavenly Dao laws, and created the reincarnation cycle. You have been rewarded with world origin energy, the origin pearl of the laws, and an upgrade to the Chaos Dao Mirror.”

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