I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Company Commander, Go to Hell!

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At this moment! When everyone in the logistics company heard Qin Yuan’s orders, the entire place fell silent.

Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, who were standing beside Qin Yuan, were also dumbfounded.

Not to mention the other soldiers in the logistics company.

“Is this the new training method that commander Qin told us about?”

“Old Zhou, what’s with commander Qin’s actions!” Liu Ye asked Zhou Qing helplessly.

“I don’t know! What is commander Qin doing? You want us to beat up Geng Hu?”

At this moment, Geng Hu, who was standing beside Qin Yuan, had a sunken expression.

The sudden order made him want to curse.

“F*ck! This company commander is a f*cking pervert!”

“I’ve just arrived, so I didn’t offend him! Yet he’s asking people to beat me up the moment I arrived?”

At this moment.

All the soldiers looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“What’s going on? the company commander wants us to go and beat up that stupid big guy?”

“Yup! The company commander’s way of welcoming him is too special!”

The soldiers of the logistics company stood still on the field.

Qin Yuan roared again, “Didn’t you hear me clearly? Beat him up. If you can’t beat him down, then the company will continue with the cross-country training tonight.”

Following Qin Yuan’s roar, the soldiers of the logistics company looked at Geng Hu at a loss.

“Platoon leader, do you want to go?”

One of the soldiers asked Zheng Xiaohu.

“The company commander has already spoken, do you guys still want to train more? 2nd platoon, follow me!”

Zheng Xiaohu immediately rolled up his sleeves and rushed toward Geng Hu.

“I don’t care. I can’t go through the training, but I don’t have a problem beating people up… Brothers, let’s go together…”

When the rest of the people saw that their platoon leader had gone up, they didn’t think so much and rushed up like a swarm of bees.

“F*ck! This company commander is f*cking trying to kill me! There are so many people.”

“I’ve just arrived and you’re already asking the entire company of soldiers to beat me up. You can’t do this, can you?!”

At that moment, Geng Hu felt bitter as he saw the group of people from the logistics company starting to surround him.

“Don’t come any closer. If you do, I won’t be polite anymore.”

Geng Hu looked at the few soldiers who were about to rush up and said hurriedly.

“What are you guys still looking at? Your training tonight is to beat him up! If you can’t beat him up, you’ll be the ones to suffer!”

Qin Yuan immediately shouted at the soldiers of the logistics company.

At that moment, Geng Hu could only run to the back strategically when he saw the dark mass of people rushing towards him.

If it was a one-on-one fight, he would not be afraid of any of the soldiers in the entire logistics company.

Even instructor Zhou Qing and the Deputy company commander.

He was only a little afraid of Qin Yuan because he had an inexplicable fear of him.

However, so what if the company commander forced himself into a corner? He was going all out.

When he was in the 1st Battalion, the platoon leader had been picking on him, and in the end, the company commander even scolded him without distinguishing between right and wrong.

“I didn’t expect to be bullied as soon as I came here. Do you really think I’m a pushover?” Geng Hu said angrily as he ran.

Geng Hu turned around and punched Zheng Xiaohu, who was chasing him.

Zheng Xiaohu, who had been chasing Geng Hu, had not expected Geng Hu to turn around and attack him.

The speed was extremely fast.

Following this, he raised his right hand to block it.

Geng Hu’s sudden punch also forced Zheng Xiaohu to retreat.

“The explosive power of this kid’s fist is so strong!”

Zheng Xiaohu was shocked as he stared at Geng Hu.

At this moment, he could vaguely see Zheng Xiaohu’s right hand trembling slightly.

Geng Hu had used 70% of his strength in this punch, he did not dare to use his full strength.

After all, when he was in the 2nd company of the 1st Battalion, it was only because the platoon leader had pushed him into a corner that he had to resort to such ruthless means.

“Your skills are not bad! Private.”

“Hmph, you guys better stop. Otherwise, I won’t be polite.”

The people following Zheng Xiaohu stopped when they saw this scene.

“Although you are quite strong, don’t forget that I have the entire logistics company behind me!”

“Brothers from the logistics company! Beat him up.”

Zheng Xiaohu wasn’t someone who would be at a disadvantage.

He also knew that there was still a gap between him and Geng Hu.

Since a one-on-one fight didn’t work, then a group fight would do.

In any case, it was the order from the company commander.

“What the hell! Are you guys still human?”

Geng Hu had never expected this guy to be a platoon leader!

They didn’t play by the rules and immediately threw their fists at him.

Geng Hu didn’t say anything and the few people who rushed to the front were taken down by him in a short while.

Two of the soldiers had even been knocked unconscious by him. They were lying on the ground with blood still oozing out of their noses.

Seeing this, Zheng Xiaohu also hurriedly started to fight with Geng Hu.

When the rest of the soldiers saw their comrades being knocked down, they couldn’t care less.

They raised their fists and swung them at Geng Hu, causing the scene to turn chaotic.

As Zhou Qing and Liu Ye looked at the scene in front of them, they couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spines.

“Company commander Qin, is this really okay?”

Zhou Qing also began to worry.

“It’s alright, he won’t die!”

Qin Yuan had been paying attention to the situation on the battlefield. The system had been reporting every soldier’s information to Qin Yuan.

“Those brats from the logistics company, they’re all whining and complaining during training.”

“When it’s time to fight, all of you charge!”

Liu Ye looked at the soldiers who were chasing Geng Hu on the training ground and couldn’t help saying.

“It’s a fight! Not to mention, a gang fight.”

“They’re young and hot-blooded, if they don’t rush in when they see their good friend getting beaten up, they’re not qualified to join the army,” Qin Yuan laughed.

“Geng Hu is quite a fierce guy! He’s already beaten a bunch of them.”

Liu Ye was also shocked when he saw more than a dozen soldiers who had been knocked down and were wailing on the ground.

“Do you think this matter will reach the leader?”

“This kid is a tough one, we need to train his temper.”

Zhou Qing said in shock as he looked at the situation.

“Company commander… Go to hell!”

At this moment! Geng Hu’s angry roars could be heard from the training ground …

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