I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Secret Recipe

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“Company commander, will the regiment commander cause us trouble when he wakes up?”

Zhou Qing was also worried. There were so many weapons and equipment.

That was a serious matter.

“It’ll be fine!”

“Since the commander wants a donkey to pull the millstone, then he should at least make sure it’s full!”

“Don’t worry! If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.” Qin Yuan consoled him with a smile.

After saying that, the two of them quickly walked towards the Army supplies Department.

“What? Why would the commander approve so many military supplies?”

At this moment, the head of the military supplies Department was also shocked when he saw the approval that Qin Yuan and the others had brought over.

“Your logistics department only has around 50 people, right?”

“Besides, you’re just a logistics company. Why would you need so many weapons and equipment?”

The director of the military supplies department looked at Qin Yuan in disbelief.

Qin Yuan replied indifferently, “How can the Regiment commander’s signature be fake?”

“Forging a commander’s signature in the Army will bring you to the military court.”

At this time, the military supplies director, who heard Qin Yuan’s words, held the approval in his hand and was at a loss.

“You guys wait here. I’ll call the regiment commander.”

The director of military supplies picked up the phone and made a call.

The phone rang for a long time before someone picked up.

“No way! What should we do, commander Qin? If the Regiment commander finds out that we’ve tricked him, we’re finished.”

Zhou Qing looked at the scene in front of him and began to wonder.

It made him feel a little guilty. His back was cold, and his forehead was sweating.

“It’s fine, he is drunk.”

“It should be his guard, Xiaowu, who picked up the phone.” Qin Yuan said with a leisurely expression.

At this time, he had already heard that the person talking to the military supplies director on the phone was Xiaowu.

His beginner radar warning skill was not for show.

The regiment commander had drunk too much. It was Xiaowu who picked up the phone.

Moreover, Xiaowu knew that Qin Yuan and the others were there to discuss business with the regiment commander.

So, he didn’t wake up Commander Kang Lei.

“Good, good, good! I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, the director of the military supplies department walked over to Qin Yuan and the others.

“Come with me!”

After he finished speaking, he led Qin Yuan and the other man into the Arsenal.

At this moment, the two of them passed through layers of protective doors under the guidance of the supply director.

There were people on duty at every security door.

“This Armory sure is big! This is my first time here.” Zhou Qing couldn’t help but exclaim.

After a short while, the two of them saw all kinds of weapons placed in front of them.

“Crap, that’s too much! This is the first time I’ve seen so many weapons and equipment!”

“Alright, old Zhou. We’ll use this equipment in the future.”

“Take our equipment and hurry back.” Qin Yuan continued.


After that, the two of them started moving the military supplies without stopping.

With the help of the soldiers in the supply department, the two of them quickly set foot on the road back to the camp.

“Commander Qin, your operation is too awesome.”

“If the regiment commander knew that we cheated him of so many military supplies, he would be furious.”

“I have no choice! The logistics company’s military supplies are pitifully few.”

Qin Yuan was also helpless. If he wanted the logistics company to become the top company in the entire Regiment in three months…

These weapons were indispensable.

Without equipment, how could they train the soldiers of the logistics company?

Good soldiers and good marksmanship are acquired by bullets.

Not everyone had the system’s assistance like him.

“Company commander Qin, you’re getting so many weapons and equipment. Are you trying to make our logistics company…”

“Old Zhou, do you want to be a Special Forces soldier?” Qin Yuan asked.

“Of course I want to! Wait a minute!”

“Commander Qin, you’re not thinking of turning the logistics company into a Special Forces, are you?”

Zhou Qing exclaimed as he looked at the weapons behind him.

“Yes! Who said that a logistics company can’t become a special force?”

“As long as I’m here, the logistics company will definitely be able to do it.” Qin Yuan said.

“Commander Qin, are you for real?”

Zhou Qing looked at Qin Yuan in shock.

“Why not? I’ve spent so much effort training those kids.”

“Why would I waste my time and effort to get so many weapons and equipment?”

“Do you think these weapons are for them to shoot birds?”

“I want the logistics company to become a special force that even the enemy will be afraid of.”

Zhou Qing looked at Qin Yuan with a hint of excitement on his face.

“Commander Qin, although I can’t make it because of my condition, I will definitely cooperate with you.”

Of course, Zhou Qing wanted to, but he understood his own body’s condition.

It was impossible for anyone who joined the Army to not want to become a Special Forces soldier.

Qin Yuan looked at Zhou Qing and understood what he was thinking.

“Come, old Zhou, I have a bottle of our family’s secret recipe.”

“It’s quite effective in healing the body’s injuries.”

Qin Yuan took out a small bottle of unknown green liquid from his pocket and handed it to Zhou Qing.

“What the hell is this!”

Zhou Qing looked at the unknown liquid with a confused expression.

“You’ll know when you drink it later. Drive back first.”


It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at the camp.

It was already two in the morning.

Qin Yuan got off the car and returned to his dormitory.

Zhou Qing didn’t get the soldiers to move the supplies. Instead, he drove the car into the warehouse and returned to his dormitory.

After Zhou Qing returned to his dormitory, he took out the bottle of unknown green liquid that Qin Yuan had given him.

“What kind of secret recipe is this? It’s green.”

“Sigh, even the best military hospital can’t cure my body. What can this little thing do?”

Zhou Qing couldn’t help but feel hurt.

“Ah, forget it. Anyway, it’s already like this. Let’s try it!”

Zhou Qing looked at the small bottle in his hand and thought that Qin Yuan wouldn’t give him this for no reason.

He opened the bottle and drank it.

At this moment, Zhou Qing’s expression began to twist as he drank the body strengthening liquid.

The liquid slowly flowed through his body, and his wounds were slowly recovering.

With a sharp pain, the body strengthening liquid was healing his lungs.

Zhou Qing felt an invisible force warming his veins.


Zhou Qing let out a scream and fainted on the bed.


[Name: Zhou Qing]

[Rank: Captain]

[Position: Iron fist logistics instructor]

[Physique: 13 + 5]

“Congratulations, Zhou Qing, for breaking through 5 physique points and recovering your body’s functions. The host has received 2000 skill points.”

A system notification suddenly sounded in Qin Yuan’s mind.


“Looks like I’ve gotten myself another good sniper. The 20000 skill points are worth it.”

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