I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Devil’s Training in Hell (1)

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Qin Yuan immediately looked at the skill’s exchange points.

“100000 skill points? Do you have to be so scamming?”

The joy of getting so many skill points just now instantly turned into a long face.

“The system wants to squeeze me dry as long as I have a few skill points!” Qin Yuan said helplessly.

“The system will recommend relevant skills to you according to your current needs.”

“This advanced computer network programming technique is a collection of all computer network programming applications and programming.”

“As long as you possess this skill and are familiar with it, you can easily control the network center and hack into all computer defense systems. As long as it’s a computer network, there’s no control terminal that you can’t access. The system explained.”

“Alright, you can continue scamming me!”

“It wasn’t easy to save up and my other skills haven’t been upgraded yet.”

“You just want to squeeze me dry in one go? You’re dreaming.” Qin Yuan said to the system, speechless.

The system was speechless.

“Host, the system will help you build the strongest Special Forces.”

“The system’s skills are all almost invincible.”

“All the choices are for the host.”

“I don’t believe you. Which skill doesn’t drain my skill points in a short time?”

“But this skill really works.”

“100,000? It’s no big deal. Just splurge a little!” Qin Yuan consoled himself.

Without waiting for the system to explain further, Qin Yuan clicked on the exchange button.

The system was speechless.

“I have 50000 skill points left. I need to level up my fighting technique.”

“The Eagle Eye skill is barely enough. I’ll level it up later.”

“Although the radar’s warning range is still a little small, I can only choose to upgrade it later.”

“Fighting technique? I’ll definitely need to use it next.”

“Otherwise, it won’t be enough to face some strong opponents.”

After saying that, Qin Yuan spent the rest of his skill points on fighting techniques.

After a short while, all kinds of special fighting techniques appeared in Qin Yuan’s mind.

His coordination and agility were also improving rapidly.

Qin Yuan felt that he was getting more and more familiar with the use of the special combat technique.

Combined with his body’s coordination, he should be powerful in combat now.

“Ding… Congratulations to the host for consuming 100000 skill points and obtaining advanced computer programming.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for using 50000 skill points to upgrade special fighting techniques to the intermediate level. Special fighting technique level has been upgraded to 8 times that of ordinary people.”

[Host: Qin Yuan]

[Position: Commander of Fierce Tiger Regiment’s logistics company]

[Rank: Commander]

[Physique: 45 (10 for normal people)]

[Skills: Elementary Eagle Eye (1000 meters), elementary radar warning system (200 meters), intermediate special combat technique. (8 times the physical fitness of an ordinary person.) Advanced computer programming.]

Skill points: 5580 points.

At that moment, a series of computer programming codes suddenly appeared in Qin Yuan’s mind.

The codes that he had never understood before were extremely clear at this moment.

Programming that he didn’t understand before was now a piece of cake for him.

“Not bad! This is good stuff.”

“This recommended item is a good thing, but the system is a bit of a scam…” Qin Yuan sighed.

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