I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Killed Someone

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“Commander! That’s a living, breathing life!”

“He’s our comrade! It’s gone just like that?”

“Commander, don’t you feel any heartache at all?”

“Company commander…”

The soldiers were all immersed in fear and grief.

They were questioning Qin Yuan.

“Deputy company commander Liu, “I don’t want to hear them waste their energy talking to me anymore,” Qin Yuan said coldly to Liu Ye.


Da da da da da…

“Hurry up and crawl! I don’t mind having a few more people die.”

“Today, you can’t even pass this road, and the real battlefield will only be more brutal! You will only have more deaths!”

A wave of bullets swept past and Qin Yuan continued to roar.

The soldiers could only charge forward with reddened eyes.

They didn’t dare to say anything more, and could only endure the pain in their bodies and their heavy hearts as they crawled forward with difficulty.



At this time, Qin Yuan was holding the tactical grenade that Liu Ye had brought over and threw it next to the soldiers who were training.

The huge explosion and fire engulfed the entire training ground.

The stone fragments and soil stirred up from the explosion ruthlessly hit the soldiers’ bodies.

“F*ck! This grenade is also real.”

“This is killing me! Company commander, this is…!”

“Ah! Hurry up and crawl!”

“Otherwise, we’ll all die!”

“Ah! I can’t take it anymore!”

A soldier got up and ran out of the field.

“Get down! Don’t run over there!” Zheng Xiaohu suddenly shouted.


A violent explosion rang out, only to see that soldier directly fly out backward.

He lay on the ground and stopped moving.

After a short while, another soldier couldn’t stand it anymore and ran out.

His body was instantly penetrated by the bullet.

Blood splattered as he helplessly fell to the ground.

At this moment, the soldiers of the logistics company who were watching this scene were dumbfounded.

They didn’t even dare to think about what had happened tonight.

Their comrades had died in front of them just like that.

They had never thought that there would be such a day.

“This training is too cruel!”

“Platoon leader! The company commander is too cruel.”

One of the soldiers said as he looked at Zheng Xiaohu with red eyes.

“Hurry up and train! Follow the company commander’s instructions, quickly!”

“Brothers, calm down! Crawl according to the training requirements!”

Zheng Xiaohu’s eyes were also red as he ordered the soldiers.



After the soldiers heard this, they put away their heavy hearts and crawled forward.

“Speed up and go through it!”

As Qin Yuan roared, he kept throwing grenades.

With a gun in one hand and a grenade in the other, he fired and bombed the training ground.

“Jiang Jun!”


A grenade exploded two meters to the right of Jiang Jun.

Geng Hu pounced forward and protected Jiang Jun under his body.

The stone fragments and dirt from the huge explosion hit Geng Hu’s back.

After the dust settled, they saw that there were more than ten wounds on Geng Hu’s back.

“You brat, where are you going? Crawling with your eyes closed – do you want to die faster?”

Geng Hu roared.

At that moment, Jiang Jun was also scared out of his wits. He saw that Geng Hu had already sustained more than ten wounds while protecting him.

The wounds were still bleeding, and tears were already flowing down from the corner of his eyes.

“Why are you crying? You sissy!”

Geng Hu said as he looked at Jiang Jun, who was trembling and crying.

“Right… I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Jiang Jun said with a trembling voice.

“Hurry up, the more afraid you are, the faster you’ll die.”

“You won’t be afraid if you keep charging forward!”

“When you see wars in TV shows, the main characters are always the first to charge.”

“When have you ever seen him die first? The main character has always been alive and well.”

“Don’t even look back and just charge forward!”


After saying that, Jiang Jun quickly crawled forward. After this shock, he instantly calmed down.

For an 18-year-old like him, who had just joined the Army for 3 months, to be assigned to this logistics company…

He had been sent here because of his weak physique. He had originally thought that he would be discharged from the Army and go home after two years.

But who knew that a company commander would come and start training non-stop.

Although his body was much stronger after Qin Yuan’s training.

However, he had never seen such a scene before.

Tonight’s cruelty had already broken the line of defense in his heart. He had seen his comrades die with his own eyes.

It was as if he was on a battlefield, and that reality had scared him.

As the gunshots and explosions gradually stopped…

The soldiers also gradually climbed up the glass “carpet” under the barbed wire.


Just as the soldiers were done crawling, a whistle sounded. Qin Yuan shouted, “Everyone if you’re still alive, head to the big bathhouse in the camp.”

At this time, the exhausted soldiers did not dare to say anything. They endured the pain and walked to the camp’s big bathhouse.

Under the cover of the night, no one knew which comrade had died.

At the same time, outside the camp!

Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing were standing outside the camp!

At the same time, there were a few soldiers standing there.

“Thank you for coming all the way here tonight.” Qin Yuan said to them.

“How is it? Commander Qin, our acting was good enough, right?”

The one who spoke was the security guard of the regiment commander, Xiaowu.

After receiving Qin Yuan’s call, he rushed over with a few platoons of soldiers to play the ‘dead bodies’ for Qin Yuan.

“Not bad, with your acting skills, it would be a waste if you don’t become actors!”

“Hahaha! Commander Qin, don’t mess with me, isn’t it good for him to be a soldier?”

“A good man should be a soldier! The regiment commander told me this!” Xiaowu said.

“Hahaha! Well said, it’s been hard on you guys tonight!”

“Later, I still have to train these kids! I won’t keep you guys then!”

“In two days, instructor Zhou and I will bring some wine and meat to the regiment headquarters to reward you all!” Qin Yuan continued.

“Commander Qin, what are you saying! We’re all comrades!”

“It’s only right for us to help each other out. Why would we need rewards?” Xiaowu continued.

As soon as Xiaowu finished speaking, Qin Yuan hurriedly said, “This won’t do! It was only right since you had to make the trip here. You guys went through a lot of trouble,”

“It’s not that hard for us, but commander Qin, your way of training is really a little special!”

“I’ve never seen a company that dares to do this kind of training!” The guard, Xiaowu, sighed softly.

He continued,

“I saw that those kids were almost scared to death just now!”

“And commander Qin, your marksmanship is really amazing!”

“I thought I was really going to be killed. That was live ammunition!”

“Other than the few of us who you used blank rounds on.”

“Hahaha! These kids are used to peace, they’re used to living in peace.”

“We need to arouse their knowledge of war!” Qin Yuan explained.

“Alright! Then we won’t disturb your training.”

“We’ll be going back first!” Xiaowu said.


“Good! Be careful on the road!” Zhou Qing chimed in.


Xiaowu and the others immediately saluted.

Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing returned the salute.

Xiaowu and the others turned around and immediately got into the car to go back to the headquarters.

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