I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 455 - Chapter 455: Battle wolf, Attack! (Two chapters combined)

Chapter 455: Battle wolf, Attack! (Two chapters combined)

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“Not good!”

As soon as Ram finished speaking, a bullet pierced through his forehead.

Then, he fell backward.

Seeing Ram’s head explode, Bolt was very angry.

They thought about how strong the Chinese soldiers were. Ram was the best sniper among them.


However, it didn’t take long for him to be killed. This was a situation that Bolt didn’t expect.

“Shoot in which direction!”

Seeing this situation, Bolt said to the underlings behind him.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, everyone raised their guns and fired in Qin Yuan’s direction.

Qin Yuan kept dodging and changing places, but the sniper rifle in his hand did not stop.

He continued to shoot at Bolt and the others.

Almost every shot took away a member of the Bolt team.

“Captain Bolt, this sniper is too strong. If this continues, we’ll lose a lot of people!”

At this moment, a member of the team walked up to Bolt and said. The current situation was not very optimistic for them. “F * ck! Give me the rocket launcher!”

At this time, Bolt would give a direct order.

How could Bolt not know about this situation? But he did not expect that his sniper would be gone just like that.

Moreover, they had let Qin Yuan destroy the mortars. They had lost a lot of people because of this.

‘Yes, sir!”

After receiving the order, the team member took out a rocket launcher from behind and handed it to Bolt.

“Go to hell!”

Bolt took the rocket launcher and fired it in Qin Yuan’s direction.

At this moment, Qin Yuan’s early warning radar kept flashing red alarms.

Qin Yuan quickly ran in the left direction.


With an explosion, the place where Qin Yuan was just now was blown into a flat ground.

A few giant trees collapsed with a loud bang.

“These guys have quite the firepower!”

Looking at the location where he had just escaped, Qin Yuan sighed softly.

“It seems that these weapons and equipment must be destroyed.”

Looking at the power of these American weapons, Qin Yuan sighed in his heart.

This place would soon become a living hell.

The commoners did not have a good life at all.

“Captain Bolt, that guy should be dead, right?”

At this time, the team member beside Bolt looked at the small hill that had been flattened not far away and immediately asked.

“Bring a few people over to take a look. Even if this guy doesn’t die, he’s at least heavily injured.”

Looking at the small hill that had been flattened not far away, Bolt smiled faintly in his heart.

Bolt firmly believed that under such powerful firepower, no matter how strong Qin Yuan was, he would not be able to escape the damage range of the rocket launcher.

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, the team member led the other team members and groped towards Qin Yuan.

“Qin Yuan, are you okay?”

At this moment, Long Xiaoyun’s voice came through Qin Yuan’s earpiece.

When she heard the sound of the rocket launcher just now, she was worried about Qin Yuan’s condition. “I’m fine!”

“These things can’t hurt me.”

After hearing Long Xiaoyun’s words, Qin Yuan immediately replied.

“In a while, I’ll snipe those who are holding heavy firepower. You can attack them from behind! ”

“These guys, other than having better equipment, their strength isn’t much!” At this moment, Qin Yuan said to Long Xiaoyun with a smile.

Looking at Bolt and the others not far away, they were at most slightly stronger.

Many of them weren’t even as strong as the current Battle wolf.


Seeing that Qin Yuan was fine, Long Xiaoyun was relieved. After all, the power of these heavy firepower was not a joke.

“Everyone, pay attention.”

“Listen to my orders later. After going around to their back, we’ll attack directly and cooperate with Captain Qin Yuan!”

Long Xiaoyun then turned to the Battle wolf members beside her.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After everyone heard Long Xiaoyun’s order, they immediately checked their guns and sneaked in the direction of Bolt and the others.

On Qin Yuan’s side, the team members of Bolt had already fumbled over.

It was only a hundred meters away from Qin Yuan.

Seeing them walk to the spot where he had just hidden, the corners of Qin Yuan’s mouth curled up slightly.

“You want to save people from us with this strength?”

Seeing this situation, Qin Yuan smiled. Although these Americans were not elites, Qin Yuan really looked down on them with their strength.

He had been looking forward to meeting some experts, but this had already disappointed him.

At this moment, Qin Yuan’s sniper rifle continued to aim at the approaching people.




With three consecutive gunshots, the three people at the front were shot in the head by Qin Yuan.

“F * ck, that guy isn’t dead yet. Quickly retreat!”

Seeing this situation, the team member shouted in surprise.

He did not expect Qin Yuan to be unscathed from the explosion of the rocket launcher..

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