I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 705 - Chapter 705: Taking Action Ahead of Time and Destroying the Oil Depots

Chapter 705: Taking Action Ahead of Time and Destroying the Oil Depots

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Night came.

Wolf Fang Team A’s Old Gao and Tu Lang were piloting a combat helicopter in the dark and were h   eading to their destination for investigation. It didn’t take long for them to arrive above the Y Group’s fuel depot.

Old Gao asked Tu Lang. “Tu Lang, how’s the clarity?” “Very clear, no problem!”

‘ Alright, send the target information to Chief of Staff Liu immediately!”



Then, he began to report to the command center.

“001, 001, this is 012.”

” The mission has been completed. No abnormalities have been detected. We can launch an attack!”

Liu Ye, who was sitting in the command plane, received the message and began to give orders.

“012, cover the side. 013, 014, descend immediately!”

‘ Currently, there are two soldiers standing guard at the main gate. 015, control the sentries to attack from the main gate.”

On the other side, Xiao Zhuang, paratroopers, medics, and Pao from Wolf Fang Team B also received the order and began to move.

“Roger! ”

A white van slowly drove to the entrance of Army Y’s fuel depot.

When he looked closely, it was somewhat familiar.

That’s right, this was the car that the Mountain Leopard Brigade used to monitor Wang Zhigang’s movements during the exercise with the 909th Brigade.

Xiao Zhuang, dressed in a business elite uniform, got out of the passenger seat.

Two sentries saw him and immediately came forward to stop him.

“Comrade, this is a restricted area!” “Please turn the car around immediately!”

Xiao Zhuang sneered in his heart.

He did not expect the sentries here to be so cautious and dedicated.

However, there are too many security loopholes in the department you’re in. I can only teach you a lesson!

He said with a smile on his face.

‘ Hello, brother. I’m from a travel company. I have a business card.”

Then, he rummaged through his pockets. The sentry looked at him indifferently.

“No business card is of any use!” “This isn’t a tourist area. You’re going the wrong way! ”

“Please leave this place immediately!”

Xiao Zhuang wasn’t angry. He took out a tourist map and pointed at the route on it.

“Look, we followed the instructions from above.”

“There’s only one road here. If we don’t go through here, where else can we

The sentry in front of him did not believe it and leaned his head over.

Xiao Zhuang took the opportunity to call another sentry standing not far away to help take a look.

“Isn’t that so?”

“Sigh! Brother, come over and help me take a look. Is there any other way?”

Then, Xiao Zhuang began his acting.

He pointed at the route and said bitterly.

“You two, there’s only one road here. How do you want me to pass?

The two sentries looked at each other and pondered for a moment.

Xiao Zhuang seized this opportunity and threw the map in his hand at the face of a sentry.

Before the other sentry could react, he quickly pulled off his hat and shouted at his face.

Sentinel No. 1 reacted and wanted to raise his gun.

Xiao Zhuang was quick to react and snatched it over.

He used the butt of the gun to hit his stomach and fell to the ground.

After Xiao Zhuang finished dealing with the two of them, he calmly loaded the gun, but realized that there were no bullets. He looked at the two people on the ground.

“No bullets?”

One of the sentinels clutched his stomach and asked warily.

“Who are you?”

Xiao Zhuang smiled faintly and threatened.

“I’m afraid I’ll scare you to death if I tell you!”

“We are from the Mountain Leopard Brigade!”

Immediately after, a team of fully armed men alighted from the white car.

The paratrooper stepped forward and couldn’t help but kick Xiao Zhuang.

“You brat, I called you down to complete the mission. I didn’t expect you to be so slow. You’re just waiting to make friends!”

Xiao Zhuang rubbed his butt and retorted.

“What do you know!”

“This is called being polite before using force!” “Don’t you know how to be a country of etiquette!”

Then, he turned around and said to the two sentries.

“Unfortunately, you two have been captured by our Mountain Leopard


“Let’s go, brothers.”

The two sentries looked at each other.

How did I get captured for no reason?

Xiao Zhuang saw their doubts and did not explain further. He said concisely.

“Alright, do as I say!”

“Otherwise, you might suffer physical pain!”

They could only lay down their weapons and surrender.

The paratrooper reported into the walkie-talkie. “015 has taken control of the ground!”

Then, he led everyone into the fuel depot of the Y Army.

On the other side, after Wolf Fang Team A received the information from the ground, they quickly took action.

The pilot of the combat helicopter lowered the hanging ladder. Old Gao and Tu Lang led the members of Team A down the hanging ladder and landed inside the fuel depot.

At this moment, besides those soldiers who were on sentry duty, the rest of the people in the fuel depot had long been meeting the Duke of Zhou. Xiao Zhuang came to the square with a loudspeaker and shouted into the building.

“Brothers of the 530 fuel depot!” “We’re from the Mountain Leopard Special Forces!”

“I’ll blow up your fuel depot tonight!”

“I order you to put down your empty weapons and stay in the room. Otherwise, your lives will be in danger!”

This shout immediately woke up the soldiers who were sleeping soundly. The soldiers in the dormitory immediately reacted and panicked.

“There’s a situation!”

“Brothers, hurry up and get your guns!”

‘ Class monitor, we don’t have any bullets in our guns!”

The class monitor hurriedly opened the door.

Suddenly, there was a burst of fire and the dormitory was filled with thick smoke.

This made them jump and hide under the bed.

“Call for backup!”

A soldier near the table couldn’t care less. He immediately walked to the table and picked up the phone. “Director, the warehouse is under attack!”

“Who is the other party?”

“I’m not sure. It might be a thug!”

At this moment, in the base camp of the Mountain Leopard Brigade, Long Xiaoyun hurriedly chased after Qin Yuan and asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Qin Yuan was helpless.

“I just found out about it!” Long Xiaoyun didn’t believe it. “Impossible!”

“Are you fooling me again?”

Qin Yuan was a little speechless.

Was he such a person?

After all, I’m a brigade commander who doesn’t go back on his word.

“How could I lie to you?”

“Staff Officer Sun, who sent the files to the army in the theater of operations, called me just now. He said that Staff Officer Shen is nowhere to be found.”

‘ So, I can only bring forward Operation Alarm Bell.”

“Otherwise, if this drags on any longer, we will be exposed.”

Long Xiaoyun thought for a while and still felt that something was wrong.

“No, I haven’t signed it yet!”

Qin Yuan waved his hand.

“This is a small matter. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sign.”

Long Xiaoyun wasn’t so easily fooled, so she continued to speak.

“If I don’t sign, it won’t be in accordance with the procedure.”

“If anything happens, I can help you bear the burden, not let you take it alone.” Qin Yuan smiled.

So you’ve been talking to me for a long time, but you’re still worried about me!

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