I Transmigrated As A Villain’s Mother

Chapter 635 - 635 The Original Them

635 The Original Them

Song Ci returned to the hotel and took a shower. Not long after, she fell asleep. It was rare for her to sleep in. She did not wake up until noon the next day when the sun was high.

After breakfast, Song Ci went to set again. Today was her end-of-production party, and it just so happened that she could watch the others’ scenes. Chu Yi still had a few more scenes to shoot, so she watched from afar, thinking how much better Chu Yi’s acting had gotten.

Qian Wu was a director who was very good at discovering talents. He could find the points of compatibility with each actor’s character according to their characteristics, deepening this compatibility and making them more proficient in this role. Therefore, Qian Wu’s subsequent success was largely related to his discerning eyes. It was very fortunate for actors to meet such a director.

Chu Yi was originally a good-looking and straightforward person. However, under Qian Wu’s constant digging, he was no different from a gangster on the street. At first glance, one could not even tell that he was a celebrity, let alone a very generous and stiff one.

After the scene was finished, Chu Yi saw Song Ci from afar and walked over. “I heard you finished filming.”

Song Ci nodded. “It looks like you should be done soon, too.”

“Yes, in a few days,” Chu Yi replied.

As they had been rushing to film Song Ci’s scenes, the other supporting roles’ solo scenes had been delayed a few days.

“Good luck, then.”

As the two were talking, they saw Shi Mingyu walking towards them. Chu Yi left first.

Song Ci looked at Shi Mingyu standing in front of her and deliberately said, “Screenwriter Shi isn’t going to hand me another script, is he? Though I have to say first that the script this time can not be depressing. I want to have a good time with my family, and I can’t take it with my current state of mind.”

Shi Mingyu was stunned for a moment before he smiled. He seemed to have recalled the day filming for ‘Seeking Danger’ was completed. He said, “I’m not here to deliver the script this time. I’m here to thank you. If it weren’t for your help, Qian Wu would probably still be feeling terrible now. Although it won’t be as miserable as Chen Guihua, he probably would have given up all hope. We’re brothers. If I see him go that far, I…”

Song Ci smiled gently. “Alright. It’s all in the past. Once the filming of this movie is over, it will be a new beginning. You should be thanking yourself instead. If you didn’t help him by giving me the script, how could I have read such a wonderful script and worked with him? Though, I can’t deny that I’ve been a little depressed recently. Hahaha… So, Shi Mingyu, the one you should be most grateful for is yourself.”

When Shi Mingyu heard this, he lowered his head in embarrassment. He felt like he had not been much help in this production.

Qian Wu had already asked his men to prepare the cake. He shouted excitedly, “Song Ci, come and cut the cake. Let’s take a photo together too. Stop chatting, you two.”

“Coming.” Song Ci pulled Shi Mingyu over.

They stood before the green mountain, with Song Ci standing between Qian Wu and Chu Yi, holding a wildflower that Qian Wu had picked from God knows where. Everyone looked at the camera. As the cameraman counted down, they shouted in unison, “Happy wrap day!” Everyone in the photo was smiling happily and was full of anticipation for the future.

Qian Wu would never know that he had once stood alone in this lonely village and silently fulfilled his dream. He had no cake or flowers and no one to see his future. He had even tried to commit suicide. Even though he won an award later on, the trauma in the depths of his heart would never heal.

Just like Chu Yi, who would have never known that the original him was still an extra on set, day after day. He kept asking himself if he should persevere, but what for? Why still persist in the hope he could not see? Even in the dead of the night, when he was drunk alone, he would once again be an extra under the moonlight the next day.

As for Shi Mingyu, he would never know that the original him had ultimately failed to help his friend fulfill his wish. When Qian Wu came down from the podium and looked for him once more, he would see his former best friend watching his self-written, self-directed, and self-directed movie, finally achieving his dream. He would be happy and sad. He understood him. He knew what Qian Wu would have experienced when he filmed that movie.

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